I got this list HERE:

It’s basically a list of Hollywood people who support Israel’s reason attack on Gaza. However you feel about it, here is a picture to contemplate:


I hate this picture because it is so horrific, but show decent people pictures of murdered Palestinian children and they get it. Killing children is recognized as wrong by decent people.

So, below you will find a digitized list of Hollywood people who support killing children.  They believe in collective punishment.

My motive for posting this list is I think it is worth knowing who you support when you go the movies. I’m not changing anyone’s opinion. I am absolutely dispirited by what blind, pathetic sheep my fellow Americans have become.

List of Shame Posted without further comment

Last,First, Middle Initial
Adelson Orly
Adelstein Marty
Adler Dan
Adler Lou
Adler Michael
Aloni Dan
Arad Avi
Arnold Tom
Astrof Jeff
Balsam Craig
Barber Gary
Barr Roseanne
Barrett Jason
Barry Elana
Baruch Jonathan
Bay-Schuck Aaron
Sorkin Lainie Becky
Bender Lawrence
Bensusan Steven
Berko Raphael
Berkowitz Adam
Berlanti Greg
Berliant Jordan
Bialik Mayim
P Joshua Binder
Black Todd
Borkow Michael
Boxerbaum David
Braun Scooter
Brecher Dan
Brooks Eric
Broza David
Bucatinsky Dan
Bulochnikov Naomi
Byrnes David
Caspe David
Casspi Omri
Charles Josh
Chasin Liza
Chriqui Emmanuelle
Cidre Cynthia
Cloud Neil
Cohen Ayala
Cohen Etan
Cohen Joe
Corwin Charlie
Dauer Marc
Davi Robert
David Craig
Davis Stephen
De Donald Line
DelPiano Matt
Deutsch Josh
Diamond David
Dick Leonard
Draiman David
Driver Minnie
Dytman Jack
Eisenberg Lee
Ellin Doug
English Diane
Erlij Dan
Fair Ron
Feig Erik
Feldman Dave
Feldman James
Felker Patti
Forster Erica
Foster Gary
Frank Doug
J. Bryan Freedman
E. Geordie Frey
Fricklas Michael
Fried Robert
Friedkin William
Friedman Daryl
Friedman Rob
Friedman Ronald
Gardner David
Garelick Jeremy
M. Alan Gasmer
Geffen-Lifshitz Ran
Genger Andrew
Gersh Bob
Gerson Jody
Gertner Risa
Gertz Jami
Ginsberg Gary
Glick David
Glickman Jonathan
Glouberman Michael
Gold Elon
Goldberg Evan
Goldschein Gil
Goldwyn Tony
Goodman Nate
Gordon Howard
Gossett Mitchell
Graboff Marc
Grammer Kelsey
Green Trudy
Griffin Adam
Grossman Iris
Gruska Jay
Guillod David
Hacker Phil
Hoffman Jay
Todd J. Harris
Hasak Adi
Haspel Ned
Hertz Ken
Hoberman David
Hunegs Craig
Hurwitz Andrew
Ireland Kathy
Israel Neal
Jacobs Michael
Jacobson Bill
Jacobson Neil
Jacobson Nina
Jakubowicz Jonathan
Joest Patrick
Kahane Nathan
Kaller Adam
Kanter Adam
Karp Scott
Katz Zach
Kavanaugh Ryan
Kenan Ron
Kendall David
Kennar Larry
Keyser Chris
King-Templeton Kevin
Kives Michael
Kivowitz Courtney
Knapp Patrick
Kogan Amanda
Kolodny Jeff
Kotler Barry
Kram Steven
Kranzler Eric
Krevoy Brad
Kritzer Erik
Kurtzman Howard
Kurtzman Rick
Kwatinetz Jeff
Landesman Peter
La Eriq Salle
Lansing Sherry
Lasher Estelle
Lasker Michael
Lefkovitz Keili
Leifer Carol
Lerner Avi
Lester Colin
Levine Ben
Levinson Susan
Levy David
Levy Shuki
Lichter Linda
Lieberman Josh
Lieberman Maryam
Lieberman Todd
Liebman Jon
Littman Jonathan
Lonner David
Lovett Richard
Lovitz Jon
Lyons Charlie
Madden Benji
Madden Joel
Maher Bill
Malina Joshua
Markus Rob
Marley Orly
Marley Ziggy
Marmur Ori
Masters Bill
McPherson Barry
Medavoy Brian
Melman Jeff
Melrose Scott
D. Jeffrey Melvoin
Mercer Willie
Mimoun Rina
Misher Kevin
Morales Michael
Morrow Rob
Newman Robert
Nierob Alan
Nyman Michael
T. Howard Owens
Packer James
Packman Scott
Paly Bar
Parziali Tom
Pascal Amy
S. Donald Passman
Paul Brett
Peacock Ann
Perry Linda
Plepler Richard
Powers Amy
Prinz Rob
Rabin Trevor
Rabinow Dan
Raff Gideon
Raise Dean
M. Bruce Ramer
Ready David
Reitman Ivan
Renzer David
Reston John
Rochelle Hanna
Rogen Seth
Rogovin John
Roklin Lena
Rosen Lon
Rosen Rick
Rosenblum Bruce
Howard Zvi Rosenman
Rosenthal Bill
Rosenthal Phil
Ross Brian
Rotenberg Michael
Rothman Rob
Rovner Robert
Rovner Susan
Rush Odeya
Saban Haim
Bayer Carole Sager
Sanders Nancy
Schenker Jonathan
Schiff Mark
Schnur Steve
Schramm Dean
Schur Jordan
Schwartz Robin
Schwartz Sam
Schwartz Scott
Schwarzenegger Arnold
Schweitzer Adam
Shankman Adam
Sher Stacey
Siegler Scott
Lynn Jamie Sigler
Silbermann Chris
Silverman Ben
Silverman Sarah
Singer Martin
Snider Stacey
Sorkin Aaron
Spira Steve
Sprung Susan
Stallone Sylvester
Steinberg Norman
Stevens Fisher
Stiffelman Gary
Stoff Erwin
Stovitz Ken
Stupnitsky Gene
Styne Nick
Suddleson Eric
Suddleson Geoff
Suddleson Ken
Sussman Danny
Sweeney DB
Szymanski Traci
Tassler Nina
Taylor Adam
Tellem Arn
Tellem Nancy
Tenzer Mitch
Tisch Steve
Tishby Noa
D. Fred Toczek
Tolkin Michael
Tramer Bennett
Travis Nancy
Tropper Jonathan
Velkes Matthew
Wachter Paul
Wass Nina
Wasserman Avi
Weber Steven
Weinraub Bernie
Weinstein Bob
Weinstein Harvey
Weintraub Jerry
N. David Weiss
Weissman David
Wertheimer Alan
West Ron
Wheeler Nikki
Wolman Jeff
Tal Sharon Yguado
Yorn Pete
Yorn Rick
Hassan Mosab Yousef
Zalis Rachel
Zucker David






I’m leaving the trilogy up for free and using up all my free days to 9/10/14.


The silver market is bizarre right now. Nobody is selling physical, I had to drive thirty miles to buy some.


One lady I talked to was pretty upset. Two guys actually got into a fight over the right to purchase a bucket of silver rounds that came in for her.


One possible interpretation is the paper price is dropping, but the Physical supply is running low.


What drives the world? I’ve been reading WAR AND PEACE, a book I haven’t read since I was a child. The weird thing is, I remembered this book so well once I started reading it again after s much time. It made a huge impression on me, but I forgot where I picked up my lifelong fixation on the Illuminati, The New World order, Freemasons, and dueling. Tolstoy was a total conspiracy theorist, by today’s standards.

Aside from my belief they should bring back dueling because it encourages people to be honorable, Tolstoy had some other ideas about random chance dictating events, and the reasons given for historical events are inserted after the fact.

For instance, Napoleon invaded Russia and was famously defeated by the Russian winter. Apologists for Russia said the Russians drew him into a trap, and Francophiles say Napoleon knew what he was doing. Tolstoy outlines a scenario where everyone was simply pulled into a chain of events dictated by the fact that people were acting according to their natures, and had no other way to act.

I like the book. The secret to enjoying Tolstoy is to have absolutely no empathy for any characters. They are all reprehensible; Natasha, the shallow little Lolita; Pierre, the big, fat, pretentious, hedonist; Helene, the tramp he married; Nicholas, who is a stupid as his father; and Prince Andrew, the only redemptive character in the whole book.

The women are all ugly and pious or beautiful whores.

Anyway, I am going to get Quixotic and actually try to review WAR & PEACE on this blog when I’m done reading it. I’m on page 800 and have about 600 more to go. The last few hundred pages are pretty tedious, if memory serves, though maybe I will find that section more rewarding as an adult than when I was a rather literarily ambitious child.


To the original point, I am leaving my book for free this 9-11 season. I don’t like my cultural and economic reads I’m getting, and want people to read my book, which is about new World Order False Flags, at least partially.





Click the link to get a to get my 652 page Zombie epic for free this weekend.

This is the best edited version of this book, in case you downloaded one of the other parts before.

The books evolved even after I published them first, because I learned quite a bit about the process after the fact, so I kept proofing it until it was acceptable.

There is a chestnut of wisdom in this. We must attempt activities to improve on them. I’m surrounded by snide, supercilious people who would be more than happy to stop thinly veiling their criticisms of attempting to write a good book if I did not have the perfect response–do better.

This invariably makes them retreat back into their smug, supercilious superiority, which doesn’t offend me. As long as I don’t have to actually listen to their bullshit, I’m cool.

Invariably, these people have read every book. Just ask them. yet, typically, they can’t name a single character or outline the plot of any of these books. Their literary pursuits ended when the forced Cliff Notes feeding academia put on them mercifully ended for them. Why do stupid people insist on getting even partially educated? It only confuses them and makes them unhappy and unsuitable for the menial tasks they are best suited for.

Yet, out respect for myself, I’m sincere about this. If somebody doesn’t like my book, do better. I will read it, and I will actually know ( and admit it) if true.

The writings of the few people who have really hated my books and had any kind of coherent criticisms of them have failed to impress me. The well-versed reader might enjoy my books just for the constant literary references I inserted, which, sadly, few have discerned.

I don’t often tout my books. Why am I doing it now? Consider rap music, at least in its early days, which is when I stopped listening to it .

Most rap albums consisted of two types of songs back then–1. Why my rap band is great, and 2. why your rap band sucks (there were other topics).

In other words, it is necessary to self promote occasionally, to affirm publicly the belief in ones own work, if nothing else.

My books are well researched journeys into what are called “conspiracy theories”. I was the first person I knew to know any of this stuff, yet a lot of this material is eye opening.

Consider the physical dimensions of The Washington Monument in relation to The Mark of The Beast. Consider the Luciferian layout of Washington D.C., and this can be extrapolated to many other large cities and structures. When I discovered a lot of this material on the Internet in the late 90s, I was considered a lunatic when I talked about it. Yet, now this kind of thing is “old hat”. So download my book for a rainy day.

Consider the layout of the pyramids of Egypt in relation to the brightest stars and constellations of The Milky Way. All it took was satellite images and an open mind, and this improbable relationship was revealed. I mean, scope this:


My books review a lot of topics; 12 Step Philosophy, politics, religion and The New World Order. They were meant as satires, but irony is dead in our present age.





No shockers here, as Kissinger tips his hand as the time of the great unveiling draws near. What escort of lies will accompany the Big Lie of One World Government? I would watch the Sears Tower for a new 9-11, because Lucky Larry Silverstein owns it and is probably buying as much disaster insurance as possible.

I’m past the point of being polite about it.









Zombie World Order


The Lazarus Law


Free today. If it would kill you to review or “like” the books, then by no means do so. Otherwise, it would be appreciated.


Here are some photos I recently took of The Grand Canyon (of Pennsylvania), and from the scenic overlook on The Trail of The Braves along Route 6 in Wyalusing Pa.


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