Dreams of My Father

When I die I’ll be a ghost of the air
In New York City and fly around there
And loop between downtown and Inwood Park
Like a bat whirling madly in the dark

Perhaps I’ll meet my father while flying.
Estranged in life, united in dying
He did always love the touristy side.
Chinatown, Broadway, the Upper West Side.

I imagine the past is like a ghost
Existing someplace where you’d miss it most.
Most of my memories do not exist
Paved and vanished right into the mist.

But I would do well in the New York past
Twin towers still looming and no bike path
Just desolate piers and rundown Crown Heights
A reeling aftermath of prior nights.

Father awaits me in the land of Death
In dreams I still feel his hands on my neck.



Welcome to the last trifecta sequential of this century. Since the dawn of the new millennium, we have been spoiled by a plethora of trifecta sequentials.

The first was 01/02/03, or January 2nd, 2003. Since the highest number numerical month is 12, there will be no 13-14-15.

There will not be a another one until 2100 a.d.

So enjoy the waning hours of this odd statistical day. I hope it was very special.

I myself was briefly afflicted with a sense of how futile my life seems as the “nippers” roust me through life and Christmas. Things were simpler when I was completely broke. Now that I am treading water, I have room for existential angst.

Also, I feel like the economic and social rollercoaster of destiny is poised at the top of the hill. I believe forces are contextualizing events to suit an agenda.

America is not that racist of a country. We have a black president 60% of people voted for (who voted) the first time. I didn’t follow the last election. True, Romney is a stiff, but Obama did win.

So, the whole Ferguson thing is being shaped as racial.  The whole anti-cop thing seems Bolshevik to me. Let me explain:

The Bolsheviks initially only took over one Russian city. To promote social unrest, they killed all the cops and then opened up the prisons and mental hospitals. They created a crisis, and then didn’t let it go to waste. Sound familiar? It should. The people pulling Obama’s puppet strings, i.e., the Rahm Emmanuel crowd, espouse doing exactly this.

Once the Russian people were suffering enough from the chaos, they were willing to let the hardcore Bolshevik Communists take over. Then, the slaughter of the people of this Christian country began. The Communist Holocaust of the Russian and Ukrainian people was by far the largest and most horrific event in history.

The past is prologue.

It’s all about central banking. It’s the whole deal. They have a license to print money.

The question isn’t whether they would kill to preserve this. The question is how many people they would kill to preserve it. Hint-a couple hundred million in the preceding century.

How many are going to die in this dawning century?

Something to think about on this last trifecta sequential of the last century we’ll see. We’ll never live to write the date as three in a row again. Maybe our children might.

Maybe not.



ZWO Part One and Dead to Rights are both free today.


I’m watching “You’re Next” a seemingly typical hacker movie which is actually surprisingly well done.

Sharni Vinson runs away with the film playing an Australian girl raised in some kind of survivalist commune. She doesn’t talk about it, so when she gets ensnared in an intrafamilial murderous plot while visiting her boyfriend’s family for the holidays, she foils the perps with a variety of survivalist skills.

I think it was L.C Holt who turned in a pretty solid performance as one of the killers.

Anyway, Gold lease rates.

Gold spike up right after my posts on 11/28/14 and 11/30/14. This is not an “I told you so”, I merely point it out to show the predictive power of the one month lease rate exceeding the one year. Gold lease rates have dropped hard and have “normalized in the relative strengths, that is, one month is less than 6 months is less than 1 year etc.

To this I say “So what?” There is a phrase Steven King uses in the book “THE RUNNING MAN” to describe the a formative incident the main character has when he went off on his employer for unsafe working conditions and poor work environment. Kings says the man had “shown red”in that he was now blacklisted as dangerous.

The gold lease rates showed red last week. by running out of proportion. This rarely happens. I’m going to guess off the top of my head and say under ten times in the last 18 years, and I am going to include stat busting eras like 9-11. The lease rate showed red, and this can’t be undone.

As predicted based on the gold lease rates, other precious metals also spiked. Silver had its biggest 24 hour turnaround in the history of tracking it, running up from a bottom of 14.5 to the upper 16’s.

Physical gold talks, and bullshit walks.

3 rules of the stock market for the small investor:

  1. You’re not supposed to make money
  2. If you make money, it’s because somebody with money made a mistake
  3. Everybody has a plan for failure, but what determines your financial stability is the quality of your plan for success. Picture 2008 when paper started catching fire. Now picture what you have that is pawnable you could get hold of in a couple of hours.
  4. Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail. (This isn’t mine, but this survivalist theme in the movie I’m watching made me throw it in as a bonus.)

In other words, it’s time to get a gun.

Gold will not rise to Infinity, of course. It will go up and down and there will be fluxes. Last week’s disparity in the gold lease rate indicate the general trend in gold will be up short term, and I would bank that.

However, I have tapped the limits of my exceptional knowledge of the gold market. Basically, I don’t know what gold will do except that it goes up when the 30 day lease rate exceeds the 1 year, and it will take more than a couple of up days to unwind this.

Gold is a rigged market. It’s hard to believe how The US Federales are printing paper wealth like crazy, and they don’t even report the real inflation rate anymore. The Petro dollar is a scam, but even if it wasn’t, societies have a tendency to degenerate and collapse. Yet very few people can predict this, and most of them have insider info. I’m not. I’m just a person who reads the lease rates.

Beware of the white knights who will ride to our rescue when we do inevitably bottom out as a society. These are the people currently calculating our demise.

If you want to get hip, read my book. It is steeped in years of study of conspiracy theory. If you bought gold last week based on my tip, you might have 4 bucks to spare.




<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/j6OHRSkjlYY” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>Lease rates

Short term, my Friday prediction of a spike is wrong, as gold has dropped about %5 since then, about 50 bucks.

The chart below plainly shows the lease rate imbalance prior to the 2008 spike. There was a similar occurrence back in 2000, when gold jumped from 200 to 400.

In other words, I still predict a spike. The POG getting run down is a sign of panic.

Now, I realize I sound like a global warming buff attributing record low temperatures to global warming. The truth is, gold spiking up is inevitable. I wouldn’t expect to call an exact bottom.

Now, why am I interested?

Well, the gold cabal killed my father. Not literally, of course. They killed his dreams. They killed his simple, almost childlike belief in America. The gold riggers killed a lot of honest investors in this manner. What are they left are not dreamers with simple, childlike beliefs. What are left is people like me, who want to see the gold riggers guillotined in front of Abe Lincoln’s statue in Washington, D.C.

If you read my blog and my book, you might detect a trace of disbelief on my part in the media and the government. All honesty in government and economics comes from real money, gold and silver. When this sacred trust is violated by our government, this means they are lying about literally everything else.

I didn’t get along with my father, but when he died, I sent the best flowers to his wake of anyone. By gangster law, I loved him the most.

So, if you think the price of gold is off topic for the Zombie World Order Blog, think again. Nothing is further from the truth.

My book is free for a couple of hours, so download it.



At some point I am going to publish a vampire book, so I did a cover for it.

This is going to be a pretty good book. My last one wasn’t that great. My Zombie Trilogy is okay. Anyway, here is a preview of the cover.

Charts from Kitco

I have one fool-proof indicator I pay attention to for the price of gold. To me, all the rest is idle speculation. To reward people for reading this site, I am going to explain it below.

Gold is a barometer of many things. Now the election is over, so you’ll see some larger moves in commodities. I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe the powers that be keep a lid on things like gold at crunch times like elections. The fear is the appearance of things being out of control might get people to vote for non-controlled candidates.

American elections have to look good for the rest of the world so we can justify butting into the affairs of other nations. Jesse Ventura is saying put a “None of the Above” option on the ballots. Jesse is a genius, or whoever gave him the idea is.

To the point, gold lease rates are akin to rent. You rent gold, sell it forward, and then take the hit if the price rises and you have to buy it back. If the price goes down, you make the difference when you pay back the gold you rented.

Since selling forward lowers the price of gold (macroscopically), in the heyday of gold leasing back in the late 1990’s, it was a pretty good bet. It’s crooked, and the biggest payers were involved (Robert Rubin types), but since the government (aka the Federal Reserve Bank) hates gold, nobody ever got popped for it, or ever will. You’ve heard of too big to fail? Some people are too big to get arrested, though they do have a tendency to be found hanging from the ceiling of their basement.

Once you get off Sugar Mountain, it’s all gangster at the highest levels.

Although nothing can be changed, we can still watch and observe, waiting for a crack in the firmament. Remember in THE GOOD EARTH, when Wang Lung seized the moment to loot the rich guy’s house during the riots? Well, that moment has arrived for the readers of this blog and the serious empirical student of gold lease rates.

I have been watching gold lease rates for a few weeks, waiting to see if the 1 month lease rate will begin to exceed the 1 year lease rate, and it looks like they waited for the holiday when nobody but the obsessed will notice. The charts below tell the story, the one month lease rate has exceeded the 1 year.

Historically, this always precedes a spike. I can’t find the 20 year charts for this, but I just know from the days when Kitco had them. If Kitco has them still, I didn’t see them.

When I say empirical student, I say mere observation proves the chart below will produce a gold spike up. It always has. This requires no analysis, just looking at charts.

Think about it though. You rent gold, you pay for certainty. You can certainly predict one month better than one year. So, you pay extra to rent for a year, and less for a month, because the person renting to you is taking a bigger risk by letting you have it for a year.. There is less risk in renting to you for a month. So why should the one month ever exceed the one year rate?

My answer? The gold market is in chaos for some reason. People (large gold players) are scrambling to rent gold to cover their gold bets in the commodity market, because they know gold is going to spike.

So, you can’t beat them, you can’t join them, but you can observe them, and it’s probably some obscure stat nobody pays attention to that will tip you off.

Note-this only applies to gold. I have never been able to see a pattern in other commodity lease rates, though there probably are patterns. However, if gold goes up, platinum and silver will naturally follow suit.

Lease rates

Lease rates


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