The Zombie World Order is curious about Media and the way news stories are handled, and I linked to a couple of good ones above.

Two PA Democrat State Senators were walking late at night in Harrisburg and were getting mugged until one (Marty Flynn) pulled a gun and drove off the attackers, who were also armed.

No one was hurt, so I suppose one form of gun control is people just being poor marksmen. My grandfather was a lifelong hunter and won a Silver Star in WW2, and I shudder to think what he could have done to someone with two shots at mugging distance. Both the muggers and the Senator missed, and one wonders how this could be possible at such close range.

At any rate, Flynn gets some kudos for pulling out his gun and defending himself from his attackers. Maybe not the smartest way to play it, but who really wants to die of old age in a hospital bed? In addition, the other Senator, a fellow named Bizzarro (for real) was fired at. Flynn and Bizzarro are roommates, so perhaps Flynn was trying to protect his lover.

Whatever the motive, I am curious to see what spin gets placed on this. Democrats won’t like it, because it shows guns can be used effectively by non-professionals to stop street crime. I would anticipate the Media centers the Democrats control will ignore this, or make Flynn out to be a nut.

Republicans won’t like it either. One imagines a crying, begging Dick Cheney on the ground groveling for mercy if confronted with a gun, at least if he was sober. This serial draft dodger represents the “manly” faction of the GOP, who spend a lot of time in lavatories ensconced with “glory holes”.

*Interesting historical aside–Public toilets in New York City almost all have “glory holes”, or holes bored in the side so men in adjacent stalls can have anonymous sex. I read this factoid after I moved out of New York, and had a horrible, retching sensation. You see, I once used (when particularly desperate) either a subway toilet or one near the big library near Grand Central Station. I noticed a hole bored in the wall, but did not get the significance. I think I imagined it was a leftover from a failed toilet dispenser installation. The hole was pretty professionally bored. They must have used one of those circular drills. I mean, it wasn’t chopped through with an axe. Forget calling me a homophobe for a moment and allow me to ask you this–what is the mental state of a man who would put his penis in a glory hole in a subway toilet? Is this healthy?

Marty Flynn is from Scranton, which reminds me of a famous joke which I believe originated in Scranton, involving a prostitute, a large black man, and a young Irish boy. I won’t offend you with the joke itself, but the punchline was “No, I just want to buy a couple of yards of that fence.”

So, how do we spin Marty Flynn? To backtrack a bit, I doubt Bizzarro and him are homosexuals. A lot of young politicians will share apartments in the Capitol when starting out. They save money and can keep their permanent homes in their Districts. It also helps them engage in gay sex with each other. I better be careful or Flynn will want to shoot me next. Fortunately, I feel pretty safe. He is a pretty lousy shot.

However, kidding aside, being gay might work to Flynn’s advantage in this situation. The Democrats would be more likely to make him a cause célèbre, especially since the GOP would be doubly confused.

Flynn could style himself as more of a Democrat in the JFK mode. This would work. JFK is still enormously popular in Flynn’s home district. I hope this guy has the sense and the team around him to get ahead of this and spin it in the best way possible for him.

if nothing else, it’s good to read about a politician showing some personal courage, not just bravery when sending others into battle.It’s a victory for the right to bear arms, and in a practical way, having a gun kept two young people from becoming statistics, martyrs to the New World Order Agenda of disarming the people so they can institute a terroristic dystopia.


Looks like we’ll all be dead soon, as Ebola sweeps the nation. Not with a bang or a whimper, but rather dissolving into a bitter pile of putrefied organs. We tried to warn you, but once Americans stopped being gung-ho warriors for the Federal Reserve Bank in Syria and everywhere else The Fed needs hired guns, we became as expendable as West Africans.

It’s a global economy. Globalization encourages the spread of disease, from the plague infested rats the Italians brought home from Silk Road excursions, to the syphilis Columbus and his refugees from 1492 Spain gave to the Indians.

Used to be the borders were closed naturally. People had to take a pretty long boat ride over here, so if they had an incurable, highly contagious disease it would show before they hit the dock. Diseased boat people could be quarantined, and they were.

Nowadays, people just boogey right on by the stalwart TSA. There is a lot of incompetence enabled by empowered crazies who want to see the prophecies of The Georgia Guidestones fulfilled in their lifetimes via satellite cameras linked in to their underground bunkers.

Wouldn’t a population cull be pretty well-timed right now? After all, the Fed can’t sell their bullshit forever. The problem with America is there is so much darn infrastructure. Blowing it up would be wasteful. Just get rid of all the people, and you still have a lot of mazunga in the bank. You eliminate a lot of debt. Once the market tanks, everyone’s pockets will be picked. Wipe us out, and you won’t even have to shell for Social Security, which they were going to welsh on anyway.

Face it, WW3 just isn’t selling. Nobody really gives a shit about the Mid East unless you are a Jewish, Muslim or Christian fanatic. If going over there and shooting them accomplished something constructive, I would be all for it, but all we are accomplishing is bankrupting our country. Even completely apathetic people are waking up to this uncomfortable truth.

There’s really not much hope here. If our politicians and hired gun thinkers decided to try to tell the truth nobody would believe them. What are they going to say, that if we don’t pledge to eternal war the Central Banksters are going let loose a modern day plague?

Did we have a warning? Sure. ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER, THE COMPLETE TRILOGY. Here is another tip. Colloidal silver is probably the only thing going to save your ass.

My book will be free 10/02/14. Link here.

Time Titans: Time Freezers One

Time Titans: Time Freezers One

Buy from Amazon

The book is fairly lame. I don’t really like it. I published it just so I could stop working on it. This other thing I’m writing is much better, but Time Titans is a good idea, I just couldn’t get it to work.

Parts of it are good, and the basic idea has a lot of potential as a series. ZWO needed work too, but the plot drove it to interesting places. Time Titans is a book about Nothing.

What I like about it as a series is these people were stranded in Space for millennia, and spent a small portion of each day doing something constructive in an environment designed to provide them with virtual instruction in just about everything. In short, they became universal experts by inertia. This is comic book gold.

Kindle is such a throwback to olden times, literarily. Books used to go through myriad revisions before crystallizing and being “done”. Books get revised even after the writers die.

So, although I don’t have the heart to bite the bullet and “fix” Time Titans right now, this doesn’t mean I won’t eventually. if people started buying it, maybe I would feel guilty, but I priced it high for such a short book. People will mainly read it for free I think.

By the way, thanks to the people who bought THE COMPLETE ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER TRILOGY. I got a check for a year’s sales and spent it taking the fam out for Thai food. “Found money”, one might say.

“He Wishes For the Cloths of Heaven

HAD I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

W.B. Yeats (1865–1939)
“He Wishes For the Cloths of Heaven”
from the Collected Works of W.B. Yeats

The first time I read WAR AND PEACE I was probably about twelve, and was feeling a bit like Russian nobility myself, being granted a reprieve from a job I had picking beans for some reason, whether it was a rainy week or just no beans available. So, while I had experience as a serf, I also had the opportunity to read a classic, no small thing. How many people had a real, unedited edition complete with French and English footnotes in their childhood home? I read Maude’s translation when young, and this is also the one I ordered online from Amazon, mainly because Maude was a personal friend of Tolstoy and this makes me think this translation would have been more true to the author’s intent. There is a debate about what the best translation is, of course.

Since this book is pretty old, I’m not worried about “spoilers”.

The book functions as a novel, a historical treatise, and as historical fiction. At its most basic, the novel part revolves around Pierre and Natasha, two people caught up in the mayhem surrounding the Napoleonic Wars of 1812. They take some wrong turns relationship-wise, but wind up with each other. She settles down once she performs her primary function–producing a passle of young Russkies. She mainly protects Pierre from himself and his odd idea that he should have ideas, and not just enjoy all the money his father, Count Chockenberry, had left him to punish his legitimate children.

There are other characters in this fourteen hundred page book, of course, but they mainly exist as foils Tolstoy uses to develop his themes and as plot devices. The novel part is about Natasha and Pierre, end of story.

The historical fiction aspect of WAR AND PEACE is much more interesting than the novel, the primary merit of which is the foreboding sense that things will end very badly for the Russian nobility in 1917. The lucky ones will wind up working in fine French restaurants. As historical fiction, though, WAR AND PEACE works well, and the primary relationship developed is between Kutuzov, the Russian top general, and Napoleon, the French upstart Emperor.

Napoleon resents Alexander, the Czar of Russia, this seems clear. Napoleon represents the New World Order of his day, backed by Illuminattist and Masonic ideas, which Tolstoy freely references in his book. Tolstoy was an old Old School conspiracy theorist, and it would be advisable for those who poo-poo such ideas to acquire an old edition of WAR AND PEACE and study it.

The book seems like it must be historical fiction, although Tolstoy had the advantage of having several relatives who were well placed in Russian Society at this time, who gave him the inside dope. However, we cannot know what Napoleon and Kutuzov were thinking as they played their military chess match with each other, although Tolstoy tries to fill in the blanks left by history.

Tolstoy does make Kutuzov an unforgettable figure, a fat guy who drank too much and liked Polish hookers. Kutuzov knew what he knew, though, and what he understood was, at least in 1812, if a couple hundred thousand guys were fighting each other with sabers, muskets, and cannon, movements couldn’t be exactly orchestrated and the key thing was to inspire the troops. Tolstoy placed a high premium on the intangible “wanting it more”. Russian troops ran in Austria, but fought hardest outside of Moscow. Even though the French took Moscow, Kutuzov managed to inflict a mortal wound on the French behemoth, and Napoleon could not recover so deeply within Russian soil.

Maybe there was some point to the French Invasion of Russia in 1812 besides sacking Moscow and trying to flee with the loot, but WAR AND PEACE manages to avoid getting into that. Napoleon is painted in fairly unfavorable tones. Those who viewed him as a savior (Pierre) change their minds over the course, and Pierre even attempts a rather half-assed assassination attempt towards the end.

After Moscow, Kutuzov only pursues Napoleon to try to spur him on, and refuses to attack, which eventually causes him to be relieved of his command. The reason for his reluctance are twofold, according to Tolstoy: 1. Kutuzov wished to decrease Russian casualties. This contrasts with Napoleon’s heartlessness. 2. It was logistically difficult to engage, and pointless since Napoleon’s army was being destroyed every step of the way by vigilantes, militia, and other partisans.

However, Russian attacks which did occur were highly successful, so I believe Tolstoy contradicts himself on this point. Also, to my way of thinking, the French did invade, and having lost, should probably have been taught a lesson on the way out, just to keep them from wanting to return.

One wonders if a team armed with high powered metal detectors retraced Napoleons’ exit and entry routes, what wealth of war paraphernalia they might uncover?

As a historical treatise, the book is effective, but for God’s sake, I barely finished that second epilogue when I was twelve, and for the life of me I can’t finish now. I believe it is a recap, in case anybody gets ideas about putting the wrong interpretation on his book, Count Tolstoy steps in to make sure the record stays straight. However, the book is tough sledding. You have to keep a lot of characters straight, some of whom have three or four different unpronounceable, untranslatable, and unspellable names. How can there be some many princes and princesses, especially when the heir to the throne is called a Tsarevitch? Weird, man. So after fourteen hundred pages, the novel part ends with a bunch of Russian nobles having a tussle in the home of their host, Pierre. Count Nicholas, Natasha’s brain dead brother, says he would kill Pierre, his brother-in-law, friend, bank, and benefactor, if some proven incompetent sociopath in the war department ordered it. Natasha glosses the whole thing over with some Jerry Springer style final thoughts worthy of the end of CANDIDE, and then we start getting inflicted with epilogues.

I ran my course. I read, I re-read WAR AND PEACE several times, so why you gotta do me like that, Count Tolstoy? Those last fifty pages are killers. I read them when I was a kid, with glazed eyes. I was determined to be able to say I had read WAR AND PEACE, every goddamned word.

Read WAR AND PEACE, but take Tolstoy with a serious grain of salt. His other work is erratic, in my view. In THE KREUTZER SONATA, he encourages people to renounce sex and thereby end the human race. He had about eighteen children, by the way. Also, he has the same mixed feeling about his serfs as slaveholders had in the Old South, which Russian Society at that time greatly resembled.

war and peace

Below are The links to the chapters of TIME TITANS for your convenience. This was always supposed to be a free online novel. I was trying to write a book in serial form, bit this is incredibly difficult, at least in my current circumstances.

Anyway, this is the first in a possible series of books about a family who gets trapped in an alternate universe where time is elongated. One inspiration for this book is a comic book I read when I was a kid called “Superman Versus Muhammed Ali”.

Give it a read. Future installments of this will be more action packed, but this book sets up future books in this series. After this, back to horror for me, as I have a short vampire novel ready to go in a few months.
Time Titans: Chapter One: The Science Fair

Time Titans: Chapter TWO: Saturday Cartoons

Time Titans: Chapter Three: The Space Exploration Society

Time Titans: Chapter Four: Mr. Melvin

Time Titans: Chapter Five

Time Titans: Chapter Six: Adios Achronos

Time Titans: Chapter Seven: Master & Slave

Time Titans: Chapter Eight: Lost In The Nothing

Time Titans: Chapter Nine: Three Dissociated Spirits

Time Titans: Chapter Ten: Three Dissociated Spirits

Time Titans: Final Chapter:


cover for alcubb

Hello Visitor,

Through whatever quirks of your own personal cyber quest today, you have landed here, so I will try to make your visit as productive as possible.

First, I will introduce my book series which I am calling “Time Freezers”, the first of which is TIME TITANS.

Second, I will provide links to finding the books and other books I have written.

To begin, TIME TITANS introduces a the future’s newest superheros, the Drexlers, an average family of space pioneers who got thrown into an alternate universe in the course of the largest act of solar system terrorism ever perpetrated. The villain, a disgruntled GMO (genetically modified) slave nicknamed Simon Sez, set up the act of terrorism to avenge himself on the universe which had made him a slave.

The Drexlers find themselves in a frightening place where Time simply does not exist on any meaningful level. Caught between forces they do not fully understand, they must find the spiritual strength within themselves and each other to persevere.

Unknown to themselves, their journey has been engineered by a cryptic trillionaire named Adios Achronos, who took great pains to make sure their spacecraft was fully stocked with a libraries, musical instruments, electronics gear, a gym, and the largest digital library ever assembled. The greatest virtual instructors imaginable have been programmed to assist their instruction in all aspects of human knowledge and all arts, including the martial arts.

While working through millennia of dealing with the Eternal and Existential questions, the Drexlers work to fully explore human potential, thereby honing themselves into what we would call superheros, capable of portalling through Time and Space and solving problems in ways learned over a vast expanse of what is called Time.

The books will best be understood if considered as comic books. The people who “get” my books understand I am writing the literary core of comic books, ala Robert E. Howard. TIME TITANS is a sometimes tedious book which I am going to revise. Part of my process is to publish (Indy), download to my phone, and then use my phone to line by line edit, that is, fix the Word File as I read the book on my phone. I published because I was losing the will to complete and publish this book–it takes a certain amount of courage to publish any book, but Indy is hard because it is such a solo effort.

However, future books in this series will be snappier, faster paced, and more akin to the social and political allegorical satire comic books can attain sometimes.

I wrote a really good book, THE COMPLETE ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER TRILOGY, link below, which I would ask you check out on some level.

I also have another book coming out in  the not too distant future. It is a vampire novel about an Irish woman sent to the West Indies as a slave by Oliver Cromwell and his henchman. This book will explore an overlooked fact–the first slaves in the New World were not African, but Irish people sent to breed a better race of slaves with the mixture of West Indian natives.

Anyway, here are the links, and stop by for updates on various projects. I also comment on various political and social trends on my blogs sometimes. It is more therapeutic and productive than actually voting, imo.



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Time Titans: Time Freezers One

Time Titans: Time Freezers One

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The Lazarus Law: Zombie World Order Three

The Lazarus Law: Zombie World Order Three

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DEAD TO RIGHTS: Zombie World Order Part Two

DEAD TO RIGHTS: Zombie World Order Part Two

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I got this list HERE:

It’s basically a list of Hollywood people who support Israel’s recent attack on Gaza. However you feel about it, here is a picture to contemplate:


I hate this picture because it is so horrific, but show decent people pictures of murdered Palestinian children and they get it. Killing children is recognized as wrong by decent people.

So, below you will find a digitized list of Hollywood people who support killing children.  They believe in collective punishment.

My motive for posting this list is I think it is worth knowing who you support when you go the movies. I’m not changing anyone’s opinion. I am absolutely dispirited by what blind, pathetic sheep my fellow Americans have become.

List of Shame Posted without further comment

Last,First, Middle Initial
Adelson Orly
Adelstein Marty
Adler Dan
Adler Lou
Adler Michael
Aloni Dan
Arad Avi
Arnold Tom
Astrof Jeff
Balsam Craig
Barber Gary
Barr Roseanne
Barrett Jason
Barry Elana
Baruch Jonathan
Bay-Schuck Aaron
Sorkin Lainie Becky
Bender Lawrence
Bensusan Steven
Berko Raphael
Berkowitz Adam
Berlanti Greg
Berliant Jordan
Bialik Mayim
P Joshua Binder
Black Todd
Borkow Michael
Boxerbaum David
Braun Scooter
Brecher Dan
Brooks Eric
Broza David
Bucatinsky Dan
Bulochnikov Naomi
Byrnes David
Caspe David
Casspi Omri
Charles Josh
Chasin Liza
Chriqui Emmanuelle
Cidre Cynthia
Cloud Neil
Cohen Ayala
Cohen Etan
Cohen Joe
Corwin Charlie
Dauer Marc
Davi Robert
David Craig
Davis Stephen
De Donald Line
DelPiano Matt
Deutsch Josh
Diamond David
Dick Leonard
Draiman David
Driver Minnie
Dytman Jack
Eisenberg Lee
Ellin Doug
English Diane
Erlij Dan
Fair Ron
Feig Erik
Feldman Dave
Feldman James
Felker Patti
Forster Erica
Foster Gary
Frank Doug
J. Bryan Freedman
E. Geordie Frey
Fricklas Michael
Fried Robert
Friedkin William
Friedman Daryl
Friedman Rob
Friedman Ronald
Gardner David
Garelick Jeremy
M. Alan Gasmer
Geffen-Lifshitz Ran
Genger Andrew
Gersh Bob
Gerson Jody
Gertner Risa
Gertz Jami
Ginsberg Gary
Glick David
Glickman Jonathan
Glouberman Michael
Gold Elon
Goldberg Evan
Goldschein Gil
Goldwyn Tony
Goodman Nate
Gordon Howard
Gossett Mitchell
Graboff Marc
Grammer Kelsey
Green Trudy
Griffin Adam
Grossman Iris
Gruska Jay
Guillod David
Hacker Phil
Hoffman Jay
Todd J. Harris
Hasak Adi
Haspel Ned
Hertz Ken
Hoberman David
Hunegs Craig
Hurwitz Andrew
Ireland Kathy
Israel Neal
Jacobs Michael
Jacobson Bill
Jacobson Neil
Jacobson Nina
Jakubowicz Jonathan
Joest Patrick
Kahane Nathan
Kaller Adam
Kanter Adam
Karp Scott
Katz Zach
Kavanaugh Ryan
Kenan Ron
Kendall David
Kennar Larry
Keyser Chris
King-Templeton Kevin
Kives Michael
Kivowitz Courtney
Knapp Patrick
Kogan Amanda
Kolodny Jeff
Kotler Barry
Kram Steven
Kranzler Eric
Krevoy Brad
Kritzer Erik
Kurtzman Howard
Kurtzman Rick
Kwatinetz Jeff
Landesman Peter
La Eriq Salle
Lansing Sherry
Lasher Estelle
Lasker Michael
Lefkovitz Keili
Leifer Carol
Lerner Avi
Lester Colin
Levine Ben
Levinson Susan
Levy David
Levy Shuki
Lichter Linda
Lieberman Josh
Lieberman Maryam
Lieberman Todd
Liebman Jon
Littman Jonathan
Lonner David
Lovett Richard
Lovitz Jon
Lyons Charlie
Madden Benji
Madden Joel
Maher Bill
Malina Joshua
Markus Rob
Marley Orly
Marley Ziggy
Marmur Ori
Masters Bill
McPherson Barry
Medavoy Brian
Melman Jeff
Melrose Scott
D. Jeffrey Melvoin
Mercer Willie
Mimoun Rina
Misher Kevin
Morales Michael
Morrow Rob
Newman Robert
Nierob Alan
Nyman Michael
T. Howard Owens
Packer James
Packman Scott
Paly Bar
Parziali Tom
Pascal Amy
S. Donald Passman
Paul Brett
Peacock Ann
Perry Linda
Plepler Richard
Powers Amy
Prinz Rob
Rabin Trevor
Rabinow Dan
Raff Gideon
Raise Dean
M. Bruce Ramer
Ready David
Reitman Ivan
Renzer David
Reston John
Rochelle Hanna
Rogen Seth
Rogovin John
Roklin Lena
Rosen Lon
Rosen Rick
Rosenblum Bruce
Howard Zvi Rosenman
Rosenthal Bill
Rosenthal Phil
Ross Brian
Rotenberg Michael
Rothman Rob
Rovner Robert
Rovner Susan
Rush Odeya
Saban Haim
Bayer Carole Sager
Sanders Nancy
Schenker Jonathan
Schiff Mark
Schnur Steve
Schramm Dean
Schur Jordan
Schwartz Robin
Schwartz Sam
Schwartz Scott
Schwarzenegger Arnold
Schweitzer Adam
Shankman Adam
Sher Stacey
Siegler Scott
Lynn Jamie Sigler
Silbermann Chris
Silverman Ben
Silverman Sarah
Singer Martin
Snider Stacey
Sorkin Aaron
Spira Steve
Sprung Susan
Stallone Sylvester
Steinberg Norman
Stevens Fisher
Stiffelman Gary
Stoff Erwin
Stovitz Ken
Stupnitsky Gene
Styne Nick
Suddleson Eric
Suddleson Geoff
Suddleson Ken
Sussman Danny
Sweeney DB
Szymanski Traci
Tassler Nina
Taylor Adam
Tellem Arn
Tellem Nancy
Tenzer Mitch
Tisch Steve
Tishby Noa
D. Fred Toczek
Tolkin Michael
Tramer Bennett
Travis Nancy
Tropper Jonathan
Velkes Matthew
Wachter Paul
Wass Nina
Wasserman Avi
Weber Steven
Weinraub Bernie
Weinstein Bob
Weinstein Harvey
Weintraub Jerry
N. David Weiss
Weissman David
Wertheimer Alan
West Ron
Wheeler Nikki
Wolman Jeff
Tal Sharon Yguado
Yorn Pete
Yorn Rick
Hassan Mosab Yousef
Zalis Rachel
Zucker David







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