I was on an extended car trip and was taking a radio tour when I chanced on this.

What an angel, Miranda Lambert. She writes her own music and lyrics, so until somebody takes it down, give it a listen

In my quest to improve the world “Tikkum Olam”?” I tried to contact Allyson Schwartz  to ask her if she is a dual citizen of Israel, or if the list I pasted below is in error.

Sadly, she only accepts emails from people in her District, which I find objectionable, since she is running for Governor of Pennsylvania.

I am astounded a dual citizen could run for governor of my home state, so I decided to check her biography to see if she divulges the information about her citizenship status.

No luck there. This is what it says:

As the only Jewish member in Pennsylvania’s Congressional Delegation, Schwartz has a deep and personal commitment to strengthening America’s relationship with Israel and promoting ties between the two democratic nations. She serves as a member of the Democratic Israel Working Group and the U.S.-Israel Security Caucus. “

Now, suppose she is a dual citizen and the list is correct? Why does this woman with a deeply personal relationship to Israel not also boast of having actual citizenship in Israel? I will tell you why. Allyson knows sensible people will question her ability to represent Pennsylvania when she is a citizen of another country. Allyson knows that she is objectionable, and therefore does not volunteer the information. She knows her divided loyalties are wrong.

Allyson knows this, or she would divulge.

Now, perhaps the list is in error? Unfortunately, I could not check the fact. Allyson will one day ask for my vote when running for governor, but will sneakily hide her dual citizenship while doing so.  What else will she be sneakily doing, I wonder? If only she had divulged the information on her official  biography page instead of hiding behind weasel words and obfuscation. I would not have had to publicly question her on my blog.

Why so ashamed, Allyson? Feel free to deny or come clean, at least then you won’t be such a cowardess.


I’m linking and pasting this list of dual citizens who hold political office. It is only a partial list.

It is unacceptable that American taxpayers should have to tolerate money going to elected politicians who have mixed feelings about being American citizens.

I respect people’s racial and religious preferences and opinions, but “American” is neither a race or religion, so if you can, please vote out anyone with divided citizenship and loyalties.

I think anyone who takes a position on this is targeted in some way shape or form, so please, as many people as possible need to start using their noodles a bit and do the basic arithmetic required. Israel does not have the American equivalent of a Constitution, and the fact that so many people will take an oath to uphold a Constitution they are not in full agreement with is chilling.

It is very simple. I know people who I am ashamed of because they refuse to look at the basic facts. They have a relationship with their TV sets and the propaganda emanating from it that far transcends any relationship they claim to have with Logic or Reason.


At Least 29 Members of US House of Representatives Are Israeli Dual Citizens and Need to Be Voted Out on November 4, 2014

October 25, 2014

At Least 29 Members of US House of Representatives Are Israeli Dual Citizens and Need to Be Voted Out on November 4, 2014 (Oct. 25, 2014)

There is no other country in the world that allows members of its national government to be a citizen of two different nations at the same time, except the United States. The dual citizen status can only apply to citizens of Israel, and no other country. This change to US law was made possible by the subversion and betrayal of Jewish Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas, a Johnson appointee, who later had to resign from the Supreme Court. This disastrous change to our immigration law MUST be changed back to no dual citizens allowed to participate in any government office. In the meantime, you have an opportunity to remove 29 of these Israeli fifth columnists from the House of Representatives on November 4. Do your part and VOTE on November 4 and kick the traitors out of congress.

House of Representatives:


1. Representative Gary Ackerman (New York)
2. Representative John H. Adler (New Jersey)
3. Representative Shelley Berkley (Nevada)
4. Representative Howard Berman (California)
5. Representative Steve Cohen (Tennessee)
6. Representative Susan Davis (California)
7. Representative Eliot Engel (New York)
8. Representative Bob Filner (California)
9. Representative Barney Frank (Massachusetts)
10. Representative Gabrielle Giffords (Arizona)
11. Representative Alan Grayson (Florida)
12. Representative Jane Harman (California)
13. Representative Paul Hodes (New Hampshire)
14. Representative Steve Israel (New York)
15. Representative Steve Kagen (Wisconsin)
16. Representative Ronald Klein (Florida)
17. Representative Sander Levin (Michigan)
18. Representative Nita Lowey (New York)
19. Representative Jerry Nadler (New York)
20. Representative Jared Polis (Colorado)
21. Representative Steve Rothman (New Jersey)
22. Representative Jan Schakowsky (Illinois)
23, Representative Adam Schiff (California)
24. Representative Allyson Schwartz (Pennsylvania)
25. Representative Brad Sherman (California)
26. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Florida)
27. Representative Henry Waxman (California)
28. Representative Anthony Weiner (New York)
29. Representative John Yarmuth (Kentucky)



The Zombie World Order is curious about Media and the way news stories are handled, and I linked to a couple of good ones above.

Two PA Democrat State Senators were walking late at night in Harrisburg and were getting mugged until one (Marty Flynn) pulled a gun and drove off the attackers, who were also armed.

No one was hurt, so I suppose one form of gun control is people just being poor marksmen. My grandfather was a lifelong hunter and won a Silver Star in WW2, and I shudder to think what he could have done to someone with two shots at mugging distance. Both the muggers and the Senator missed, and one wonders how this could be possible at such close range.

At any rate, Flynn gets some kudos for pulling out his gun and defending himself from his attackers. Maybe not the smartest way to play it, but who really wants to die of old age in a hospital bed? In addition, the other Senator, a fellow named Bizzarro (for real) was fired at. Flynn and Bizzarro are roommates, so perhaps Flynn was trying to protect his lover.

Whatever the motive, I am curious to see what spin gets placed on this. Democrats won’t like it, because it shows guns can be used effectively by non-professionals to stop street crime. I would anticipate the Media centers the Democrats control will ignore this, or make Flynn out to be a nut.

Republicans won’t like it either. One imagines a crying, begging Dick Cheney on the ground groveling for mercy if confronted with a gun, at least if he was sober. This serial draft dodger represents the “manly” faction of the GOP, who spend a lot of time in lavatories ensconced with “glory holes”.

*Interesting historical aside–Public toilets in New York City almost all have “glory holes”, or holes bored in the side so men in adjacent stalls can have anonymous sex. I read this factoid after I moved out of New York, and had a horrible, retching sensation. You see, I once used (when particularly desperate) either a subway toilet or one near the big library near Grand Central Station. I noticed a hole bored in the wall, but did not get the significance. I think I imagined it was a leftover from a failed toilet dispenser installation. The hole was pretty professionally bored. They must have used one of those circular drills. I mean, it wasn’t chopped through with an axe. Forget calling me a homophobe for a moment and allow me to ask you this–what is the mental state of a man who would put his penis in a glory hole in a subway toilet? Is this healthy?

Marty Flynn is from Scranton, which reminds me of a famous joke which I believe originated in Scranton, involving a prostitute, a large black man, and a young Irish boy. I won’t offend you with the joke itself, but the punchline was “No, I just want to buy a couple of yards of that fence.”

So, how do we spin Marty Flynn? To backtrack a bit, I doubt Bizzarro and him are homosexuals. A lot of young politicians will share apartments in the Capitol when starting out. They save money and can keep their permanent homes in their Districts. It also helps them engage in gay sex with each other. I better be careful or Flynn will want to shoot me next. Fortunately, I feel pretty safe. He is a pretty lousy shot.

However, kidding aside, being gay might work to Flynn’s advantage in this situation. The Democrats would be more likely to make him a cause célèbre, especially since the GOP would be doubly confused.

Flynn could style himself as more of a Democrat in the JFK mode. This would work. JFK is still enormously popular in Flynn’s home district. I hope this guy has the sense and the team around him to get ahead of this and spin it in the best way possible for him.

if nothing else, it’s good to read about a politician showing some personal courage, not just bravery when sending others into battle.It’s a victory for the right to bear arms, and in a practical way, having a gun kept two young people from becoming statistics, martyrs to the New World Order Agenda of disarming the people so they can institute a terroristic dystopia.


Looks like we’ll all be dead soon, as Ebola sweeps the nation. Not with a bang or a whimper, but rather dissolving into a bitter pile of putrefied organs. We tried to warn you, but once Americans stopped being gung-ho warriors for the Federal Reserve Bank in Syria and everywhere else The Fed needs hired guns, we became as expendable as West Africans.

It’s a global economy. Globalization encourages the spread of disease, from the plague infested rats the Italians brought home from Silk Road excursions, to the syphilis Columbus and his refugees from 1492 Spain gave to the Indians.

Used to be the borders were closed naturally. People had to take a pretty long boat ride over here, so if they had an incurable, highly contagious disease it would show before they hit the dock. Diseased boat people could be quarantined, and they were.

Nowadays, people just boogey right on by the stalwart TSA. There is a lot of incompetence enabled by empowered crazies who want to see the prophecies of The Georgia Guidestones fulfilled in their lifetimes via satellite cameras linked in to their underground bunkers.

Wouldn’t a population cull be pretty well-timed right now? After all, the Fed can’t sell their bullshit forever. The problem with America is there is so much darn infrastructure. Blowing it up would be wasteful. Just get rid of all the people, and you still have a lot of mazunga in the bank. You eliminate a lot of debt. Once the market tanks, everyone’s pockets will be picked. Wipe us out, and you won’t even have to shell for Social Security, which they were going to welsh on anyway.

Face it, WW3 just isn’t selling. Nobody really gives a shit about the Mid East unless you are a Jewish, Muslim or Christian fanatic. If going over there and shooting them accomplished something constructive, I would be all for it, but all we are accomplishing is bankrupting our country. Even completely apathetic people are waking up to this uncomfortable truth.

There’s really not much hope here. If our politicians and hired gun thinkers decided to try to tell the truth nobody would believe them. What are they going to say, that if we don’t pledge to eternal war the Central Banksters are going let loose a modern day plague?

Did we have a warning? Sure. ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER, THE COMPLETE TRILOGY. Here is another tip. Colloidal silver is probably the only thing going to save your ass.

My book will be free 10/02/14. Link here.

Time Titans: Time Freezers One

Time Titans: Time Freezers One

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The book is fairly lame. I don’t really like it. I published it just so I could stop working on it. This other thing I’m writing is much better, but Time Titans is a good idea, I just couldn’t get it to work.

Parts of it are good, and the basic idea has a lot of potential as a series. ZWO needed work too, but the plot drove it to interesting places. Time Titans is a book about Nothing.

What I like about it as a series is these people were stranded in Space for millennia, and spent a small portion of each day doing something constructive in an environment designed to provide them with virtual instruction in just about everything. In short, they became universal experts by inertia. This is comic book gold.

Kindle is such a throwback to olden times, literarily. Books used to go through myriad revisions before crystallizing and being “done”. Books get revised even after the writers die.

So, although I don’t have the heart to bite the bullet and “fix” Time Titans right now, this doesn’t mean I won’t eventually. if people started buying it, maybe I would feel guilty, but I priced it high for such a short book. People will mainly read it for free I think.

By the way, thanks to the people who bought THE COMPLETE ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER TRILOGY. I got a check for a year’s sales and spent it taking the fam out for Thai food. “Found money”, one might say.

“He Wishes For the Cloths of Heaven

HAD I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

W.B. Yeats (1865–1939)
“He Wishes For the Cloths of Heaven”
from the Collected Works of W.B. Yeats

The first time I read WAR AND PEACE I was probably about twelve, and was feeling a bit like Russian nobility myself, being granted a reprieve from a job I had picking beans for some reason, whether it was a rainy week or just no beans available. So, while I had experience as a serf, I also had the opportunity to read a classic, no small thing. How many people had a real, unedited edition complete with French and English footnotes in their childhood home? I read Maude’s translation when young, and this is also the one I ordered online from Amazon, mainly because Maude was a personal friend of Tolstoy and this makes me think this translation would have been more true to the author’s intent. There is a debate about what the best translation is, of course.

Since this book is pretty old, I’m not worried about “spoilers”.

The book functions as a novel, a historical treatise, and as historical fiction. At its most basic, the novel part revolves around Pierre and Natasha, two people caught up in the mayhem surrounding the Napoleonic Wars of 1812. They take some wrong turns relationship-wise, but wind up with each other. She settles down once she performs her primary function–producing a passle of young Russkies. She mainly protects Pierre from himself and his odd idea that he should have ideas, and not just enjoy all the money his father, Count Chockenberry, had left him to punish his legitimate children.

There are other characters in this fourteen hundred page book, of course, but they mainly exist as foils Tolstoy uses to develop his themes and as plot devices. The novel part is about Natasha and Pierre, end of story.

The historical fiction aspect of WAR AND PEACE is much more interesting than the novel, the primary merit of which is the foreboding sense that things will end very badly for the Russian nobility in 1917. The lucky ones will wind up working in fine French restaurants. As historical fiction, though, WAR AND PEACE works well, and the primary relationship developed is between Kutuzov, the Russian top general, and Napoleon, the French upstart Emperor.

Napoleon resents Alexander, the Czar of Russia, this seems clear. Napoleon represents the New World Order of his day, backed by Illuminattist and Masonic ideas, which Tolstoy freely references in his book. Tolstoy was an old Old School conspiracy theorist, and it would be advisable for those who poo-poo such ideas to acquire an old edition of WAR AND PEACE and study it.

The book seems like it must be historical fiction, although Tolstoy had the advantage of having several relatives who were well placed in Russian Society at this time, who gave him the inside dope. However, we cannot know what Napoleon and Kutuzov were thinking as they played their military chess match with each other, although Tolstoy tries to fill in the blanks left by history.

Tolstoy does make Kutuzov an unforgettable figure, a fat guy who drank too much and liked Polish hookers. Kutuzov knew what he knew, though, and what he understood was, at least in 1812, if a couple hundred thousand guys were fighting each other with sabers, muskets, and cannon, movements couldn’t be exactly orchestrated and the key thing was to inspire the troops. Tolstoy placed a high premium on the intangible “wanting it more”. Russian troops ran in Austria, but fought hardest outside of Moscow. Even though the French took Moscow, Kutuzov managed to inflict a mortal wound on the French behemoth, and Napoleon could not recover so deeply within Russian soil.

Maybe there was some point to the French Invasion of Russia in 1812 besides sacking Moscow and trying to flee with the loot, but WAR AND PEACE manages to avoid getting into that. Napoleon is painted in fairly unfavorable tones. Those who viewed him as a savior (Pierre) change their minds over the course, and Pierre even attempts a rather half-assed assassination attempt towards the end.

After Moscow, Kutuzov only pursues Napoleon to try to spur him on, and refuses to attack, which eventually causes him to be relieved of his command. The reason for his reluctance are twofold, according to Tolstoy: 1. Kutuzov wished to decrease Russian casualties. This contrasts with Napoleon’s heartlessness. 2. It was logistically difficult to engage, and pointless since Napoleon’s army was being destroyed every step of the way by vigilantes, militia, and other partisans.

However, Russian attacks which did occur were highly successful, so I believe Tolstoy contradicts himself on this point. Also, to my way of thinking, the French did invade, and having lost, should probably have been taught a lesson on the way out, just to keep them from wanting to return.

One wonders if a team armed with high powered metal detectors retraced Napoleons’ exit and entry routes, what wealth of war paraphernalia they might uncover?

As a historical treatise, the book is effective, but for God’s sake, I barely finished that second epilogue when I was twelve, and for the life of me I can’t finish now. I believe it is a recap, in case anybody gets ideas about putting the wrong interpretation on his book, Count Tolstoy steps in to make sure the record stays straight. However, the book is tough sledding. You have to keep a lot of characters straight, some of whom have three or four different unpronounceable, untranslatable, and unspellable names. How can there be some many princes and princesses, especially when the heir to the throne is called a Tsarevitch? Weird, man. So after fourteen hundred pages, the novel part ends with a bunch of Russian nobles having a tussle in the home of their host, Pierre. Count Nicholas, Natasha’s brain dead brother, says he would kill Pierre, his brother-in-law, friend, bank, and benefactor, if some proven incompetent sociopath in the war department ordered it. Natasha glosses the whole thing over with some Jerry Springer style final thoughts worthy of the end of CANDIDE, and then we start getting inflicted with epilogues.

I ran my course. I read, I re-read WAR AND PEACE several times, so why you gotta do me like that, Count Tolstoy? Those last fifty pages are killers. I read them when I was a kid, with glazed eyes. I was determined to be able to say I had read WAR AND PEACE, every goddamned word.

Read WAR AND PEACE, but take Tolstoy with a serious grain of salt. His other work is erratic, in my view. In THE KREUTZER SONATA, he encourages people to renounce sex and thereby end the human race. He had about eighteen children, by the way. Also, he has the same mixed feeling about his serfs as slaveholders had in the Old South, which Russian Society at that time greatly resembled.

war and peace


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