First, a word on message boards for stocks–they can be useful. I am not one for putting them down. They are often funny, sometimes informative. I like them.

That said, trust absolutely no one. If you read them in your spare time, great, but if you are trading a stock and relying on a message board for guidance, you honestly should just go to a casino.

Are you the smartest person in the world? You might be the smartest at one particular thing, or even a few things, but no one knows everything.

BIEL has the most evil message board denizens ever. I remember the good people from the Homestake and Battle Mountain gold message boards. They literally took my blinders off and taught me to see. BIEL is bad.

I followed the BIEL boards for years and still read them, but do not post. If someone wants my thoughts, this is where you will get them.

There are two types of BIEL message boarders–fanatical longs and obsessive bashers. They need each other though. One needs the other to create a dialogue with. Like Nietzsche’s god, if the bashers did not exist, the longs would invent them, and vice-versa. The reason for this is simple–they’re us, we’re them. The longs pump the stock up and then log in as bashers and bash the stock down. Laughable, really, but it works. A few honest people get suckered in to the dialog, but mainly it is a few people talking to each other.

Today on Yahoo, a certain “Coach Pappy” said BIEL would have a reverse split, which is when a stock restructures itself. If you have a thousand share, in a 1 to 10 reverse split you get a hundred. Less leverage, and now it is easier to run the price down again. Reverse splits are a disaster for the small shareholder.

“Pappy” spent years building up trust and expended it to-day to spread a rumor. I was a little shook up, so I called the CEO of the company, who told me what he told me last time. BIEL is nowhere near ready to do a reverse split. They will do one, eventually, but only when they want to get listed on NASDAQ and have achieved some milestones first–FDA approval and increased sales being two of them.

Pretty crazy. The stock sagged a bit, somebody got some cheaper shares, and then the stock price finished strong. The games are just beginning, I think, as we approach the FDA approval.

Shooting down those Russian parachuters today was a war crime. You are not supposed to shoot pilots ejecting from a disabled plane. Nazis refrained from this in WW2, just to show how barbaric it is. This was a provocation and an insult to Putin and Russia.Parachuters who have violated another country’s airspace, if in fact they actually did, will drift down onto the country they violated, and can easily be arrested at this point.

At some point, We The People have to defend te world against a shadow government gone wild. They use our resources to support ISIS, a group which beheads entire villages of Christians in Syria. Putin enraged Obama because ISIS is part of the New World Order Plan, so Putin is throwing a wrench into the works by defeating ISIS.

Turkey would not have the guts to do this unless Obama and his cult okayed it.

Attacks on parachutists, in term of the law of war, is when pilots, aircrews, and/or passengers are attacked while descending by parachutes from disabled aircraft during a war. This practice is considered by most militaries around the world to be inhumane, barbaric, and unchivalrous, that it is unnecessary killing (i.e., they would eventually become prisoners of war if parachuted over enemy territory), that it is contrary to fair play, and that military pilots have to be held to a higher standard. Attacking people parachuting from an aircraft in distress is a war crime under Protocol I in addition to the 1949 Geneva Conventions. However, it is not prohibited under this Protocol to open fire on airborne troops who are descending by parachutes, even if their aircraft is in distress.[1]

I borrowed this from Taylor Egly@TaylorEgly, thanks Taylor.


Man saves family from fire in South Scranton


I thought I would link to this story after thinking about it. It seems something like this should be national news.

A man is driving to church and see a house on fire, and no fire trucks on the scene. The man says Jesus told him to stop and run to see if help was needed.

He saved a family of four, two of them young children.

I think it’s a great story. I think this should be national news.

Donald Trump should talk about this.  All the talks shows should. Trouble is the man, Neftali Feliciano, doesn’t fall into any easy political category. He is a 37 year old religious guy. He’s Hispanic. Seems like he’d be a legal immigrant, but if he wasn’t, we’ve come to a sorry state if we deported him because we nabbed him while saving lives.

America is this culture of death right now. Would the corporate media, which specializes in demoralizing stories of horrific tragedy and sowing hopelessness have anything but a cynical sneer for Neftali’s claim that Jesus told him to do it?

Yet four people were saved from horrific death because of Jesus, according to Feliciano. Would this family sneer at him? Would you?

I’m trying to make a few bucks with an investment. if I do, I’m going to look this guy up and send him and his family something for Christmas and ask him to pray for me. If Jesus has Neftali’s ear, maybe Neftali has Jesus’s ear as well.

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Neftali Feliciano

The Forgotten SoldierThe Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Most books about WW2 Germans I have read have been at best entertaining cartoons. Evils Nazis hum Wagner while experimenting on concentration camp victims. I recently read “Apt Pupil” by Stephen King, which is the most entertaining of this genre.

THE FORGOTTEN SOLDIER I found in a pile of soon to be discarded books. I gave it a chance, and didn’t like it at first, but I have a habit of finishing books once started. In the case of this book, I am glad I did.

Sajer takes you there. The lice, the combat fatigue,the exploding shells, the dying friends–he takes you on his painful journey. The enemy has different slogans, but they are human too.

I read ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT many times, and this book is no the WW2 version of it. WW1 was a mindless historic accident. Germany surrendered, but was not truly defeated. In this book about WW2, as the German army is forced back, the battle is for sheer survival of Germany. The soldiers struggle for the will to endure. ALL QUIET dealt with a war for which there was no clear reason, and murky justification.

I grew up disliking Germans because they shot my grandfather a couple of times. I never understood why my grandfather operated on wounded German soldiers as well as his own. Now I do. I saw the war through a prism of Sergeant Rock comic books and general media brainwashing. However, my sister married a German guy, and I have German nieces and nephews. The world is more complex.

For me, this was a powerful, even personal book. It’s a slow starter, but should be required reading for young people. Above all, this book is really, really scary. The idea of armed soldiers chasing you through a frozen tundra, picking off your friends one by one, having to kill people to survive–this is something I doubt American foreign policy makers ever consider when starting wars. How could they, when they have not experienced the horror of war.

I must admit, it resonates when Sajer describes Ukrainians welcoming Nazi troops as saviors from the Russians. It sounds disturbingly like the present day, but instead of Nazis, it is NATO.

Pray for peace, because the kind of war, total war, Sajer is describing cannot be turned on and off like a faucet.

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This needs to go viral:

Sen. Al Franken Admits Being Warned About 9-11 Beforehand

October 15, 2015


In his book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, Sen. Al Franken admits to having been warned not to go to work at the World Trade Center on 9-11. Why have the government and “free press” in the United States not investigated this report?

Senator Al Franken admits in his book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (2003), that he received a call from the former mayor of New York, Ed Koch, warning him not to go to his office in the World Trade Center on 9-11, using the Hebrew calendar as a reference for the date, which was September 11, 2001.

Franken refers to this warning call as the “Jew call.”


Zombie World Order interpretation of this:

Seems Franken wrote a book and actually inserted something interesting in it. I am tempted to buy it because this passage will not make a second edition if there is one.

So here it is folks, Franken admits he got warned beforehand on 9-11 not to show up for work.

Franken and Koch are murderers, because all those office workers who got killed had no prior knowledge.

Also, all those firefighters would not even have been in the building if they weren’t trying to save lives.

Franken, I guess somewhat to his credit, couldn’t live with the guilt and came clean in his book. He distanced himself from the actual perps by doing this. I have mixed feelings about this admission. Did Koch tell him 3,000 Americans would get Holocausted that day? Probably not. Maybe Koch didn’t know the full scale, but what a breakthrough this is for the 9-11 Truth Movement. This is a printed admission by a US Senator and famous person. Wow. Can you feel it? It’s called panic. They know they can’t stop Truth, so they are covering their asses. It is beautiful.

Praise to all the engineers and architects who valued science over politics, and all the tireless supporters of 9-11 Truth out there.

Christopher Bollyn made a major find here.



Here is a link to the actual book this accessory to murder wrote.

Incredibly, Franken seems more emotional about a car rental agency taking advantage of 911 to overcharge him than the admission he had foreknowledge of 9-11.

Al Franken–unfunny comedian, and heap big asshole. Gun grabbing One Worlder has to spike the football. Unbelievable. And he’ll get a lifelong pension and great free health insurance all the political whores get, courtesy of the same American Taxpayers he set up for his buddies to kill. It’s awful that a guy like JFK got murdered, and Yacob Rubinstein shot the patsy to silence him, but Al Franken and Ed Koch will live on, parasitical treacherous vermin that they are. Living off the taxpayers they sold out.



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