Above is a link to a movie about the Waco massacre.The 22nd anniversary is tomorrow (April 19), always a good day to be mentally prepared for trouble.

Dick Morris is saying Bill Clinton was the lead on Waco. Bubba blamed Janet Reno for years. Morris must have some serious dirt on the Clinton’s, or maybe the Clinton Death List is just a series of coincidences. Anyway, Morris acts like he has insurance of some sort, at least up to a certain degree. Morris knows them well, so his animus against Bill and especially Hillary is revelatory.

The significance of April 19th is it’s the start of the holiest time of year for Devil Worshipers. The ritual called for is immolation of human sacrifices, a holocaust if you will, to Moloch the Fire God.

So when stuff happens on April 19th, say a Waco or an Oklahoma City Fire Bombing, you have to suspect the involvement of high level satanists.

If anybody follows this blog (there is one or two, I think. Peace unto you) you might know discussing April 19th and its occult associations is something of an annual ritual. I am not trying to sound like a broken record. My purpose is to demystify this holiday. They are letting Wiccans be buried in Arlington, so the alert Christian needs to inform themself.

The occult thrives on secrecy and hidden meaning. It literally gives the spell more power if it is an open message with a true meaning understood only by the initiates. So, blogging about this is a heads-up.

I refuse to believe Americans are as gullible as the corporate media portrays them. If they are, I think America’s national debt issues are about to start impacting our lives more. Up to a point, we’ve been insulated from this by the dollar being the “new gold standard” for the past few decades. This may be changing. If so, a 9-11 style event might be on deck to distract people from a failing economy.

Anyway, April 19 starts a 13 day holiday for a very old religion. It culminates on May 1st. Moloch was a bull headed god. Its cult built statues with ovens in them for placing first born children in. This cult has gone through various metamorphosis, but these guys are still around, based on empirical evidence. The Waco massacre is evidence these guys still like to get down and celebrate the fire god on April 19th.

Maybe they won’t if enough people are watching?


To prevent myself from joining in any Internet discourse on the inevitable 2016 USA Presidential elections, I am going to review this election now. Hopefully I will not have to revisit the topic.

For starters, when you go to a restaurant and don’t like anything on the menu, what do you do? You are hungry, so you must feel like eating something, but what if nothing on the menu appeals to you? Do you have options? Of course.

Try to order off menu. This is a write-in vote. You inconvenience the staff while ordering something the restaurant probably doesn’t do as well as listed dishes or they would serve it. Your dish won’t be a winner, and neither will Mickey Mouse when you write him in. Oh, and that third party voter? He’s a loser too, so go ahead and throw your vote away on someone who doesn’t stand a chance and whose primary virtue is probably you just don’t know that much about him or her.

Just don’t order. Sit there and milk a coffee while you watch the people you came with eat. This might work, except in American politics, the true reality is some hard working but crooked voting booth worker is going to fill out your blank ballot for you and toss it in the pile of his choice. Once you show up to vote, you really can’t abstain in the real world. You know all the voting fraud supposedly associated with Diebold voting machines? T’weren’t no “supposedly” about it.

Leave the restaurant. Move to the Soviet Union if you don’t like it, Commie. I’m putting that in the “gradually growing more attractive category”.

Have the option “None of the Above” put on the menu. If enough people showed up to vote and had the ease and security of locking down their ballot as easily identifiable and chartable, it would define and corral the protest vote in the country, which might exist on a grand scale.

What if everybody went to the restaurant for which they had no practical alternative, sat down and said “None of the Above” when asked for a selection, then quietly folded their hands and waited until new management was brought in and both Chef D and Chef R were fired?

Write-ins don’t work because they show a wide variety of disparate opinions, which are not the answer. The answer is unity, a majority victor. A majority victor gives the election credibility. If “None of the Above” could steal 40% of the vote, the two other parties would be stuck fighting for a ten to fifteen percent swing vote. This would discredit American democracy. This needs to happen.

We justify wars by stating we need to install democracy. What if Americans lose credibility for having a democracy of their own? We would lose a propaganda tool. Also, we can never fix the American system under the current electoral process. Democrats and Republicans are fighting over how to divvy up the loot, not the betterment of the country. We need to take away their false “endorsed by the voter” rosy, grandmotherly glows and expose them for the degenerate, twisted filth they are, financed by gangsters to buy slick marketing campaigns.

If good Americans want to refuse to play along and not be used anymore, the answer is “None of the Above”. Right now, we either vote for Hitler or Stalin, so why even show up? There would be no excuse for not voting if Americans had the same choice they might have at McDonalds. The option to refuse to participate would exist while knowing your vote would be counted and not easily stolen being clearly marked “None of the Above”.

As an American, I have to eat at this restaurant. I want to make it better, not just get my ration and drudge on towards endless wars and national debt catastrophe. Some vile specimens seized power at this restaurant, and now McDonalds sells tainted beef with Ammonia in it to kill the E-coli (true). Obama recently stated he wants to make voting mandatory. So now I will have to go to McDonalds and eat tainted swill because it is the only restaurant available and I am being forced. So, I will go to McDonalds, but at least give me a third option. That option is “None of the Above”. There is not a single person I would vote for who has a chance in hell of winning. I just want to acknowledge this when I vote. I want to vote for somebody who would change things for the better and have a decent chance of winning, or at least splitting the two dominant tickets. Only “None of the Above” qualifies.

Frankly, I have been surveying the field, and “None of The Above” is looking pretty darn good. I like the cut of he/she/ or its jib. This candidate is pretty hard to pin down on the issues, hails from every state, and could be any race, gender, or creed you like, so the diversity factor is outstanding. None of the Above could trigger electoral mayhem which would make the Bush/Gore Florida recounts look like a day Miami Beach  in comparison.

Lastly, let me offer one more endorsement of “None of the Above”. In my bones I feel this, after the 2016 power transfer to whichever Bilderberger stinkaroo gets the nod, we go to war with Iran and the stock market gets crashed again. This is going to happen whether D or R gets picked.

So, my comment on the 2016 election is give me a third viable option. Alternatively, I would accept Jesse Ventura as a viable protest. Though this former Navy Seal knows his controlled demolitions, his faith in the Global warming Cult would be a deal breaker if I thought he had a chance. If him and/or Mike Rivera ran, i would vote for them, otherwise put “None of the Above” on the ballot or I’m staying home. I really shouldn’t be forced to vote for which party gets to do me up the butt this year.

* Anyway, its time to sell the donuts. I am working on a new book, and set a page up for it on this blog. I don’t know when I will consider it done, and don’t care to write about it until it is done. I will probably put it on Amazon, use up my free days, and then put it on Smashwords as well. Here is the redone cover:

rick cover smaswords

Kids For Cash is a documentary film made about a scandal in Northeastern Pennsylvania involving a couple of judges who got kickbacks for sending juvenile delinquents to a private juvenile detention facilities. At least, this is what it is billed as, and how the case was presented to the people through the Media.

In actuality, as the movie presents, the judges were never convicted for “Kids for Cash”, they were convicted for tax evasion and crimes associated with covering this up. This is not supposed to matter, as long as convictions were procured and the bad guys went to prison, but it does matter. In fact, naming the true crime is the only thing that does matter in this whole mess. If this case had truly been tried, Society as a whole would have been in the dockets, not just the legal and education businesses, but the slave mentality being pounded into all of us on a daily basis.

Two important factors in the mix here are the Columbine shootings and our prison system. A lot of prisons are run by private companies, using prison labor and even using prisoners as biological research specimens. It’s a big business. Couple this mentality with post Columbine hysteria, and the sort of businessman type judge depicted in Kids For Cash saw an opportunity to make a buck.

Watching this documentary is rough. They keep showing these before and after pictures of these kids who went in to this prison as babies and came out as troubled and angry teens. I look at these kids and I know the look. They checked out. You can put the judge in prison who put these kids away for triviata, but so what? Everyone supposed to look out for them let them down. These kids were in prison playing Battle Royale and The Hunger Games. It breeds a certain cynicism.

These kids were from broken homes and messed up family situations, which is the reality of the social destruction being engineered to God knows what end. However, their punishment did not fit their pathetic little crimes. They got thrown into these facilities with hardened ghetto kids from Philadelphia and much bigger cities, kids in for murder and rape,while these kids were in for stuff like satirizing their principal on Facebook. Do you want to create somebody who won’t vote for open borders? Throw them into a prison cell with the worst examples of illegal aliens. There are people out there who would kill you for a cigarette, and they are not in Syria or Iraq, but they are crawling across the Mexican border. So next time you hear somebody thanking the troops for your freedom, maybe you should ask yourself whose freedom they are fighting for when the enemy is invading America unopposed. Kids For Cash doesn’t cover that angle, so I just did.

Anyway, there was at least one sublime moment on this mess, and I apologize for not having the will to go through the history of the “Kids For Cash” scandal. I did briefly mention it in my 2011 book, ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER, so it’s not apathy about the topic. Instead, I will link to a Youtube video and give some background.

This woman’s son was a “Kids For Cash” victim. As the judge’s defense attorney is giving an after trial presser on the courthouse steps, she steps up and just goes off on him. In a sea of bland legalese designed to insulate an entire legal system from how vile they are, her raw emotion gives the whole moment much needed clarity. It also, in my view, shamed the media vampires and their lawyers for an instant. This is not about two crooked judges. The whole system and America’s attitude toward children is screwy, and it starts with legalized abortion.

This clip was sort of viral on the Internet, but since I don’t watch TV I don’t know how much of it got on the news:

On January 23, 1911,  Fitzhugh Coyle Goldsborough shot David Graham Philips six times in Gramercy  Park, Manhattan, outside the Princeton Club. Then Goldsborough shot himself in the head. Both men died from the injuries.

Philips features prominently in the book mentioned in my last post, THE MUCKRAKERS. He started out as a reporter, went to editor, wrote a novel, quit and became an investigative journalist after he could live off the royalties from his book.

He wrote a series of really inflammatory articles about corruption in the U.S. Senate. Before him, state legislators would select senators for a six year term. Phillis was responsible for the 17th Amendment of The Constitution, which forced senators to be duly elected, not chosen. Phillips basically unseated 20 out of the 24 senators he despised most.

A literary badass. He could even be forgiven for his bow tie. After all the enemies he must have made, he wound up getting shot by someone who supposedly thought Phillips had lampooned his family in one of his books. Below I pasted three photos. One of Phillips, the second the movie portrayal of his literary character who offended Goldsborough, and last, the murderer himself.

Phillips was murdered pre-Internet, and pre-Zombie World Order blog, so I am going to question his death as being quite suspicious. I owe Phillips this for trying to make the world a better place.

To start, let’s look at John Hinckley Junior, the man who supposedly shot Ronald Reagan for Jodi Foster. Reagan was coming out of a speech to The Teamsters when the puny Hinckley managed to break through the Secret Service. This also resulted in a long standing gun control meme when one of Reagan’s people got shot pretty badly as well.

Who had the motive for killing Reagan? George Herbert Bush, CIA spook, failed and resentful presidential candidate, and change agent for The New World Order. Also, a family friend of the Hinckleys, if you want to believe everything you read. I’ve had my fill of the Bush Crime syndicate. I do not believe Hinckley shot Reagan because of a movie called Taxi driver, though I enjoyed the film immensely.

I am reminded of another book about an assassin, I HEAR YOU PAINT HOUSES. This is a confessional style book from one of the world’s great mob hitmen. Basically, he said if someone was too big to kill by anyone sane, they would find a nut. Joe Colombo was the example. What black guy in his right mind would shoot the top guy at Italian Pride Day in he middle of Central Park and think he would get away with it?  Some nut.

Jared Loughner. Some nut who killed a federal judge. Why? Oh, he was a nut. There is an endless list of nuts killing famous and hard to hit people.

There are some occult implications to Goldsborough. He was born on 1331 K Street Northwest, Washington, D.C, on 13th Street. K being next to M Street, another 13. He was fond of forming pentagrams from his own name, and if Garbo’s character in the picture below indicates anything, Phillips portrayed her as having some occult influences. Satanic bloodline much?

If this shooting had happened today, there would have been a lot of people wondering about it. True, there are simply crazy people, but what if these people were being guided? Could someone have been feeding Goldsborough’s paranoia  about Phillips? Phillips changed the Constitution. He stepped on some toes. Maybe History should take a pause and have another look-see before we throw him to the nuts?


Good books are hard to find. One of my favorites for several years is a book I bought at a furniture store. It was being used as a prop on a bookcase or an end table or something. The store workers seemed weirded out after I thumbed through it and offered to buy it. I think they charged me five bucks. I may devote several blogs to it, as it is as relevant as ever for an old book.

The book is THE MUCKRAKERS, 1902-1912. It is an anthology of articles by journalists who delved pretty deeply into the issues of their day, which are eerily similar to the issue we currently face. Notes and editing were by Arthur and Lila Weinberg.

What initially drew me to the book was a description of a savage coal mining strike which occurred back then in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I’ve been getting some insights into the evolution of Mass Media from it which might be of interest.

*Note-I have nothing to note about Brian Williams or Bill O’Reilly being exposed as serial liars and embellishers. These men are entertainers, as is Hillary Clinton, another liar. THE MUCKRAKERS is giving insight into how the disease gestated, and the symptoms are less interesting to me. I do think their every utterance should be questioned, especially their Neocon stance on 911.

Again, it may take a few blogs to do the book justice, but let’s start with the patent medicine industry of the period.

The USA has had a troubled relationship with alcohol and other mind altering substances. There is a social stigma attached with the purchase and consumption. Several religions frown upon its use.

Patent medicines were a workaround. They usually had a pretty high alcohol content and also contained a variety of wildcards, such as opiates. Some apparently even had some hemp oil in them. These were unregulated by any ruling agency such as the modern FDA. I was always led to believe this was the major deficiency with patent medicines, but THE MUCKRAKERS has set me straight.

Manufacturers of patent medicines formed a consortium to assist each other called The Proprietary Medicine Association, led by an F.J. Cheney. In unity there is strength. This snake oil dealer club was pretty clever. I will explain one of their best tricks, and I think it provides insight into our modern Mass Corporate Media.

Newspapers of that time, and of today, get their money through paper sales and ad sales. Patent medicine companies bought a lot of ads, which were required since whiskey was as effective as most of them and much cheaper. The genius of the patent medicine cartel was shown in the contracts they formed when buying ads.

In each ad contract, it was stipulated that if patent meds were outlawed, the dealers would have no legal obligation to pay for their ads. So whenever hostile regulatory legislation was introduced, the snake oil peddlers would send a terse reminder to the papers they were not bound to pay if the law turned against them.

At their annual conference, Cheney exulted in how quickly editorials and newspaper commentary friendly to patent medicines would start appearing in the wake of such reminders. Legislators would come home and be confronted with reams of newspaper copy encouraging them not to restrict patent medicines. In essence, these legislators were being bought for a song.

The beauty of this was the papers did not realize they were being manipulated as a whole industry. Individual papers were dealt with by the local industry. It was a plot, but only the cartel had the bigger picture. It shows the power of organized thought and team effort.

Point is, I’d be surprised if this lesson was lost in history.

So, the lesson of patent medicines is the FDA was created to regulate them, but would not have been needed if the newspapers had told the facts without being influenced  by the ad revenue. A lot of people got hooked on patent medicines and it would have been instructive if their testimonials had been logged in some newspaper of record. People were left with the glowing endorsements of patent medicine ad copy.

Now, consider who buys ads today. The military buys a lot. Alcohol, cars, frozen foods, etc. The list goes on. Each industry could yank ads and hurt Media outlets antithetical to them. Could this explain a lot of editorial content? Certainly.

One raging debate on patent medicines involved labeling. That is, people wanted a list of ingredients placed on the bottles, and this provoked legislative battles. Most of us moderns might be surprised by this, but we shouldn’t be. The same kind of debate currently rages on labeling GMO foods.

I hope to revisit this book in this blog, and here is a link to it on Amazon:




Like all anti-TV snobs who won’t have one in their home, when out I watch guilt-free TV at every opportunity. Last week, I encamped in a grocery store where they had a snack area with a TV showing the nightly news.

I watched the local and national news while I waited.

The local news was about a scandal involving deflated footballs and a Super Bowl contender.The Patriots supposedly deflated their footballs to gain an advantage in the AFC Championship.

It worked. How do deflated footballs account for a thirty point victory? They won in a blow-out. I pray for the ghost of Chuck Bednarik to rise from the grave and show the world why football is a great sport. Hopefully, it will involve carnage of the profiteers who abuse it. It’s just a game, a game with a few billion dollars riding on it.

Next up on the local was a decap viddy showing some ultra violence being tolchocked onto some Japanese droogs. The green screen was obvious to anyone who’d ever seen a green screen.

Then, the national news, which covered the exact same two stories in their lead off. A non-scandal that at most affected whether the Patriots covered the spread or not, and a fake beheading film in front of a green screen.

They used to let Charlie Manson on TV once in a while, at least until he started comparing abortion clinics to Auschwitz. Then he kind of disappeared. Charlie was victimized for believing in free speech too. He supposedly talked a couple of loonies into hacking up a bunch of people one summer.Nobody ever proved Charlie killed anyone. They didn’t try. Charlie is in jail for forever for talking. He ran his mouth, strummed his guitar, and his followers were so impressed they killed for his words.

What happened to Charlie is he was victimized by the free speech of the Beatles. The Beatles were a bunch of hippy druggies who liked layering hidden messages into their music. Backmasking, it’s called, and they admitted it a few years ago.Charlie, high as a kite in the Haight started hearing this stuff and started getting ideas. It impacted his general outlook and outward behavior.

So Charlie was abused by free speech and went a little nuts. His entourage went along with it and carried out deeds this tiny little acid freak could never have pulled off. On his own, Charlie would have set off to find an address in Beverly Hills and just got lost and drove around for three days until he came down.

If Charlie had sold them the Brooklyn Bridge, or a story about deflated footballs, or a mockumentary about fake terrorists in a movie studio, people would have laughed and said let the buyer beware. Didn’t they laugh at us after we invaded Iraq on the WMD farce? Didn’t they sell cheese platters at the WTC memorial gift shop after we invaded Afghanistan and six other countries to get Bush’s business partner?

They are still laughing at us.

So fuck it, #JeSuisCharlieManson.


In the spirit of keeping indoors and off the roads, which look rather treacherous today, I am offering my book for free (se link above).

Suffer through the weather sprite’s intemperance with a heart warming tale of a Zombie Apocalypse.

I had horrifying dreams on yestereve, and have no desire to leave the house today myself.



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