Lately, I get called a racist a lot, so I chose this blog title so at least I might get called a transphobe as well. I literally have gotten called a racist just because I have white skin, so I don’t let it get to me. It’s not really accurate, although I confess to religious bias. Not all religions are created equally. Although individuals must be judged on an individual basis, if a person aligns themselves with a group they bear some responsibility for the group.

Race, however, is an accident of birth for which the individual bears no responsibility. No decent and sane person thinks otherwise.

As for transphobia, this blog has not that much to do with it. I enjoyed The Crying Game, and think Forrest Whittaker is the greatest living actor. Ghost Dog is the most underrated gangster movie there is. I had transsexual neighbors in Manhattan. I only saw them in the morning when I was going to work and they were coming home. They were Asian, just to flesh that out a bit. They were actually somewhat pretty. In general, Asian people have nicer features. White men look simply awful when dressing as women. Sorry, but they never fool anyone. I just think of The Silence Of The Lambs, “…It rubs the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again, doesn’t she precious?I”

I have known a couple of transsexuals, and in my view they should be treated as potential suicides, which is what statistically they are. I think I know the mental state of a man who wants to cut his wiener off and pity them, but I don’t want this person alone in a bathroom with my daughter. Seriously, that’s what the whole thing boils down to. Men are bad. Most lesbians and all men know this. Baby, we are born this way.  Transsexuals who say they feel sexually threatened in a men’s room are so delusional it is pathetic, unless they are being threatened by gay men.

Try these out:

“I self identify as handicapped, so don’t write me a parking ticket, officer.”

“I self identify as a pregnant women, I get to park in their spot.”

Subtitled, or alternative title for this blog. I chose the one I did because some a-hole on Amazon gave me a one star review and called me a racist without even bothering to read my book. From now on, it’s a straight up culture war here. 

I Wish I Could Write Romance Fiction

I knew a girl in high school that could write romance fiction. I should have gotten her under a contract. She could write these steamy, night-time soap opera style stories with a straight face that were fun to read. She was pretty, and would have looked great on a thumbnail picture inside a book jacket. All she needed was an editor.

Me, I can’t write that garbage. It’s harder than you think. Take “Rabbit Run“, a great book by John Updyke. He tried to make it a series and it was completely ludicrous. I actually read a couple harlequin romances when I was a kid, and it’s basically one plot recycled “ad infinitem”. It’s like a computer generated form letter with designated fields, auto-filling with various types of distressed females, and alpha males who are estranged at first but then have soft core sex.

It’s like football and politics. You have to be smart enough to be good at it, but dumb enough to think it’s important.

What’s up these days? Not much. I am writing two books, and am kicking around the idea of starting a third one, a diet book. I actually have mad biochemical skills and recently lost some weight I gained. My lifestyle changed dramatically when I had children, and excuses aside, I gained some weight which I am still in the process of losing, but I am starting to look and feel much better. I think it would be fun to write a book getting into my methods for diet and exercise, and I could put before and after pictures to show it worked.

On the other two books, one is inspired by “The Crack-Up”  by F. Scott Fitzgerald, a book which is essentially composed of sentence/paragraph long essays and observations. It was like a literary journal.

Finally, in a project near and dear to my heart, I am working on a fourth installment of The Zombie World Order. For years, I have been kicking this around, and have written sections, or long chapters, This patchwork is starting to coalesce as a plot background for the main plot vehicle to drive the story. None of these projects are even close to fruition. I just work on them sometimes when the stars are properly aligned. Plus, the plot of ZWO reveals itself. I have flashes of insight into the whole of it. When I wrote those books, The New World Order was less commonly discussed, but people are catching on to what’s afoot now. You see it everywhere. Since I was a little early to the party, I may as well keep going with it. I want to do the story justice though, and will never add to it unless I think it merits being added.

The people who read and review the Trilogy seem to like it, mainly, though not much interest in it really. The books are supposed to be kind of satirical, to some extent, the “This Is Spinal Tap” of Zombie Literature. I have a strange sense of humor, and not many get it. I am not writing to make snowflakes feel special. I’m just not.




Recently, the failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released a book entitled WHAT HAPPENED, about her 2016 Presidential run. The book has caused some buzz, and it caused me to speculate as to exactly why she did lose.  What are my qualifications to write about this? Actually, if you review my blog over the past few years, my political analysis is as good or better than most of the so-called experts. So why did she lose?

(As an aside, check out this Sinead O’Connor clip. Not a Trump fan, Sinead is sending a videogram to Doctor Phil, who tried to help her. I like Irish people, being of Irish descent myself, but I knew Dr. Phil was getting in over his head with Sinead. She says she tried to kill herself eight times in a year. Probably needs to quit swilling the booze more than anything else. Sorry, I was listening to her rant while writing this.)

Anyway, why did Hillary lose? Here is an interview with Vox she did which gave me some insights. The tipoff was when she was talking about some ideas she had which she had kept a lid on, but implies she might have rolled out if she had won.

One was the program they have in Alaska, where they give people who live there a few bucks from the production of oil and other natural resources. I think we are supposed to say at that point, “O, free money! We should have elected Hillary!” I mean, you can’t go wrong threatening to pass out money for nothing. So why did she keep this idea under her hat? First I heard of it was this VOX interview. So here is why I think Hillary lost.

She was looking ahead to 2020.

Bernie and Trump had the leeway to make promises because they seemed like long shots, but Hillary knew whatever promises she made would haunt her when she ran for re-election. I don’t think Hillary and her campaign are lying–they really had no idea they were going to lose, they were totally overconfident, and figured they did not need or want to handicap themselves with new ideas which voters would hold them to. They outsmarted themselves by trying to make sure she was a two-termer. They completely underestimated Trump, and figured they would coast through without really even campaigning very hard.

One can nitpick with me here. Hillary’s campaign did cancel their scheduled fireworks display on election night, which has been interpreted as a sign of anticipating defeat. I don’t know why they cancelled. Maybe it sent an arrogant message, and they cancelled to get rid of the perception?

Hillary was used to winning elections, so she figured she’d win this one. To digress, it points to poor leadership skills to be so arrogant, but this blog is an attempt at an objective analysis, not Hillary bashing.

Hillary would have gotten a few votes by talking about bringing the Alaska program to the rest of the country, but she never would have done it. She’s a Big Government person–once she gets the money, the way to build power is to be in charge of splitting up the loot to cronies, not giving it back to citizens. Yet she talks about it now because she’s got nothing to lose. She sees now she should have judged how sick people were of failed policies, and promised some bread and circuses, even if she had to backpeddle once elected.

At this point let me point out the obvious–there are those who say the Russians stuffed the ballot box. That is their right if they want to believe this. However, these same people don’t want to really delve and open up the voter rolls, or make it a requirement to show some ID to vote. I would settle for a library card myself–you have to show residency to get one. I think our elections are very vulnerable to fraud, but if the Russians sent in fake voters or something, I don’t think the top Democrats are sincere about finding this out, which makes me doubt the veracity of the Russian story.

To recap, one of the elements of Hillary’s loss was supreme arrogance. They thought Trump was pushover. Indeed, Hillary’s campaign actively supported Trump in the GOP Primary–they wanted to run against him. Bill Clinton even snidely suggested Trump was a DNC plant to sabotage the GOP. I also think the Clinton Camp always had the Billy Bush tape, and figured they could use that to destroy Trump at the best moment. Trump countered that pretty well. Like boxing, elections are about matchups, and it is tough for Hillary to go after an opponent for participating and enabling sexual harassment. It just is. So, Hillary never troubled herself to go out on a limb, because she knew from experience her empty promises would be used against her, and she didn’t need to make any, so she avoided making them beyond the standard meaningless platitudes she specializes in (Sorry, I hate her), point being to have little baggage for 2020.

So, there is my thought. I haven’t read anybody else saying it, so I figured I would blog about it. There were many other factors involved, of course, beyond Hillary already planning her 2020 run. They were like Rocky in Rocky 3, after beating a string of palookas, he lost their eye of the tiger. Meanwhile, Mr. T. (Trump) was training hard and talking smack, calling her out. When Hillary’s Mickey died (Seth Rich, sorry, I told you I hate her)…well, Mickey has no analog here, but I hope you get my point anyway. (Adrienne was Huma, so there’s that).

What else? Hillary should have run as Gore’s VP in 2000. That was her path. Lieberman added nothing to that ticket, and George W. Bush is a President this country could have done without. Odds are she and Gore hated each other, and maybe she figured (correctly) Gore would lose and she would get the nod in 2004 after being Senator  for a couple years. Whatever. At this point, what difference does it make? Yet, Hillary wrote a book, so may as well join in the post election autopsy. Success has a thousand fathers, but failure is an orphan, as Mussolini’s son once said.  Hillary seems most interested in blaming other for her loss. I expect if she had won, she would have devoted much time to blaming others for her failures as well. That be how bitches like her operate.


Here’s an interesting tidbit about one of the funders of Planned Parenthood in Missouri, The Church of Satan:

As an interesting aside, Satanism has a millennial history of association with child sacrifice, which makes the Temple’s financial and moral support of abortion a natural activity for the sect. The Israelites struggled against the worship of Baal, another name for the Phoenician god Moloch, who demanded child sacrifices of his followers and was associated with the devil. The prophet Jeremiah spoke explicitly of the sacrifice of children to Baal, warning his readers that God finds such behavior abhorrent.

Baal was often identified with Satan, especially in the form of “Beezebul” (Lord Baal), the prince of demons, which literally meant the “Lord of the Flies.” Jesus Christ was accused of obtaining powers for his miracles from “Beelzebul,” whom he identified as Satan.”

The Bible is riddled with tales of human sacrifice. King Solomon even built a temple to Baal on a hill overlooking Jerusalem, ostensibly for one of his pagan wives. I often take what I think are numerologically significant days for occultists and try to give a heads-up on them. April 19th and May 1st are obvious ones on which it is hard for Luciferians to resist offering up a holocaust, but there are others.

Accept for a moment that our government, indeed the world government is riddled with occultists. It’s a paradigm shift, so I am going to insert one of my book covers here:


Above is the second book cover I ever made, for DEAD TO RIGHTS, the second of my Zombie World Order Trilogy. Let’s discuss this.

This is the street grid of Washington DC., over which I layered a classic picture of Moloch. I placed the pentagram between Moloch’s ears at the natural  pentagram formed by the intersection of streets in the DC street layout. I added some other effects. One eye of Moloch is blocked out, a nod to Illuminatti symbolism, and the “G” in Rights is strategically placed to show how important the letter G is in the meaning, G being used extensively in Freemasonry.

There used to be a website,, supposedly run by ex-CIA, ex-Masons who converted to Christianity and who wanted to expose the occult, and they took a deep dive into the occult significance of the layout of Washington D.C. I think a knife company bought the domain name. There used to be better stuff on the Internet, though you can still read a lot about this if you look.

My point is–I’m hip, and have been doing what I can to expose this stuff myself for quite some time. Occultists gain power (they believe) if their spell is cast publicly (in plain sight), and only the initiated know the meaning. Well, the street map of Washington D.C. is a giant homage to Baal, and don’t think I didn’t cry when I figured this out back in 1999, because I did.

Also from the article referenced above:

“…The Satanic Temple has often lent its muscle to pro-abortion efforts alongside Planned Parenthood, and in this case has pressured Missouri legislators and worked through the courts to bring about a relaxing of abortion restrictions, according to reports. One of the Temple’s fundamental tenets is that “One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone…”

I think a thorough philosophical examination of that statement will be rewarded with the expected insights into the Eugenics Movement. I played this game out several moves ahead, and basically it anticipates the phrase *”nutzlose Fresser,”  or useless eaters.  The Body Politic is a common phrase, so if the will of the majority of the Body Politic dictates the extermination of “useless” eaters”, the less powerful members of the body, the aged, infirm, handicapped, the unborn, or whoever the majority will deems undesirable, the Body Politic has the right to subjugate the will of the lesser members to the will of the majority.

*”Nutzlose Fresser,”  or useless eaters is a phrase supposedly coined by the Nazis, at least as applied to human beings.

Atheists won’t admit the existence of the Human Soul, so the only difference between a human being at 6 weeks after conception as opposed to a 6 year old child or sixty-year old man is stage of development. Therefore, once you accept the notion that the stronger will at a particular timeline is supreme to another person’s will to live, you can fire up the gas chambers with a clear conscience if you are an atheist.

Satanists, however, believe in the existence of the human soul, so what is their excuse? They are trying to impose geometry on nature, dehumanizing all in the process, and also believe they benefit from human sacrifices, or holocausts. The “trash” from an abortion clinic, what doesn’t get sold for parts, winds up in an incinerator ultimately.  Holocaust means sacrifice by fire.

People who support abortion and are religious typically have some ridiculous theological justification for this. Secular Jews typically support abortion rights. They say there is a “Hall of Souls” and you get handed a soul as you exit the womb. People who claim absolute knowledge of the human condition must be treated as ticking time bombs. They are deranged. Advances in science are treating people to all kinds of new ultrasound and prenatal pictures of living, breathing, kicking babies in the womb. Only a mystic of the last resort would see these images and argue otherwise, also how about people born of Cesarean sections? No womb exit means no soul, right?  Shovel that somewhere else.

My Mom always talks about this guy, Dinesh D’Souza, but I always associated him with The National Review and assumed he had some disabling mental or moral handicap.  My Mom donated money to Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, the air conditioned doghouse TV evangelists, and still likes them. Also gave money to Father Bruce Ritter, the priest who set out to help hookers get out of the business but wound up setting up apartments for his gay lovers with the money he collected. Meanwhile, I couldn’t get money off her for the bus in high school.  However, she is right about Dinesh in certain respects. I never endorse anyone wholeheartedly, but the documentary film “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party” is definitely worth seeing. He’s there. He’s on Twitter talking about abortion clinics, Margaret Sanger, Eugenics, Occultists. Sometimes you have to stretch the string to get a sweeter note. Locking this guy up for some really stupid campaign donation offense was the dumbest thing the occultists ever did. You take away a person’s belief that they have to conform to society’s precepts, and you just made a true revolutionary. Locking Dinesh up pissed him off, as you might expect.

So today I went for a bike ride, and got home read the Breitbart article above, and wrote this blog about Satanists supporting Planned Parenthood, supporting Dinesh D’Souza’s thesis and also banging a drum for my book. Someone has a case of the Wednesdays.

Buy and read The Complete Zombie World Order Trilogy. It’s all there, the whole NWO Agenda. I wrote it out in a Zombie novel because I want people to read the story and walk away knowing the truth. Some a-hole gave me a one star review on Amazon because he/she/it dislikes my sense of humor on Twitter. I had 7 “5 star reviews” in a row, totally legitimate from total strangers. Nobody I know likes me enough to give me a fake 5 star review on Amazon. Then I get “one starred” by some numbnut who admits they didn’t even read the book. I put my little heart and soul into those books, and get one starred by somebody who doesn’t read the book, doesn’t buy it. and calls me a racist. Yet, I called the whole New World Order Agenda in those books. Sad. Reading my books would have improved that mental deficient “reviewer”, more like a graffito-tagger of superior art.


Free Book! click here.

Lyme and Punishment: Lost in the Labyrinth of Misdiagnosed Lyme Disease: a personal experience, free now!


The only reason I don’t sell is because of the people who live on I-Hub bashing the stock. Who does that?


Image result for charlottesville driver

For some reason, I’m thinking about The Warriors, that classic old movie which borrowed the plot of Xerxes’s seminal history, The Anabasis, to depict what could happen when a one large street gang tried to consolidate all NYC gangs into one army.

The story revolves around a gang of young toughs from Coney Island, who travel all the way to the Bronx for a mass gang rally, are then framed for the murder of Cyrus, the leader of the movement, and have to fight their way all the way back to Coney as every gang in New York is hunting them.

Yesterday’s action (#Charlottesville) will have some historical significance, as it looks like the gloves are finally off. There was a hit and run driver who killed at least one and injured several. He wore the uniform of one of the more militant factions there, and posed for pictures there.

Lets give some background, which you can skip if you have followed this at all. We once had what is called The Civil War, where everybody got down with killing each other to the tune of 800,000 soldiers and an unknown number of civilians. It was a total blood bath, decimating a good chunk of the population and leaving behind all the baggage second generation people inherit from such activity.

Its all quite relevant today, as California is actually putting Secession from the Union on the ballot next election, and if they withdrew, several other states might as well. So, the Civil War is still relevant today. California might withdraw so they could keep their large helot population of uneducated menial workers from other countries, particularly Mexico, since Trump is threatening to deport them all.

The South also wanted to keep their slaves, similarly to California. They were more honest about their motives, actually calling them slaves, not undocumented workers, but the cases are identical otherwise.

So the stated reason for the protest which led to mass rioting in Charlottesville this weekend was a protest over the removal of General Robert E. Lee from a park. Lee is inscrutable, but he appeared to mainly believe in States’ Rights, and chose to defend Virginny in the War over the USA (Union). To contemporize this issue, Colorado overrode Federal Mandates and Laws to legalize pot. Will the Feds let them get away with it?

This is a big deal. There is a Federal superstate, which will become ever more monolithic and domineering as the power of advanced statistical analysis and tracking is improved. There are individual States, which the Feds would like to make no more different than the names of their football mascots.

Back to the park. I’m being careful with my categorizations here, so let’s call them the “Pro-Statue People” filed for a permit to protest the statue’s removal in the park. Another group, the Ant-Statue People, showed up to counter-protest. The State, run by Federal shill Terry McAuliffe, completely mishandled the situation, shut down a legal protest, and groups started wandering through the city in chaos, fights breaking out as they went, until finally somebody blew a fuse and plowed their car into a pileup of cars.

I never protest, except for what you’re looking at. If it ever gets really real, yeah, I’ll be down, but I don’t look for trouble. My relatives fought for the Union, my grandfathers fought The Axis, and I can’t be a White Supremacist. For starters, the Anglo-Saxons types historically hate people such as myself. Just because I have such beautiful white skin, there is no reason for me to believe anything has changed. We had an Irish Catholic President who actually tried to change things and make things better for everyday people. They blew his head off after a couple of months. Obama made it 8 years, and that New World Order Tool is still running around being stupid and offensive, after running the country into the ground for two terms. Who is really hated in this country? Here’s Obama’s legacy, pasted below.


The other reason I can’t join the White Power types is I have mixed race children, and they are all I love. Why am I posting this? Because in our sick society, you can’t post an opinion without qualifying.

I am a Pro-Statue person. I think Lee was a great man, and I think The Civil War was stupid. I think Lincoln killed 800,000 Americans, and I find it deeply disturbing that he is considered a great president. The British got rid of slavery without wrecking their country. It could have been done here as well.

There are factions in both the Ant-Statue and Pro-Statue groups who are thugs for hire. George Soros is definitely one of the paymasters. One of the catalysts for the Civil War was also foreign provocateurs trying to escalate the situation for power and profit. We’re there today, still relevant.

So, while I distrust many Pro-Statue people, in principle, I agree with them, so long as our ships sail in the same direction. I have learned not to trust the Media at all, any of it, so I’m not brainwashable much (just don’t look, as they said on The Simpsons when malevolent ads came to life).

My take on what happened yesterday? My worldview is so deeply rooted in study, such hijinks effect me not a whit. Sorry about the dead girl and injured. I hope modern Americans never find out what real conflicts can lead to in sheer damage. Americans unfortunate enough to be alive when that buttmunch Lincoln was President certainly did.

At any rate, time to sell the donuts. Free book today to the first 1000 responders, clink link below. I can’t give the Zombie book away because I violated one of Bezos’s byzantine rules. #HowBezosMadeHisBillions

Quick and the Grateful Undead Kindle Edition

rick cover smaswords

Hello Friends,

I recently spoke with the upper management of Bioelectronics Corporation, who as always have been responsive and informative. I rarely call them. Anyway, they are working behind the scenes, be assured of that. Possible partnerships on the horizon, nothing which has not been publicly discussed, but it was good to hear they are still in the game firsthand.

This post is about two items in particular. As the CIA might put it, I have a limited hangout here, nothing earthshattering. However, I want to present some ideas which, if cultivated by a grassroots of #Actipatch supporters, presence on Social Media, in particular Twitter, will be increased significantly.

Two items are pasted below. I will address each in turn. The first, a post on the I-hub Bioelectronic message board about getting more out of Twitter. DewmBoom posts “Tweet for fighting the Opioids Epidemic, Using Actipatch”

DewmBoom, though well-intentioned, should have phrased this thusly:

“Tweet for fighting the #OpioidsEpidemic, Using #Actipatch”

The difference? Hashtags(#) are what demarcate subjects on Twitter. #s are basically the coding signal Twitter uses to categorize “meta” words. I know this from my sub-career as a book promoter. Without the #, you are mainly invisible on Twitter. I googled twitter pain relief hashatags: Open source, easy access info, and all that is necessary to get a lot more mileage out of Twitter posting is to add two popular hashtags to your post

Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 11.08.15 AM


Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 10.48.47 AM

So, for prospective Twitter users, use #ActiPatch as a central locale on Twitter, but also add another one designed for the topic of the post. Don’t use more than two hashtags, you look like a spammer or a bot.

Case in point. Here is a Tweet from the Bioelectronics Corporation (Actipatch)

It’s a lovely site, a lot going on, but some issues we need to discuss. I will use the post below as an example.


Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 10.47.01 AM.png

This post has no hashtags. It uses the word “Paresthesia”, which is from Ancient Greek and basically means that “pins and needles” sensation you get sometimes. Let me play the near perfect score in the verbal section of the SAT card here. If I had to look that up, others had to as well. Problems is you have to get it done in 300 characters. Even #Paresthesia would have been better. Doctors might follow that hashtag.  Also, this is probably about reducing #MenstrualPain using the #Actipatch. Billion dollar industry and I need to say “probably”?

I found this by putting “pins and needles hashtag on Twitter”into Google search

Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 11.23.24 AM.png


found this by putting “paresthesia hashtag on Twitter” into Google search. They are out there, but we need to start adding hashtag to the best metawords in the post.

I promised there would be nothing earthshattering, didn’t I?

Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 11.25.30 AM.png


People love this product, and there is a lot of interest in reducing opioid addiction, helping people relieve pain safely, and being truly socially responsible. Incrementally, with baby steps, we could get this boulder rolling downhill and let it assume a life of its own through social media.

So whats the first step? At least start using #Actipatch. This will help organize people on Twitter. After that, the best hashtags will reveal themselves. I have been tweeting President Trump and even First Lady Melania whenever either tweets about the opioid crisis, which apparently started the day Trump was inaugurated, testing it. Like, retweet, reply #Actipatch. I will follow anyone who uses #Actipatch in a Tweet, and so should everyone else.