I’ve been feeling some empathy for all the Trump haters out there. After all, it must seem surreal for a Clinton lover to bash a President for sexual misconduct. Trump haters, a group which really isn’t as diverse as it first seems, are living in some seriously delusional, straw-grabbing insanity.

In this spirit, I have developed a small primer which might be of some assistance in gauging at what stage of dealing with the Trump victory the Trump hater is currently working on.

The seven emotional stages of dealing with Trump’s victory are usually understood to be :

1.Shock or disbelief-This is best typified by the series of YouTube videos dealing with election night hysterics from Hillary supporters. These are fairly easy to find. I like the one where Rachael Maddow cries on air. That was pretty funny, although there is some pretty stiff competition in this field. I don’t seem to stop being amused by these, though I suppose I will eventually weary of them. Anything is possible.

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2.Denial-This would be best illustrated by Jill Stein’s recount efforts, heavily funded by Hillary supporters throwing good money after bad in a failed attempt to overturn the voting results. Jill Stein made a few bucks, and I believe it fizzled when Hillary actually started losing votes, that is, fraud started being uncovered in the larger cities where she actually won.

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3. Bargaining-Probably best described by the attempt at getting electors in the electoral college to turn “faithless” and vote for somebody else besides Trump. I think John Kasitch was the fellow they were pushing. Hillary actually lost a few electors in this scheme. A couple defected to Bernie Sanders, one went to Ron Paul (that train has sailed), and somebody voted for an Indian Chief, who I don’t know anything about, but would probably have been the best President of all of these people.

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4.Guilt-A sad faced Huma walking into Hillary’s Brooklyn base, crying her well coifed ass off. The corporate media had some self recrimination as well, as in “we were in the tank, but could we have been more in the tank?” Most Clintonians run from guilt, since it smacks of personal responsibility. I think it was established that Weiner should feel guilty, but to his credit, I don’t think he did. Hillary was a bad influence on his wife.

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5.Anger-probably the easiest to find examples of. I am literally afraid to talk to anyone I know casually about this election. The Hillary nuts want to tangle about this this so they have someone to focus their hate on. The corporate media is in full blown temper tantrum mode. Russian hackers turned out to be a nonstarter. Julian Assange, the only honest person in the world at this point, says he got the emails from DNC leakers who liked Bernie, and most believe him (I do). American traitor John McCain ( see proof here) gave the FBI a file about Trump golden showers even tabloids wouldn’t run due to lack of any sourcing or proof. The anger out there is palpable.

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6.Depression–This will kick in after Inauguration Day for Trump Haters. That’s when this gets real. Get ready too, because Trump is not screwing around. He will fight back. 

7.Acceptance/hope-the good news is even the most ardent American Trump haters will benefit once Trump makes America great again. That should cheer them up. Watching them cycle through the stages has cheered me up, and made for some great television.

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This blog studies the media as a main subdivison of its primary purpose, and when I chanced upon a Washing Post article about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, it got me thinking.

There was a lot of scandalous activity and email revelations from Wikileaks during the election, and this is no shock to anyone who was paying attention. However, The Post addresses this story in particular, which is actually not a story. One of the top Clinton people, Doug Band let it slip in an email that Chelsea was using the Clinton Foundation as her personal grift and slush fund, notably using it to pay for wedding expenses.

Now, weddings are expensive, and it is really not much of a stretch to say Clinton money people might have contributed to the Foundation as a way to get wedding invitations, so in some sense the wedding counted as a Foundation event. In other words, even though I am far from a Clinton fan, this late term revelation did not seem like such a game changer for me. Chelsea is a Clinton, after all, and I sort of expect that a “charitable” organization with 90% overhead is a mainly for money laundering political pay for play bribes. In other words, I was not taken aback by the wedding thing, initially trumpeted by The New York Post here in their Chelsea wedding story.

So why is the Washington Post (again) carrying Clinton water on this a particular item?

Well, obviously, they want Chelsea to run for something someday, and want her as clean as possible. I buy that, but it is not that important. Who really cares about Chelsea Clinton as a politician? Why not Amy Carter or an Obama girl? Just as likely, especially the latter.

The Washington Post is trying to defuse a castigation of Bill Clinton being too cheap to just shell out for Webb Hubbel’s daughter’s wedding? It is possible, and it is the kind of sleazy thing Bill does.

Primarily, though, The Washington Post seems to be saying stupid swing voters saw the bit about Chelsea Clinton using charity money to pay for her wedding, got annoyed, and pulled the lever for Trump or Jill Stein. By calling it fake news, they are trying to delegitimize Trump. My question is, is this reasonable?

As a man, I say no, but women are complicated. Using Charity money meant for Haitian earthquake victims on a gala wedding party would bother a woman more than a man, possibly, because women are more into weddings. This is completely my own experience. Decent men would find it reprehensible, but the Clintons do lots of appalling things. The wedding just adds to the list. Women might change their vote over it, if no other email revelation had swayed them. So it’s possible The Washington Post was using their time well, by which I mean their time as a propaganda arm for the Establishment.

What do I think? I think it would take a months, even year’s long investigation into the Clinton Foundation and Chelsea’s wedding financing to establish the truth. All the Washington Post does is call Doug Band a liar and ends their investigation with that. There is a pattern of criminal activity with the Clintons, and compared to selling ballistic nuke tech to China, Chelsea’s wedding is small potatoes. I think the Washington Post, knowing this, is trying to cloud the real issues with some low hanging fruit. I think it would have been impossible for Chelsea Clinton to pay for her wedding with honest money, since she has never worked a day in her life and so couldn’t have any. She tried to care about money but just couldn’t, remember? So she swiped a couple million for her wedding. Who cares? Not Chelsea. It was just money. It’s not like the poor little Haitian kids were ever going to get it anyway.

Obama’s Recovery in 9 Charts

These charts came from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis.

Read more: www.whatreallyhappened.com http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4UREpzYLx



Put together, this is absolutely horrifying. I admit Bush left Obama a very dire situation, but the best thing you can say about Obama is he never invaded Syria because he knew how unpopular such a move would have been.

For Obama to say he would have beaten Trump is disturbing because it might be true. Looking at the charts above, what does that say about American voters? How masochistical and self-hating are we?

Our one shot is Trump pulls some kind of economic miracle, and miracle is the word. Did you notice at the end, Hillary and her team kept saying she was like FDR, another feeb who wound up taking us into a World War to get us out of The Depression? War with Russia was the plan. Maybe Trump can fix it. Obama had eight years to try to make it better, the charts say he made it a whole lot worse. Whatever respect I had for Obama is evaporating, as he exits a bitter, delusional man.

On another note, though it sounds like sarcasm after that, I hope my readers have a great New Year. The only real estate we own is between our ears if we are lucky. Learn to accept the poison we are fed and thrive on it. Turn all those lemons into lemonade.

Zombie World Order as a meme has taken root as a success. I notice the good folks that sell Zombie World Order T-shirts (unaffiliated with me) have copyrighted the phrase. They sell the T-shirts, but I wrote the book on Zombie World Order. Also, I wrote my books years before their copyright. They are smart, though. There is a TV series called Zombie World Order now. Maybe they get a few bucks for the trademark.

2016 was a great year. Great is a funny word. I’ve had better, more peaceful years, but I really had to enter the fray just to stay in the game this year. I finished and published “Moonlight On The Post-Apocalyptic Dinner Theater”, a metered verse comedy about the aftermath of the nuclear apocalypse. I use the term comedy in the Shakespearean sense, as in Romeo and Juliet was a comedy where everybody died. Ha-ha.

Anyway, the female lead gets knocked up after vowing never to have children. The play is free on Smashwords, but I have always been convinced that nobody has or will ever read it. I think I just wanted to write a metered verse play.

After doing a few books and a play, I am dabbling with the idea that I might be ready to really try to write a great book and try to get it published the old fashioned way. My books are good, and writing them has helped me to hone my skills, but I feel like I am too alone with this. Also, I have always been drawn to the old school feel of publishing, though most of the imprints I used to like are gone or bought up by international media conglomerates. Indie publishing is probably the only true literary freedom left. However, I do respect professional people, and realize there are people out there who could help me refine my work and help it get to a broader audience. I’m not really writing anything, though I have been trying to help somebody I know who wrote a really good book.Case in point–if I had more literary connections, I could  get this book into a better form. This is a great and remakable book,but there is only so far I can take it. It is about a person struggling through misdiagnosed Lyme disease and their travails with the medical establishment, being accused of fakery and so forth. I would welcome any ideas or input if anybody sees some socially redemptive value to this. I’m not a professional editor.

For my part, I mainly just jot down plot ideas and try to think a plot through in an outline form. With the right idea, I am confident I could bust out a book in a year which would be fun to read. You get better at this stuff.

Okay, I was right (all long) about Trump being the new president. Review this blog. I was on the bandwagon before the debate at Reagan Library, well before. It was a longshot.

Here is another longshot–the Bioelectronics Corporation. They are supposedly still on deck for FDA approval. Right now, the stock is cheap toilet paper, not even name brand, but if they get it, watch for an epic spike, because we are in a state of maximum disbelief right now.

Back when gold was $200 bucks an ounce, somebody came out with an essay loosely titled “When the Last Elephant becomes a Rhinoceros,” I think was sort of the title. Anyway, this guy basically said for gold to go up we had to hit maximum disbelief. At this time, the staunchest gold bug I knew who was rational waffled. Not long after, gold hit $1800/ounce.

I do not believe in Bioelectronics. I am on a jihad about it. I am going down with the ship. There has to be a way to help people who sincerely don’t want  to get hooked on opiates for pain to stay out of addiction. The PEMF technology will not cure addiction, but it will help people avoid addiction if they want to.Many people want to. Addiction is real. I know. I quit smoking cigarettes 7 years and one month and one day ago. A couple more celebrity addicts died over the Holidays. George Michaels and Carrie Fisher. Chalk up poor little Debbie Reynolds as well as collateral damage. She outlived Ignatius J. Reilly by about fifty years, or at least his creator, John Kennedy Toole. I refer to the masterpiece, The Confederacy Of Dunces. I’ve seen Debbie Reynolds’s movies, and Ignatius took it way too easy on her. She’ll be remembered forever because of that book.

So, if you read this, you made it through another installment of the blog about nothing and everything. It’s a Zombie World Order, folks. Remember who the real enemy is, and Happy Hunger Games.

Happy New Year as well…



Merry Christmas to all.

The entire Iraq war, millions dead and trillions in debt, was motivated by fake news put out by the corporate media. 9-11 was a false flag designed to propel us into fruitless Mideast wars. It was a real event designed by the people who push fake news.

I was studying Physics and Thermodynamics in graduate school at the same time I was working in a machine shop with structural steel everyday.

If you take a massive steel I-Beam and place it in a pool of jet fuel, no matter for how long or how deep, all you will do is clean it. No melting, no bending, no distortion.

You have to have seen Building 7 collapse by now. If not, comment and I will post the video again. That collapsed like a house of cards and was not even hit by a plane that day.

Fake news worked wonders during all this. It had to have been planned for decades, and while the fake corporate media news did not exactly come off without a hitch, it served the purpose long enough to get us mired into the unsolvable problems in the Mid-East.

You see, we were told one true thing back then–our enemies hate us for our freedom. The lie was who exactly our enemy is.

The list of corporate fake news media lies is endless, and the body count is extraordinary.

Recently, “some supposed nut supposedly shot up a pizza parlor motivated by a supposed story about Clinton pedophilia called Pizza Gate”. It;s all in air quotes because it is all probably another false flag to criminalize people who don’t have a RICO Media approved button but still try to deliver news.

Now, Clinton people are on record as saying they are willing to plant fake news stories to discredit non-corporate media, or alternate media. So, there is a real reason to believe the folks at Jonestown (Alex Jones and crew) either pushed a fake story out of a hidden agenda, or got suckered, or option three, are being castigated for pushing a true story, or an essentially true story.

For the record, I never mentioned “Pizza gate” on this blog before today, and none of the people I follow online have really been pushing it. It could be true, but I read the emails in question and it sounds like it could have been a code for drugs at a drug party Podesta and the gang were having as opposed to necessarily being about sexual perversion. I mean, they were not talking about actual pizza in that email, it was code. I’m just not sold on what the code was for.  There are plenty of crimes these people get up to without Pizza gate, but what makes this story plausible is what is happening in England with all these MPs getting caught up in molestation scandals, the Pope coming out against “fake news” when his own organization is notoriously pedophilic, and the documented and established links between Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton, Epstein being a known pervert. Well, both of them really.

What this is is Big Money spent well over a billion dollars bankrolling a losing candidate and got bupkis. In fact, God only knows the real size of the bill. Obama used Air Force One for an awful lot of campaigning, and his posse ain’t cheap, not to mention all the under the table money to get out the vote and for bribe money. They are collectively pissed, and are lashing out in childlike ways. Now, you work for these people (try to imagine). When they ask you what went wrong, what do you do? Apologize, own up to incompetence, and fall on your sword? A Roman might have, but a true Roman would know the whole campaign for Hillary was pretty jinxed from the get go. As Chris Rock said, electing the President’s wife to be President is like electing Robin Givens to be the new Heavy weight boxing champion. In other words, why be noble in an ignoble cause, especially when by definition you are working for Hillary and are probably not particularly honorable as a human being to begin with (I’m just saying)? So, who do you blame?

Well, I would blame the alternate media for Hillary’s loss as well. The Internet has become this incredible tool for education. Why do you think they are trying to regulate it so much? People are not passively staring at Mike Williams delivering the “real news” every night. In fact, people are walking. The Pizza gate shooter is such a painfully contrived piece of nonsense. The next thing, when someone shoots up an abortion clinic, they will try to ban the fake book which inspired them, The Bible.

Hillary and the rest don’t hate fake news. Fake news is their meal ticket. They hate unregulated news. The Internet is this vast archive of every stupid, soulless, and mindless thing Hillary ever said, and the list is vast. When she was coming up, people had no capacity to search and disseminate this information. Now we do, and it bit her on the ass this election. For one, was that taped interview abut her laughing about a twelve year old rape victim fake? The authenticity has never been denied, and her insouciant whine is unmistakably in her own voice. She couldn’t even win her home state of Arkansas.

Yes, the alternate media won the election for Trump. For the record, I track this stuff very carefully, and Pizza gate is mainly a post election event. It came out in that last batch of emails Wikileaks came out with right before the election, and it seemed so quickly cobbled together and over the top I figured it was a distraction from real scandals released in these emails.




I have mixed feelings about Hillary’s attempt at a recount and overturning Trump’s victory.

The obvious feeling is a deep admiration for Hillary. After calling Trump “appalling” for saying he was not certain he would accept the outcome of the election, Hillary is now engaged in the same behavior she called appalling, namely engineering a recount in select swing states she lost. I admire her because Hillary truly is appalling, so by the recount she is just owning her identity. She has accepted herself without irony. I love it.

I am having trouble letting go of the election, even though my candidate won, and won soundly. It was the ultimate  reality TV, constantly updated and constantly entertaining. Assange, Comey, Huma Weiner, Melania, Barron, The Corporate Media Shill Players, Buchanan and Coulter, The NeoCan’ts–what a cast of players.

Bernie rioters, race baiters and opportunists, Juan Valdez, who patiently and carefully picks each Maxwell House coffee bean at the point of maximum perfection and his gang banging cousins in the barrio.

Even the role players were awesome. Jeb “Low Energy” Bush, straight from central casting. I mean, all he needed was an ascot and he could have solved mysteries with Shaggy and Scooby. Lying Ted Cruz and his porky Goldman Sach’s consort.

It was all a magical bubble. The election kept us safe. The NWO dared not disrupt the USA with a major false flag, or crash the economy, until power was transferred. Now, I wait for the next move.

The obvious tactic at this point would be to bump Trump off before the inauguration. (I would ask any meta data miners to review my ardent and early support for Trump). I merely point out the obvious, one possible path for Hillary to rise phoenix like (very like, such ugly birds) from the ashes of her defeat would be to add The Donald to the Clinton Death List. What else has she got at this point? Bear in mind she is a total rageaholic whose nature it is to blame absolutely everyone but herself for her failure. In the resulting chaos, she might be delusional enough to think she would get power.

Oh Hillary, it could never happen. America is just not that into you.


The Complete Zombie World Order is free today on Amazon.

I have decided to not engage anyone in any way until irony and satire are once again recognized as valid methods of provoking thought. I prefer not to think of myself as a practioner of a dying art, but rather a herald of its return to popularity.