Like all anti-TV snobs who won’t have one in their home, when out I watch guilt-free TV at every opportunity. Last week, I encamped in a grocery store where they had a snack area with a TV showing the nightly news.

I watched the local and national news while I waited.

The local news was about a scandal involving deflated footballs and a Super Bowl contender.The Patriots supposedly deflated their footballs to gain an advantage in the AFC Championship.

It worked. How do deflated footballs account for a thirty point victory? They won in a blow-out. I pray for the ghost of Chuck Bednarik to rise from the grave and show the world why football is a great sport. Hopefully, it will involve carnage of the profiteers who abuse it. It’s just a game, a game with a few billion dollars riding on it.

Next up on the local was a decap viddy showing some ultra violence being tolchocked onto some Japanese droogs. The green screen was obvious to anyone who’d ever seen a green screen.

Then, the national news, which covered the exact same two stories in their lead off. A non-scandal that at most affected whether the Patriots covered the spread or not, and a fake beheading film in front of a green screen.

They used to let Charlie Manson on TV once in a while, at least until he started comparing abortion clinics to Auschwitz. Then he kind of disappeared. Charlie was victimized for believing in free speech too. He supposedly talked a couple of loonies into hacking up a bunch of people one summer.Nobody ever proved Charlie killed anyone. They didn’t try. Charlie is in jail for forever for talking. He ran his mouth, strummed his guitar, and his followers were so impressed they killed for his words.

What happened to Charlie is he was victimized by the free speech of the Beatles. The Beatles were a bunch of hippy druggies who liked layering hidden messages into their music. Backmasking, it’s called, and they admitted it a few years ago.Charlie, high as a kite in the Haight started hearing this stuff and started getting ideas. It impacted his general outlook and outward behavior.

So Charlie was abused by free speech and went a little nuts. His entourage went along with it and carried out deeds this tiny little acid freak could never have pulled off. On his own, Charlie would have set off to find an address in Beverly Hills and just got lost and drove around for three days until he came down.

If Charlie had sold them the Brooklyn Bridge, or a story about deflated footballs, or a mockumentary about fake terrorists in a movie studio, people would have laughed and said let the buyer beware. Didn’t they laugh at us after we invaded Iraq on the WMD farce? Didn’t they sell cheese platters at the WTC memorial gift shop after we invaded Afghanistan and six other countries to get Bush’s business partner?

They are still laughing at us.

So fuck it, #JeSuisCharlieManson.


In the spirit of keeping indoors and off the roads, which look rather treacherous today, I am offering my book for free (se link above).

Suffer through the weather sprite’s intemperance with a heart warming tale of a Zombie Apocalypse.

I had horrifying dreams on yestereve, and have no desire to leave the house today myself.


Above is a link to an excellent video by Ryan Dawson called “War By Deception”. Dawson has been around for several years, and The Zombie World Order would like to display his work. He has come far, and this video contains excellent new and old material. Trust no one in The 911 Truth Movement of course, but Dawson I can’t help having some confidence in. I believe he’s sincere, and for what it’s worth, I endorse this video and am taking the liberty of promoting it to the extent I am able. *Update on gold lease rates, which I explored in a few posts right around Thanksgiving. I am sussing out how the Swiss delinking from the euro will alter events in the gold market. I wish I had more salient deductions. The inversion in the the one month and one year ratio I pointed out still indicated a near term bottom was put in around Thanksgiving when silver (briefly) flashed below $15. I am not a trader, but if i was, it would be open season, as volatility in the precious metals is in the air. Whether prices go up or down, there will be wild swings. My bias is up. au_go_0060_lsb

I’ve been reading HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL, which is supposedly the intellectual basis for The Davinci Code movies and books.
I’ll probably try to read it a couple of times once I’m done. It is providing some interesting references, but I have yet to get to a “What’s the point?” moment with the book.

I mean, if Jesus was just an all around likable guy who was a great public speaker with deep thoughts, it sort of makes the possibility he has descendants interesting but kind of moot. What made Jesus Christ special was his divinity, so if the authors are right and Jesus was a mere mortal, then why even bother debunking a bunch of poor inbred schlubs out of the belief that makes their special secret society special and secret?

If they had special powers, they would have installed their guy by now. The Merovingians went down around 500 a.d. Like I said, I’m not done with the book yet, but it seems like a good example of specious reasoning and inductive logic in many places. I may return to this topic at some point when I have reviewed it some more and have my ducks in a row.

Big doings in Paris last week. Seems a couple of fellows shot up a magazine office then shot a cop point-blank in the street. There is a video of the cop killing on the Net, and a lot of people are saying its fake. Their reasoning is there is not a copious amount of blood and gore from the victim, none actually. Also, it looks like the bullet actually hits the sidewalk in front of the cop if you watch the video in slow motion.

I must admit, I think if the bullet traveled through the cop’s head as it obviously did because you can see it bounce off the sidewalk, there would have been more blood and/or skull fragments. Now, the Mafia will supposedly kill somebody with a 22 caliber because the bullet isn’t strong enough to go straight through the skull and out. Instead, it will just ricocheted around inside the brain, insuring death.

Also, there was the matter of an ID the shooter left in the getaway car. I suppose it could happen, but it always aroused suspicion that on 911 they first IDed a suspect by finding their driver’s license on the sidewalk. A guy flies a jet into a building, his license leaves his pocket and flutters down to the sidewalk and is picked up by an alert pedestrian who hands it to a street cop who recognizes its significance. Unmitigated bullshit, of course, and one of the most glaring weaknesses of the 911 mythology.

Now, on to the supposed motivation for the shooting, which is offensive cartoons. Let’s examine this, and let’s also speculate why The White House is sort of distancing themselves from this whole thing by not sending a bigwig to the Paris rally of support. It might have something to do with the Libya debacle where the American ambassador was killed. The first version of the riot motivation was a movie which was offensive to Muslims. When this got debunked the ensuing embarrassment and coverup probably left the Obama White House a bit gun-shy with regards to helping serve up the Kool-Ade in this sort of situation.

The French need to not make the same mistakes America made after 911. France lost 100,000 men in a single battle during WW1. 12 people is 12 too many, of course, but one view is you just have a couple of hotheads who are so stupid they leave their ID on the scene and basically tell everyone they are Muslim terrorists at the scene by yelling the standard Chuck Norris Islamonut movie taglines, “God is Great” etc.

It could have been a false flag. Somebody wants to stir the pot so arms and trains some patsies and activates them. I wouldn’t be surprised.

3rd option-it was a combination of crisis actors and “heightened realism.” A couple of people got shot to make it look good, but it was mainly Kabuki theater by the “don’t waste a crisis” crowd.

My basic opinion is I’m not given enough information to form an opinion, so I don’t affirm one. I would expect more headline grabbing incidents of this nature, though, and I will explain why. First, visualize a Pie Chart.

Pie Carts are those circular graphs where you can visualize the percentage of a whole in parts easily. Graphs do work, because the mental snapshots are stored as quick references for problems and solutions, so it is worth understanding them.

“The Media” would be a pie chart if you took the percentages each news story got in a 24 hour news cycle. If a story gain traction, its slice of the pie would increase.

One pie slice getting bigger recently is the child sex trafficking scandal Jeff Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Prince Andrew were involved in. That story has legs. It will be back, because it is more interesting than a couple of French scribblers getting shot but by the time it reemerges there will have been time to disappear witnesses, buy people off, scare people off, whatever it takes.

It’s how they handle it. Control the news cycle. The only story in France is a cliche. Only outlaws have guns when guns are outlawed. Isn’t Europe one big, self righteous, gun-free zone? Frankly, I am seeing the offensive cartoons, and I see a positive side to the whole thing. In a Hannibal Lector kind of way, I do not deplore the death of these no talent rudies. I could draw better than those a-holes, and it was basically hate speech, which I thought was outlawed in Europe.

Since when does Europe care about free speech anyway? They put you in jail over there if you sit and calculate how many bodies can get ashed in a given number of crematoriums on a given day.
There is no business like Shoah business.

Free Today,


I have a touch of the flu, not Zombie flu, I hope, though the way I felt yesterday I wasn’t sure. At any rate, I had insomnia really bad, and since playing chess online in that condition was only hurting my rating, I resorted to watching free Zombie movies on Youtube.

There is some kind of Internet phenom called “Left For Dead”.  My theory is it is a video game which inspired a host of fan movies.

I’m linking to one “campy” effort directed by Billy Butler. I enjoyed the superabundance of ammunition and overuse of “blood mists”. Also, exploding blood packs, the best special effect ever invented.

*Also, my compliments to his Zombie extras, who appear to be reincarnated from scene to scene.

Anyway, I watched it when I was sick, so figured I would give a shout out for their creative effort. I just hope they came in under budget.

Camp (n.) and Campy (adj.): Being so extreme that it has an amusing and sometimes perversely sophisticated appeal. Over the top and farcical, intentionally exaggerated so as not to be taken seriously. Found primarily in television, theatre and motion pictures, camp endeavors for satire and, for those who fully understand and appreciate the risible nature of its material, it’s not surprising when it develops a cult following.

Back in July, Diane Sawyer reported about missile damage in Israel caused by Palestinian rockets. The visual aids used were footage and photos of the destruction. It was pretty horrific, but there was a problem.

The actual destruction shown was of a Palestinian home destroyed by Israeli rockets. There wasn’t much damage caused by the actual rocket attack which supposedly came from Palestinian sources into Israeli held land. Palestinian rockets are pretty sucky. So, Sawyer and her cohorts had to use footage of an Israeli attack on Palestinians, because Israel did a lot more newsworthy damage. You get better rockets when American Taxpayers are forced to pay for them.

Sawyer apologized and the Zionist owned ABC retracted the story halfheartedly, but the damage was done. People watching at a psychologically important time got mind controlled, and even if a retraction was offered, it smacked of butt covering.

Let’s just look at the mistake. They got the area wrong, the perpetrators wrong, and the victims wrong. They got caught, and then apologized after they got caught.

Tell me these cretins don’t miss the pre-Internet days. Now everybody is a fact checker.

Is Diane Sawyer responsible for the erroneous reporting? Does she owe the people who watch her show any real time commitment to veracity?

Could she not have known? Am I picking on her unfairly?

She has to have known, or suspected, the fake story was planted by the people she worked with. She never accused them, or outed anyone as too ultra Zionist to present any news at all fairly. After all, every kid learned the basic question (5 W’s of reporting, who, what, where, when , why etc.). How could a pro have gotten every basic question wrong?

The Answer–They didn’t. It wasn’t a mistake. It was a blatant lie. It also discredits everything ABC ever did, and also, by extension, Diane Sawyer.

Now, bearing this in mind, let’s examine ABC’s persecution of Mel Gibson, and by extension, the whole Zionist media’s persecution of Mel Gibson.

The Zionist media has displayed a willingness to lie about something really important, namely, a missile attack and a war crime against civilians. ABC and Diane Sawyer made a “blood libel” against Palestinians about something that matters, human lives and their destruction.

So let’s talk about an actor who doesn’t matter nearly as much as kids getting blown up in missile attacks. In fact, this guy is a pathetic, insignificant nothing in the grand scheme of things compared to a dead child, and I say this with respect to Mel Gibson as an artist. Mel Gibson, may have been lied about. He may have been unfairly attacked by Diane Sawyer when she interviewed him in the wake of his DUI arrest. Who knows? Diane Sawyer works for liars, and is a liar who got caught. Should we trust her or her coworkers to report the time of day?

Don’t ask me. I disconnected the cable long ago. Make your own decisions.


Nothing goes with eggnog and Yuletide cheer like the spirit of the Zombie World Order. If the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future have not yet appeared to scare you into the holiday mood, perhaps ZWO Parts One and Three as free Amazon Kindle downloads might help.


Zombie World Order Part One


The Lazarus Law-Zombie World Order Part Three


Merry Effing Christmas

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