The aging process is an awful thing, and it is a rather grim inevitability that at some point the reins must be turned over. We all deal with it. Some people have a great deal of difficulty accepting this. How we age is life style dependent, at least in part, so it is not surprising when years of stress, alcohol and drug abuse, and lack of exercise incapacitate some earlier than others. It is the most basic kind of justice.

I have blogged on the topic of Chelsea Clinton in the past. She is the child of luxury and power, married into one of the wealthiest banking families in the world, yet she was somehow never able to care about money. She tried, she says, she just couldn’t do it. She makes six million a year running the Clinton Foundation. It is sad she has so much of something she doesn’t care about it.

In The Godfather III, Michael Corleone makes his daughter the figurehead of his charitable trust. Bill and Hillary did the same with Chelsea. I think it was a cannibalistic move, a case of the sow eating  its own farrow, to paraphrase the James Joyce line. If Hillary loses or drops out, the Clintons are over. We will never see a Chelsea Clinton running. She rolled around with pigs and she got dirty. Don’t worry about her. She will be comfortable.

In a weird way, I will miss the Clintons. They were kind of fun. I think America has outgrown them the way we outgrew certain TV shows.

What brought this on is the incident at the 9-11 Memorial. Hillary wrested center stage for herself by having another seizure then lying about the cause. At least, we can assume she was lying. Her lips were moving. If she was telling the truth, then Hillary hugged some poor kid for a photo-op while she had contagious walking pneumonia. Great parenting on the part of the little girl’s mom and dad.

Two weeks ago, the contrast was drawn. Trump was passing out supplies to flood victims in Louisiana and Hillary was taking a private jet on a twenty mile flight from Marta’s Vineyard to a Rothschild fundraiser in Massachusetts. Ever since, Trump’s number have been rising. I don’t think Bill and Hillary can still peddle the snake oil, and most critically, can’t peddle the 9-11 snake oil.





The play is done. Get a free download here.

I made it free because nobody is probably going to read, let alone buy a play about survivors of the nuclear holocaust which is written in metered verse. there is just no commercial market for it. However, I enjoyed writing it, and it is actually really good.


Moonlight on the Post-Apocalyptic Dinner Theater is a short play about the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse. Every night, the survivors congregate at the last inn on Earth to listen to the Jester, who tries to console them.
The two lead characters, Katrina and Fidelio, are in love with each other but Katrina feels their situation is too hopeless to allow their relationship to develop so she rejects him.
The world is enshrouded with massive dust and clouds as a result of the war. The days are hot, murky, and grim and the nights are cold and black. Neither the sun nor the stars can be seen anymore.
Katrina saves Fidelio’s life one night when he is attacked by post nuclear crazies, and thus reveals she is in love with him as well.
Tortured people try to rebuild the wasteland, and stay alive in a metered verse play about the rebirth of the human spirit.




Above is the graphic representing the sales, gross profits, and cost of goods by quarter since 2011 for the Bioelectronic Corporation (BIEL).

The 2nd Quarter numbers, just released today, were great. Record sales and they have started to consistently keep their cost of goods down. On the face of that stat, I have to think their manufacturing team is doing a very good job, although that is just the Cliff Notes interpretation.

To me the big thing is they are not losing momentum with Sales. They made a breakout around June 2015, and since then have been producing as hoped. The Lower COGS, higher Sales, and higher Gross Profits points to them getting their business model under control.

BIEL needs to catch a favorable breeze in the form of the FDA, but this period could be viewed as a positive in that they are developing the means of production. Let’s see what happens. Some positive statements were made on the quarterly report with regards to FDA Clearance. It wouldn’t be businesslike to front, but these are the Pink Sheets.

On a personal level, I could go for a chicken curry roti and carrot juice from a place on Nostrand Avenue and Fulton Street in Brooklyn. I haven’t had that combo in a long time. Something about this long hot summer.

Making progress with my play. I wrote about 40 pages of metered verse in kind of an old fashioned style, and am calling it Moonlight on the Post-Apocalyptic Dinner Theater. More on that later. It’s really good, and I pretty much hate what I write.

I watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies last night and was pleasantly impressed and surprised. I have long admired the title of the book, as anyone who has ever made a sincere effort to think up a clever zombie book/movie title would, but never read it. Also I couldn’t remember if I had read the original Jane Austen book. I had, many times, but before  I realized it was “chick-lit”. I had a really misspent youth. I had one sister in particular who amassed literature in amazing quantities, so I’ve read a lot but without the context of doing it for school which helps you remember because you wind up studying the details for a test.

If you read Jane Austen’s book and respected it, you prepare yourself for a sacrilege when you sit down to watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but I liked it. It actually was a pretty sincere homage.

So, if you are tired of conventional zombie films, or are just in the mood for a cinematic change of pace, you could do worse than watch this. I Redboxed it for $1.50.



Highlights of leaked DNC emails

Hillary Accepts Money from Someone Who Electrocuted Horses for Insurance Money

The Story of My Life, by Jay McInerney

Alison Poole

Okay, I thought this is interesting. I am basing this post on the hyperlinks above.

Jay McInerney wrote a really good book called THE STORY OF MY LIFE, which I read multiple times a long time ago. The subject of the book later accused him of stealing her life story, and went on to fame as John Edwards’s girlfriend and baby momma, effectively ending his political career.

Fair play so far, but one of the really effective aspects of the book was the girl was bitter about her father, who electrocuted a horse she actually really seemed to love for the insurance money. Dude wasn’t winning any fatherhood prizes prior to that, as she basically called him a molester.

(Full disclosure-this girl’s father sounded like such an Illuminati dip, I was partially inspired by him when I created Marie’s dysfunctional father in my own book, ZWO. The father in my book was also partially inspired by a snippet from a local paper in which a father stood by in a bar’s parking lot while his girlfriend administered a beatdown to his biological daughter (yes, that actually happened). My point is, McInerney’s book made a big impression on me.)

Also, the character’s name in McInerney’s book was Alison Poole, who in a kind of incestuous way Brett Easton Ellis borrowed as a character for two of his books, most notably AMERICAN PSYCHO.

So, we have this tortured soul whose father killed her horse, which she took hard because the horse was her only friend and she was a champion rider. She blamed her later coke, alcohol and boyfriend abuse on this crime by her father, who was heir to 800 million bucks but I guess every penny counts. The father actually did time, 33 months, which makes me wonder if the judge was sending some kind of signal to a Brother Mason. Apparently, he killed about 20 horses for insurance money, so I assume he pled down.

Now, for the record, I love horses. I love horses better than I love most people. Remember Liz Taylor in National Velvet? Yeah, it’s like that. So a horse killer is, to me, a truly odious form of life. Remember the pigs in Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM? To me, Orwell sugar-coated those pigs. Was it Da Vinci who said the most beautiful thing in the world was the male body, and the second most beautiful a horse? Well, it is a pretty gay quote, but you get the point. Horses are great. But how does all this literary triviata relate to the release of the DNC’s hacked emails?

The answer to that is as follows, and reveals what has led me to rattle off this post.

First, a hacker named Guccifer 2.0 released about 20,000 emails he pulled from the Democrat National Committee server. Whoever this entity is or represents, their attempt to poop in the DNC’s upcoming convention’s punchbowl is aptly timed. Coronating Big Mother Hillary just got more complicated.

One of the email strings I hyperlinked to above describes how the horse killer was vetted by the DNC, and how this creepo was a big donor to Hillary Clinton herself. It lists the details of the horse killing capers.

John Edwards was a greatly talented politician. I have no opinion of him beyond that, but if any one person was a threat to Hillary Clinton in 2008 besides Obama, it was Edwards.

Then Edwards met a woman in a barroom, who became relatively infamous through the association. Rielle Hunter, formerly known by the less glamorous name Lisa Druck, became pregnant with Edwards’s child. Since Edwards’s wife had terminal cancer, this was viewed as an especial betrayal by the electorate. Edwards had a decent shot at being President, but the daughter of a big Hillary donor, a convicted criminal conspirator and horse murderer, brought him down and ended his political career.

This post is titled “When Fiction meets Fact”. I’m having trouble telling one from the other right now. The woman who provided the subject matter for THE STORY OF MY LIFE was a pretty good example of someone who might have had some serious MK ULTRA style mind control in her youth. That book seemed real. What happened with John Edwards always seemed contrived, like a bad novel.

Anyway, the connection between Hillary Clinton and George Lindemann, heir to the Verizon fortune and convicted felon, speaks volumes about Bill Clinton’s wife inability to refuse money from anyone. No proof Hillary sent Rielle out to bring down Edwards, though to paraphrase FDR nothing happens accidentally in politics. The character Alison Poole, who was supposedly based on Rielle Hunter  was known for being willing to do anything for money. Leapords don’t normally change their spots, though as I said earlier, I hate it that her father killed her horse.






I pasted some new development about Bioelectronics below. The post is from the company by way of srinsocal from the I-hub message board. I italicized and bracketed their comment with parenthesizes.

The marathon continues.

One positive takeaway is the FDA has agreed to review data already submitted for the 510K for musculoskeletal pain, especially back pain. This possibly indicates some forth coming closure on the back pain application since it would indicate the submission is complete.

This stock needs a win, and it would be very good to get FDA approval for at least one application, as all else would logically follow even if more data is required for the other ones, specifically knee and plantar fascitis.

BIEL’s management was smart to engage lawyers to help navigate this thing. Maybe that will make a difference this time. There are only so many ways you can crunch numbers, and the FDA must be great at this, so for back pain at least, we may expect closure in a reasonable time, or at least I can’t see why we wouldn’t. I bought more.



“Pending U.S. FDA Market Clearance for Over-the-Counter Sales

We had a second status meeting with the FDA on Wednesday, July 20, 2016. Senior Management from the Neurology and Physical Medicine Group, 4 examiners, the Head of the Physical Medicine, and the project statistician were present. The meeting went well and the tenor was very good.

Senior Management once again attended meeting showing that this is still an important priority project for the FDA

They have accepted our knee and plantar fasciitis studies as indicative of musculoskeletal pain relief and our explanation of our unique mechanism of action.

(Bingo!, Knee and Plantar Fasciitis are FDA acceptable and Mechanism of Action is no longer an issue.)

However, they would like a third study to substantiate our broader indication of use. To accommodate our request for market clearance for the relief of musculoskeletal pain, the examiners have agreed to exclusively review the back pain data from our UK Registry studies. Some of this data is peer reviewed and published. We have approximately 4,500 subject’s responses, who used the trial device for musculoskeletal back pain, as well as data on over 100 subjects demonstrating the durability of therapy over a 6 month study period for back pain.”


Graph Builder 6-16=

I read this on BIEL I-hub today, Post 80281, by Poster Srinsocal.


The gist is BIEL is having a big meeting today with the FDA.  Finally might get some closure on the 510K application.


The timeline Srinsocal is good. The difference is this time the law firm BIEL hired might have legitimate grounds to sue the FDA if they are treated differently than say TENS.


The next day or two will show how it went. This is a small company with a lot of leaks. If good news, the company will usually be pretty forthcoming.


“Nothing is Guaranteed in the Markets and that is especially true in the OTCs. However, looking at the facts that have been provided:

* 5/24 FDA Meeting – “we met with FDA reviewer for our ActiPatch device, key management from the Physical Medicine and Neurotherapeutic Devices Branch, senior leadership from the Division of Neurological and Physical Medicine Devices, and a Regulatory Advisor, Office of Device Evaluation.”

This was no ordinary FDA 510K meeting, “key management”, “senior leadership”. The FDA knew that this was a high profile meeting on an important 510k application.

* 5/25 FDA Meeting – “The Agency’s concern is the ability of the patients to determine the origin of the pain without a physician being present. Therefore,the agency representatives stated, the de novo classification pathway would be more appropriate for the ActiPatch than the 510(k)”

The FDA had made up their mind for De Novo going into the meeting. McLeod and AW refute the FDA argument with the OTC examples of Pepto-Bismol and TENS devices. BIEL lawyers give further examples of the 510k process being used for OTC, OTC ActiPatch use in other countries for years has resulted in no problems. FDA committed to review the information presented and advise.

* 6/8 – “an FDA representative notified company counsel that the agency believes that the 510(k) pathway may be available for the ActiPatch device, the agency staff is reviewing the company’s data, and the agency would be back to the company shortly with its pathway determination and advise regarding whether additional information is necessary.”

This is the Turning Point, FDA moves from “De Novo is more appropriate” to “510(k) pathway may be available”. The odds went from 80/20 in favor of De Novo to 60/40 in favor of 510k on 6/8.

* Between 6/8 and 6/24 – BIEL received and formally responded to the first set of FDA questions.

This is another positive for the 510k. The FDA could have come back and said De Novo Only but they said tell us more about X,Y,Z. The odds in favor of 510k go to 70/30.

* 6/24 – BIEL receives a 2nd set of questions from the FDA and schedules a 7/20 meeting.

It is extremely doubtful to me that the FDA would enter this Q and A process after the 5/24 meeting and say De Novo at the end. The odds in favor of the 510k go up again, 85/15.

So here we sit on 7/20 waiting for details on the meeting. I understand the reluctance of some to embrace the evidence of 510k approval. BIEL has had more than its share of false starts. This one feels much different with the Reclassification to Class 2, the level of openness regarding the FDA process and the involvement of Goodwin Procter. We should know for sure shortly.”