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Dead To Rights



Here is a tape I got at this website of a young lawyer Hillary boasting and laughing about plea bargaining a guy who raped a twelve year old girl off with two months in jail, time served already while waiting for trial.

Hillary knew the guy was guilty. The girl’s family, according to her, was from the “wrong side of the tracks”.

The rapist’s family owned some property, according to Hillary.

The rapist wanted a woman lawyer, and the interviewer asks why Hillary either ducks or misunderstands the question, and says she owes some powerful friend of the rapist’s family a favor The correct answer would have been that the rapist of the 12-year-old girl wanted a woman lawyer because it was a jury trial, and people would have been less skeptical. Older women, you see, are supposed to feel some empathy for 12-year-old rape victims.
Not Hillary. She laughs about it. She uses this case as an example of how smart she was She couldn’t resist spiking the football. What a horrible character trait in a wannabee President.
The original evidence included the rapist’s underwear, which had the victim’s blood on it The portion with blood was sent to a lab, and found to be the blood of the 12-year-old girl who was raped by Hillary’s client. Since this was a destructive test, either there wasn’t enough left for the defense to test or the remainder of the sample got discarded by the lab.

Hillary got some famous scientist to examine the underwear, badmouthing Brooklyn along the way. This guy said there wasn’t enough left to positively identify, and then Hillary name dropped the guy to the court and intimidated them into a plea bargain.

So, Hillary’s loyalty was to monied people who she owed a favor to, not to low-income people or any feminist ideals she claims to have.

This is the tape Trump was talking about when Hillary accused him of being sexist. That’s when I knew Trump meant business. The Clintons completely folded then, because if this tape goes wide, it is over for her.

So, help out your country and yourselves and do whatever you  make sure people see this. Put it on Facebook or something.


This is great

Painfree checked in with a comment about the required correction for the Rheumatology article:

“Apparently, according the comment below, The Journal of Rheumatology will correct their chart (read link). The commentator …

The revised version of the paper is now out and it now has the correct information. No acknowledgement to anyone. Glad that wrong information is not out there now, though.”

Hi Painfree–

Unfortunately, I clicked on the link (found on Bioelectronics website) and saw no apparent change. Rheumatology is welcome to use my chart, I’d be honored actually, but do you know when they will correct the online article? Could you post a link here when they do? I will call Bioelectronics myself to get them to re-link to the corrected article if you do.

Here is the incorrect original table:

NSAID/analgesic intake PEMF (n = 30) Placebo (n = 30)
Subject’s daily drug intake at 1 months
    NSAIDs, n (%) 6 (20) 12 (40)
    Analgesics, n (%) 8 (26) 15 (50)
Changes in drug intake at 1 month follow-up
    Started NSAIDs/ analgesics, n (%) – (0) 3 (10)
    Stopped NSAIDs/ analgesics, n (%) 8 (26) 10 (33)

Here is my corrected table and chart:

Graph Builder
Graph Builder
*Now, I originally did this when I was half asleep after work, but the correction is right.  With this obvious caveat–I lumped NSAIDS and Analgesics into one group, drug users labeled just “NSAIDS”. The authors of the paper used “NSAIDS/Analgesics” as the label, correctly.  Like I said, it was a long day.
NOTES & Explanation:
PEMF Group-if 14 were on N/A “NSAIDS/Analgesics” after a month and 8 quit, then 22 were on N/A at the start of first month.
“Among the patients from the
PEMF group, eight patients (26%) stopped previously pre-
scribed medications, whereas in the placebo group one
patient (3%) stopped and 10 (33%) started a new therapy for chronic pain. (Table 3)” direct quote from article.
So, though kind of tired when I first did this, my corrected chart and table correctly reflect the text. I did this as an exercise to reassure myself my correction was right.
Thanks again Painfree, keep us posted.

The National Review “declared war” on future President Donald Trump in their latest issue.

National Review Chickenhawk Neocons love declaring war, though their ranks do not include any actual veterans, mainly crypto-Communists, drug addicts, draft dodgers (sorry, combat avoiders) and liars.

I pasted a list of their names below in alphabetized and easily searchable form. Not many disappointments here. It is a laundry list of malefactors who have egregiously led America to destruction as backers of the worst mistakes in its entire history.

Still, you have to love the “chutzpah” of this group (chutzpah means unmitigated gall, usually while engaged in the act of lying, in case you don’t know). They still think they can call shots and define Conservatism, even though they wouldn’t even publish Buckley by the end of his life. I imagine Bill Buckley must have understood Dr. Frankenstein better, by the end.

Supposedly, this has led to a raft of subscription cancellations and the National Review got banned as debate moderators.

I’m shocked anyone still subscribes, let alone reads these hacks anymore.

Anyway, here is the list. A google search will reveal the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of these traitors, if memory alone doesn’t serve. Personally, I just want this list readily available for my own reference. It is good to be able to prove what they did a few years down the road without looking too hard. These cretins love to think they can backpeddle and get away with it. Welcome to the Internet, chickenhawks. Your stupidity is for the ages now.

Neocon Chickenhawks Who Hate Trump and Love War

Beck Glenn
Boaz David
Bozell III Bent L.
Charen Mona
Domenech Ben
Erickson Erick
Hayward Steven F.
Helprin Mark
Kristol William
Levin Yuval
Loesch Dana

McCarthy Andrew C.
McIntosh David M.
Medved Michael
Meese III Edwin
Moore Russell

Muskasey Michael B.
Pavlich Katie
Podhoretz John
Reno R. R.
Sowell Thomas
Thomas Cal



UPDATE 1-19-2016: Inspector General: Clinton emails had intel from most secretive, classified programs

Hillary Clinton’s emails on her unsecured, homebrew server contained intelligence from the U.S. government’s most secretive and highly classified programs, according to an unclassified letter from a top inspector general to senior lawmakers.

Fox News exclusively obtained the text of the unclassified letter, sent Jan. 14 from Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III. It laid out the findings of a recent comprehensive review by intelligence agencies that identified “several dozen” additional classified emails — including specific intelligence known as “special access programs” (SAP).

That indicates a level of classification beyond even “top secret,” the label previously given to two emails found on her server, and brings even more scrutiny to the presidential candidate’s handling of the government’s closely held secrets.

UPDATE 1-8-2016: State Department releases email proving Hillary Clinton ordered her staff to remove classification markings from classified document! This is a felony!
Click for larger image

Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/hillarythespy.php#ixzz3y71XEfzX
(follow links for full article)
Published on Dec 25, 2015

2014 – Hillary Clinton laughs about the “hard choices” of sending US soldiers to the Middle East, while admitting she made a mistake voting to authorize the Iraq War.

2011 – Hillary Clinton is excited about Iraq’s promising future as a business opportunity for US companies and Oil.

2002 – Hillary Clinton parrots Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld as she votes “with conviction” to give Bush the authorization to invade Iraq.

(short but well done video)

Note-even Bernie would be better than this faux blond witch. A vote for Hillary is a vote for WW3. Hillary Clinton is the most loathsome creature in the history of organic life forms.

Neither Trump nor Bernie supported the Iraq War. They smelled a rat. Trump was outside political life and knew. Hillary was in power (vicariously) for twenty years and says she got suckered.

I can prove Saddam didn’t have WMDs with one sentence–he didn’t use them on invading American troops. At that point, what had he to lose.


Watch this video and you will see four war criminals. Try to guess who I mean.


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