ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER is the first in a series of books. My first post on this book, which I wrote, is to defend my choice of titles. I googled the book after it went live on Amazon (order here), and was a bit disgruntled to find while no book named ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER exists, there are a plethora of other sites labeled as such.

The title was difficult for me. My first thought was MARIE’S CRAZY TRIP, but was leaning toward THE ZOMBIE RECOVERY PROGRAM. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around either title.

In the climactic scene of my novel, Marie confronts the arch-villain, who is also her father (in my defence, in the editorial introduction on Amazon I admitted it was derivative in places, and obviously so). In this explanatory scene, the phrase “Zombie World Order” did arise organically in their heated discussion. I drew my title from this scene.

My subconscious mind may have seen the phrase “Zombie World Order” someplace, but I can say honestly and honorably that I did not consciously rip off anybody’s phrase. From a legalistic sense, if there is no book of this name existent, and my book is the first, then I am in a separate category than T-Shirts, music, etc.

Anyway, my novel was published 5/02/11. I didn’t submit it to any publishers. I finished it on 4/28/11, and had it on Kindle a couple of days later.

My criticisms of my book are influenced by the fact that I just got done writing it, and it is still fresh in my mind. However, it starts too slowly. Once it gets going, it is pretty non-stop.

Why’d I write it? Well, Zombies are a spiritual problem. I wanted to depict the journey of a young woman who had completely mastered fear but still retained her soul, a soul which struggled with Good and Evil and made complex choices based on her struggles. I wanted to describe someone who did better than she could with what she had, an idealized human being.

Marie is the central character of this book and any that come after. ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER is about her. Marie, as a character, represents Hope, not the banal hope that drives so much recovery literature, not the hope for impossible change, but the hope of Acceptance and Transcendence.

At this point, I have only told one person I was writing a book, and have told no one I published it. In a year I will read it and know if it’s any good. Until then, if somebody wants to read it there’s the link above. If you want to read it, but don’t want to pay, send in a request through Comments and I will send you the Word file in the format you request, if I can. If you review it, and can avoid excessive and unconstructive profanity, I guarantee publishing it on the blog as a blog post. I sincerely would appreciate any input.