As promised, I am going to put up book reviews of ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER as I get them. This is the first written feedback I have gotten for my recently published novel (link here). This is a review from somebody who has written a lot for newspapers and has also written an extremely good book (LINK). He also has a great artistic sense. One important provision though. He is an extremely kind person and would not really write anything negative, even though I honestly could take it:

“Troubled characters you might have spent time with in a cold clammy bar  (at least those of us who have had that type experience) struggle to survive the purposeful creation of zombie armies in a book which is both well written and moves quickly.   Pulling strength and weakness from pasts which have crushed their souls and hardened their resolve to live, each struggles to survive an onslaught of organized, government created zombies hordes roving the Mid Atlantic states.

While zombies never cease to fascinate, this book puts their unique lack of manners at an entirely new place setting, where any of the book’s combatants might be the next dish.   It reads and moves like a good movie, crosses between Road Warrior and Night of the Living Dead  using the an entirely distinctive version of the Twelve Steps.   I will read it  again and  strongly recommend it only to those with superior tastes in comic books and apocalyptic literature.”