Part Two is still in process. Whereas with Part One I challenged myself to finish the book and self-publish by a certain date, with Part Two the issue is reconciling all the different plot lines. Part Two may complete the series, it really depends. I am pushing from the beginning, middle, to the end, and not really skipping ahead to finish different parts. If I get stuck, I just put the project on a mental back burner until the resolution presents itself.

It’s not that I rushed through Part One. It might seem so, since it contains elements of the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan, which is fairly recent, and in fact, still ongoing. I spent a lot of time on Part One, so it did not seem like rushing since so much time was allocated.

It’s just that I have either failed to show anyone a finished book, or have left at least one epic attempt uncompleted, and this provided the impetus to finish and publish in some form.

I have my excuses. Want to hear one? I was writing an extremely involved science fiction book while living in Manhattan about a huge crisis involving a super intelligent scientifically engineered rat and his armies. When 911 happened. I was about three or four hundred pages into the thing, and actually thought it had some potential. After 911, I added about two hundred pages based on events going on around me, and the whole thing became incomprehensible, to put it mildly. That book started seeming crazy even to me. So for me to attempt another book is a big deal for me, since a lot of suffering went into finally giving up. It’s all about completing a goal. I also think Part One is a good book. It’s pulp fiction, but it would not be the first good book to disguise itself as entertainment. Think CANDIDE, or GULLIVER’S TRAVELS. This is not to compare my effort to those two all time classic except to point out that meaning can underlie the surface of a book.