It’s probably worth explaining the underlying premise of the ZWO books. One of my favorite writers is Flannery O’Connor, at least, I think she’s one of my favorites because I have read her a lot and have often thought about her work.

Anyway, she wrote a short story called ‘A Good Man Is Hard To Find’. It’s pretty famous, but if you haven’t gotten around to it I will briefly explain what I got out of it.

The story involves an extremely selfish and inconsiderate old woman who is taken on vacation by her son and his wife and children out of a sense of obligation. She’s judgmental and self-indulgent, and she keeps harping about this escaped serial killer, dubbed The Misfit. She bullies the family into seeking an old plantation house she remembers seeing when she was a child, and gets them hopelessly lost.

The Misfit finds them, and having been recognized by the old woman, proceeds to execute the entire family.

In terror for her life, the old woman finds a well of compassion and understanding for The Misfit, and ends up exclaiming “You’re a good man! A good man” (hence the title of the story).

After The Misfit kills her, he tells his partner “”She would of been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.” 

So, I have taken a group of flawed human beings in a 12 Step Program, and put them in an immediate life or incredibly ghastly death scenario. These people need to be good, because it is not a hypothetical death, or possible death they are facing, but an almost certain, immediate and grisly death by Zombies if they screw up.

Out of necessity, they must either learn to love their lives, or to throw them away.

Anyway Part Two is coming along. If you want to read Part One, here is the link.