This is just an update on how Part Two of The Zombie World Order series is coming along. I’m calling Part Two DEAD TO RIGHTS.  Where it’s going is basically Marie and her compadres are fomenting a rebellion against the Shadow Government forces that are seeking to fully launch The Zombie Apocalypse, the purpose being to instate an American Empire and dispose of The U.S. Constitution.

I was always a fan of the play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, but I have to admit, that television series Rome gave a good backdrop to the that bit of history as well. Warning-those ancient Romans liked to get down, so if you do watch Rome, remember, it gets pretty raunchy, I’m just saying. I thought comically so at times. I mean, how did those Romans conquer everyone when they only had one thing on their minds? Anyway, America is an Empire right now in everything but name, so the next few years will be fascinating. Which way will we go?

My book series should be read with this in mind-I’m a Ron Paul fan.  I support a world where friendly nations engage in free trade, but not a world where these nations conduct business at gunpoint or through governmental extortion. One of the things I liked about Rome was the concept of Roman virtues and values, Roman Justice, if you will. They tried to be fair, and at least knew when they were not. They tried not to lie to themselves. Americans could learn from this.

Anyway, Part Two is moving along. It’s been harder and slower to write than Part One, but will probably be a better book in the end. A Part Three will be required, I think, if I want to keep Part Two to a reasonable length. If I write Part Three, this will officially be a saga, since the whole series should approach 200,000 words at least. I would like to put up Part Two in a month. It’s actually close to being done, but I just want to go over it a bunch of times.