The hard part about writing a book for me is believing in it. The first one was not a problem-I was able to get a feel for where I wanted to go early and it moved quickly once it got going. This is not to say I did not rewrite certain sections many times. I spent a lot of time wondering who to kill off, and I still have misgivings about Dante. The trouble was, the tour of the Zombie inferno was over. Also, I felt one of the casualties should have been someone I liked and identified with to some degree.

The second one is harder to read, has less action, and is more political in content. I had tentatively been thinking about 8/9/11 for finishing it, but this is going to be a trilogy. That being the case, the middle book should be more formative in intent. The third book will be nothing but action and resolution, but the middle one, which I am calling “Dead To Rights” should explain both the beginning book and the final one.

One of the things that motivated me to write this book was I always wondered how competent people would perform during a Zombie attack. I worked with a lot of Union carpenters, and they used to give me a hard time, but I never appreciated them until I saw Romero’s “Night Of The Living Dead”. They would have had that house braced and airtight, impossible to break into.

Also, I didn’t make the genre political, WORLD WAR Z did. I’m just injecting my brand of politics.

I put this up on Kindle before I ever tried to get it published, because I’ll never get this published. Why agonize? If I write a bunch of books, one of them might get some recognition and popularize the others. As for am I talented enough, go to a supermarket and see what their books are like. I’m too talented by that standard. It all depends on what you are trying to do. I’m not dumbing anything down to sell it. I write for myself. When I  get DEAD TO RIGHTS to an acceptable level of quality, I will call it completed.

I will say this though, and will pick on WORLD WAR Z again-my books would make a much better movie. WW Z is a series of vignettes (I liked the book and stayed up all night reading it) which lack parts for major stars.  My books have  a much less all-encompassing plot, and would therefore be easier to film etc., and my book is different because a lot of the central characters are strong women (I have a lot of domineering sisters who frighten me, but I am comfortable with the idea that women could do well in a Zombie crisis. It may be the Irish in me, since Ireland was a matriarchy for a long time, and was actually ruled by women in the old (pagan) days).

I was actually shooting for August 9th, in honor of King Radbod of Frisia. The story is this-

August 9th (Suggested)……………

Christian missionaries in Frisia had done well. Radbod, the king, had agreed to accept the new faith. As the day of his baptism drew near, the king voiced one nagging doubt: What had become of all his ancestors who had died without recourse to Christ? The monkish reply was swift and emphatic; all the heathens were writhing in hellish agony.

The king showed that the noble blood still flowed through his veins. Proudly he responded “Then I would rather be suffering there with them than go to heaven with a parcel of beggars.”

This story speaks to me. Pagan Ireland was probably a pretty bloody place, but as supposed Christians, people are killing each other all over the world. Also, if a land can be sacred and an object of worship, then why not a tree?