In Part Two of Zombie World Order, called Dead To Rights, I hinted at the occult motivation of Purvis Mason for creating The New World Order. Part Three, which will be the final installment, covers this in more detail.

Part Three (as yet untitled) is darker, and delves more deeply into the motivation for The New World Order.  One of my promises for this series is that I will incorporate every Internet conspiracy theory I ever read which is worthy of the title. So will David Ickes style reptilian shape shifters ever make an appearance? Maybe not. It has to be something I’ve genuinely bought into at one point or another, at least enough to consider it realistically. David Ickes himself is stellar.

I do believe humans used to worship snakes.  I do believe some people have enlarged vestigial portions of a reptilian brain that makes them do reptilian things. I think the reptilian thing points to a spiritual disease, much like Zombieism and vampirism. They exist as spiritual maladies. People discuss them as such in much the same reason I am writing these books-told in fable form, a New World Order Zombie epic might be more palatable than a recitation of facts, such as the melting point of structural steel at the World Trade Center.

If people can remove themselves from a story long enough, they might begin to see themselves and events more objectively.

For instance, I get into the Masonic and Luciferian map analysis of Washington D.C. (Here is a pretty good link. I haven’t really read this one, but it looks alright. I initially read this on the old site, which has sort of disappeared.)

I am by no means an expert, but I have read a lot, and I am going to at least point in some directions for people interested in this sort of thing. I am going to try to take a crack at figuring out what it all means, based on a general analysis of everything I’ve ever read on the topics. I feel like I’m under some time constraints. After all, The Mayan Long Count ends in December 2012, so I’d like my books out there as soon as possible, so I can say “I told you so” to the world.

Also writing these books has acted as a form of therapy for me, so while insomnia may have originally been the primary motivation, I now want to wrap this story up with dignity and respect for whatever recovering addicts and alcoholics are left at the end (if any). One thing I will say for the literary premise I chose, it gave me a lot of characters. In the beginning too many, and too complicated. Let’s just say that my main character, Marie, tends to simplify that problem. Every Zombie tale could benefit from an MK Ultra mind control assassin who broke free from their programming, I think. TTFN.