Lately, I’ve been thinking about that line from the Beatles about “writing the words to a sermon that no one will hear,” which is poignant because The Zombie World Order Series is on some level the product of loneliness, angst, and anxiety.  I mean, if I told everyone I knew I wrote a book, relatives and such, I could generate a little more  faux “buzz”, possibly. I actually only told one person I wrote ZWO, and I haven’t told anybody I wrote DEAD TO RIGHTS. I’m proud of the books, particularly DTR, but I won’t be able to say if they are any good until ten years when I reread them. Then I will either die of shame or not. Plus, not everyone I know personally has my tastes (nobody actually) and I’m fearful that if people I know read these books they will think I’m crazier than I actually am.

Like everyone else, I struggle on some level. Sometimes it is a very uphill struggle. So if something happens to pierce the gloom, I am not going to pretend to be unaffected. So on an impulse I checked my book today, and somebody actually reviewed it and liked it, and they read Dead To Rights to and liked it as well. Here is the review.

 “Can’t believe I’m the first reviewer for Zombie World Order. This is a great book and just to get the complaints out of the way: my one negative would be the length. I read this book “cover-to-cover” on my Kindle during an afternoon power outage (thanks Hurricane Irene!) and it went by too fast for my tastes. But for the price, I’m not even gonna deduct a star. I’ve read an enormous amount of zombie novels, so much so that the stories start blurring together. But this has a unique and very unexpected storyline – and it’s good! Like genius good, as in “Why didn’t I think of that!” good. No spoiler alert here: you have to read it. The book’s not riddled with typos or grammatical errors and it doesn’t rely on over-the-top gore. Even if it was/did, I’d recommend this book just for it’s originality. I’m serious, this is a GREAT book. Plus it has well thought out and one-of-a-kind characters; you’re not going to find the stereotypical hero or morally-conscious society saver here. The plot is amazing, the characters are well developed, it’s a zombie novel, how can you go wrong?

Icing on the cake: the second book is even better (and longer) than the first. I love series! ”     ChyAnna Lawson

I’d like to give this person a great big thank you. What is really gratifying is that an independent reviewer seemed to understand what I was trying to accomplish, describing flawed people dealing with an Apocalypse. 

Also, I like the fact that she liked DEAD TO RIGHTS more, because I think DTR is a better book as well. I probably spent more time on the first one because I was trying to develop the characters because I knew it would be a trilogy, but DTR just seemed to unfold better.

It’s a good time to get some feedback because I’m about twenty thousand words into Part Three, and it’s much darker than the previous two. This one is going to take a while, because while DTR dealt with the rational world, as illustrated by the chess match Marie and Mason were engaged in mentally, the third one gets into motives and beliefs. I’ve read a lot of strange stuff over the years, and this third book will be my chance to incorporate some of it into novel form, but it can’t be in a slipshod manner, or it should be pretty accurate. Relating Egyptian astronomy to the Gregorian Calendar and the designs for a New World Order using Zombies as Change Agents is not to be undertaken lightly.

So again, thanks ChyAnna for your kind review. The idea that the book helped you pass the time during the hurricane is a charming one.

Update-ChyAnna inspired me to at least try to fix my book, which was, in fact, riddled with typos. Now it’s a little better. (9/22/11)

Update-See my next post for explanation, but I corrected it again. (9/27/11). What can I tell you, I want to clean it up once and for all.