My Zombie book started as a very brief idea. I would just throw a bunch of different elements into a basket and write a brief satire. Along the way, something happened though. I started to like my characters. I started to like the book. What started out as a joke turned into something else. The book is supposed to be funny, or satirical still, but was DON QUIXOTE just a satire? You start feeling for the old guy.

I have a history of not finishing projects, let’s face it. I’ve written a complete book before, when I was 24. I liked it, but I don’t think anyone else would have. It was about a four-day cross-country bus trip I took when I was having some problems. The book was (is) kind of personal.

I failed to finish this epic disaster novel I started when I was living in Manhattan. I started it about seven months before 9-11. Living through a real disaster made me lose focus on my book, which became disjointed and confused. I sort of gave up on the idea of writing a book at that point.

My Zombie books are different. I finished them, and published them through the medium of Kindle. I started writing the first Zombie book when Fukushima kicked off and I got panicky and went to an all-night CVS trying to buy potassium iodide for my children at three o’clock in the morning. Writing ZWO helped calm me down.

Here’s the thing though-I needed to finish and publish because I wanted to complete this project. However, since I felt that kind of personal pressure, I didn’t go over the book a million times first. I thought I caught every typo and problem with the book, but I am solo here. It is hard to catch every little thing.

In short, I have taken ZWO down several times and republished the corrected versions. Each time I though I caught everything, each time I was wrong. I put up a corrected version on 9/22/11, and just did it again on 9/27/11 (today).

A lot of the problems involved stuff like spacing, formatting, and punctuation, but I also caught one plot hole you could have driven a truck through, and I actually had a repeat paragraph in there as well.

Also, Microsoft’s grammar and spell check is not the be all/end all. Don’t trust that tool completely by any means.

I think I got everything. I’m sure I missed some. The book is essentially the same as when I first put it up. Earlier, I changed my beginning somewhat by shifting stuff around. (If you want to know how to start a Kindle Zombie book, check out Amanda Hocking. I really like her, and I also liked her website. I had just gotten done rereading SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE  after years, and I had completely forgotten how good it was when I read her website. She’s all over that book. She’s got stellar taste in music and other literature as well.)

Anyway, stuff like punctuation and relics of earlier plot resolutions damage the reader’s enjoyment though. I’ve seen books from big publishing houses that had typos in them. It happens. What it is though, I have sold a couple of copies of this thing and so I want to apologize to people who bought it. I never meant to put up a book with errors in it. Should I have waited until it was perfect? Yes, but as I stated earlier, I had some personal “issues” with non-completion, so in that spirit I would beg the indulgence of anyone who bought it.

I just put the book up again. It probably won’t be “Live” until 48 hours or so, but then it should be okay.

For the record, though, allow me to say this-if I hadn’t liked my book and thought it had some merit, I never would have published it on Kindle or anywhere else. I’m proud of my book, ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER. So far it looks like everybody who bought ZWO also bought DEAD TO RIGHTS, at least since DTR got published, which is gratifying. DTR just went a lot better, and I made far fewer mistakes, but that’s partly because the experience of writing ZWO taught me a lot.