Here is the cover for DEAD TO RIGHTS, which I completed after a great deal of soul-searching.

I have to admit, it is a pretty bad ass cover if I do say so myself. A couple of things fell into place accidentally here.
For instance, E+A+G=13, in a numerological sense. The G is also well placed, as to my mind it resembles the placement of the Masonic G, which related to the book.
That’s all for interpretations of this. I mean, I think it’s interesting, I only pointed out what I didn’t intend, but sort of worked out. I like the fact that I made something out of simple elements. Let me stress this, all the elements in the cover come into play for the book. I obviously wanted something thought-provoking and relevant. Hidden symbols are supposedly more powerful for an occultist, so I feel that my cover exposes some of the hidden designs we are confronted with, and in that sense is an exposition, not an endorsement of these symbols. Arguably, I shouldn’t be dabbling in this sort of thing at all, but I asked an artist I know to draw me a cover and they agreed, but never came across. Can’t wait forever, and in their defense I didn’t give them much time and only asked twice. Sorry, but they should be proud to do a cover for DTR.
Anyway, this is my best effort.