When I finished Part Two I automatically started Part Three, on the premise that I was already rolling. I hadn’t counted on being so exhausted upon finishing Part Two.

Anyway, I got 20,000 words done and have scrapped it other than as character studies to use a reference. I was starting to drift. I had lost track of why I started to write these books.

Recently, I’ve gotten some positive feedback on the first two, and a couple of people seem to be reading it. It would be a disservice to them and my characters to finish this series of books on anything less than a high note, so if the third book isn’t worthy, the series ends at two. I’m in no rush, and I honestly think that if I can cap this off well I will have written something to be proud of.

I did restart ZWO 3, and like where it’s going. It feels like a ZWO book to me now.