First-10/18/11-I just once again put up a corrected version of Zombie World Order Part One. I had a bout of allergies, or insomnia this weekend, and spent a lot of time going over it. I caught a bunch of mistakes, but I think it’s finally there.

I mean, I don’t really know what I’m doing as far as formatting the book goes. I followed the 88 page Smashmouth guide, chose the “nuclear” option, and lost everything. However, the end result resembled the formatting in THE HOLLOWLAND  by Amanda Hocking, who I assume knows what she is doing.

I also started to get a little scientific about it-when I saw a mistake I cut and pasted it to a file, and then fixed them all at once.

I’m grateful I had the time and opportunity for it to go as well as it has. I am going to say something-a lot of Kindle books are formatted well, by people who know what they are doing, but the writing is simply flawed in such a way that you couldn’t even explain it to them why it is so bad.

I was never a world class achiever, but I got a 780 out of 800 on the verbals in my SAT and was a National Merit Scholar Semifinalist and all that. I mean, I have some pretty solid screw-up credentials as well, but I have always read a lot and have taken pains to have some pride (standards) in this area.

The crazy thing about me is that through it all I’ve been ambitious, but have kind of been my own worst enemy. Anyway, Zombie World Order is finally there, in all it’s poorly formatted glory. I published it on May 2, 2011, and I have finally corrected it to my satisfaction on 10/18/11. The new corrections won’t be “live” for a little while though. You should see a table of contents on this one, for starters.

Ultimately, my goal is a well written book without so many flaws that the reader’s concentration is broken. If the story is not compelling, the formatting is secondary anyway.

Now, as for Zombie World Order Part Three-I like it now. What happened is this-on my first attempt I had everybody go back to The Belinda, Marie’s luxury yacht she inherited when she sicked the Zombies on her father. This proved unhealthy for my characters. For starters, they were all massed up waiting for the inevitable retaliatory strike from The New World Order. This preyed on their nerves, causing unhealthy mindsets to recur. Many of my characters are these highly dysfunctional people-coop them up in a tense atmosphere amd they start acting out. It was getting ugly.

The secret to Zombie World Order books is that the characters have to contend with the world and be active, and then let the chips fall where they may.