I have nothing major to update or anything here. The final installment of the Zombie World Order Series is still in progress. It might take some time.

I’ve learned a lot about self-publishing since May. I’ve also learned some things about writing itself. Charles Barkeley famously remarked about a team owner, “He knows as much about basketball as the average fan who watches a lot of games, which isn’t much.” This applies to writing as well.

This is not to say I never wrote things before. I have, but to take it all the way and publish it, and then deal with that reality is a first for me. I’ve read a ton of books, and I’ve written one before, and attempted one as well, but ZWO I took to completion, as least with the first two out of three installments. It was a lot harder than I expected.

The third installment could be finished next week. I mean, I could finish this in a haphazard style tonight if I wanted to. That would be a form of quitting, though. The final installment must be worthy of, and even elevate the standard of the first two. I’ve re-read the first two installments again, and I’ve decided I liked them. I might tweak them a bit more, but they are essentially done. There’s not too many typos left, and I could at least make a case for certain sentence structures. DEAD TO RIGHTS is a challenging read, and you have to be in the mood for it, but it has merit.

Are there mistakes? Well, I read someplace that flamethrowers haven’t been used since Vietnam. Well, the National Guard was using a lot of Vietnam Era surplus in Part One of ZWO. They had flamethrowers as well. I mean, it’s a Zombie book.

A lot of these things are written by military types etc., but the fact is, I’m kind of a geek. I have a Masters in Biochemistry, and I spent a lot of time in libraries. When I wrote the books, they were really visual for me. I wrote down what I saw happening. I saw flamethrowers being used, or at least discussed for use. This is a severely depleted National Guard unit, not Delta Force.

The fact is, my books are attempts at literature. Why? Why attempt a Zombie book as literature? Why did Mary Shelley write FRANKENSTEIN? Why DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? Why LORD OF THE FLIES?

Partly, today in the USA political opinions are like WW1 trenches. People are dug in. We’ve been at war for so long that nobody can radically change their opinions without alienating their base, and it’s not predetermined they’ll be accepted by the other camp just because they changed their stripes. I’m trying to take people out of the common way of looking at things without directly threatening their entrenched beliefs.

The other aspects of my books are about recovery. Only a recovering alcoholic understands Zombies, at least that’s how I feel sometimes. Everybody seems like a Zombie to me on some days, at least bill collectors and certain relatives. Emotional and metaphysical bill collectors are the worst ones. The ones who just want money I can abide better, philosophically.. These books came from a place of deep personal pain, which translated into books which in many ways are sick jokes about the recovery industry. Yet, I never meant to disparage the ideas behind real recovery and in fact, I’d like to think that my books promote them, ultimately.

The third installment might take a long time, years.