It is sort of incumbent on this type of blog to celebrate Halloween to some extent. I got off to a good start this morning.

At about 8:40 a.m., I saw someone I’m acquainted with coming towards me in a witches hat in front of the bus stop. I had previously earned her enmity because I thought she came from Jamaica, but she’s from Trinidad and considered this to be a grievous insult. Or maybe I had her mixed up with someone else. Come to think of it, she was a super religious lady who engaged everyone in conversation on the bus-would she really celebrate Halloween? I imagine it’s possible.

At that hour of the day I am still ensnared by the psychic mists of morning. I made some progress on ZWO 3 last night, or this morning rather. I mainly work on the thing from 11 pm to 2 or 3 am. I focus better when it’s quiet, and truthfully, I’m often up at that time anyway.

Back to the woman in the witches hat-she hit me up for a dollar. I tried to get her to sing a song or recite a Halloween style poem, but she just said Happy Halloween-Trick or Treat. So, I produced the dollar. It seemed like bad luck not to.

Also, when one says no to handing out a dollar to a strange person in a witches hat in Scranton Pennsylvania on Halloween at 8:40 am., one says no to life. Denying her would have placed me squarely in the Muggle Camp for life.

Don’t get me wrong-I pride myself on denying alms seekers. I lived in Manhattan for such a long time, I sort of became jaundiced. If somebody comes up to me and asked me nicely for money for beer or drugs, they would have a better chance with me than with an easily transparent ruse. Sincerely, I have never heard anything but good reviews of the local soup kitchen, and it’s certain people who go there have a better lunch than I do. Recently, somebody asked me for some money and I really didn’t have a dime to give them, and I have felt guilty about it ever since.

Since Barack Obama got elected, I have given less to panhandlers.  I just assumed that his election has ushered in a racially balanced and guilt-free society. Also, he had enough hope and change for his masters at Goldman Sachs, maybe he could take care of the homeless on the street as well. I didn’t get my bailout yet.

Anyway, Happy Halloween.