If you’re like me, you sometimes get into the annoying habit of trying to guess when the NWO is going to try something significant.

For instance, the 7/7/7 bombings in London were a bit on the nose, dontcha think? I mean, it could be they just like a catchy date, but google 9/11 through history, and you will see it’s a highly significant date.

All people have significant dates in their lives, birthdays, anniversarys etc., but certain numbers are big in the NWO, 9’s, 11’s, 7’s, for instance. 3’s or their multiples.

So, coming up we have some potential biggees. 11/9/11 works, as does 11/11/11.   Since they usuallly celebrate big dates by blowing something up, I thought I’d check in and make a quick comment. I got this blog indexed by search engines yesterday, so maybe this will pick up, but it seems no one reads this blog much, or if they do they don’t comment. However, if you do, it might not be a bad idea to lay low on those dates, especially if you live where there’s a lot of media coverage.

Be well.