Let me pre-empt any criticisms here-anyone who willfully harms a child the way Sandusky did should have a millstone tied around their necks and be thrown into the sea, just like Jesus said. This goes double for priests and nuns, in my book, though I suppose you can only drown somebody once. What would be a good technical workaround? Maybe waterboard them first?

Anyway, that’s my honest position, but let’s talk about reality, the facts on the ground. First, I’m going to make a few premises based on my reading of the book, Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov. This book was listed in Parade Magazine as being one of the top one hundred novels of the 20th Century, and since I had read many of the other entrants, I read Lolita upon my next opportunity.

I don’t know if it’s as good as that crappy magazine Parade says, but it was okay. I don’t think it deserved to be on the list, and certainly not rated as highly as it was.

The gist of Lolita is thusly-this guy was in love with a pubescent girl when he was very young. She died. He developed a lifelong fixation with girls of that age and type. He dedicated his whole life to the pursuit of these girls. He lied, schemed, and did criminal acts, all for his obsession. He didn’t consider himself a pervert (he was), but at the end, he did feel some remorse at the damage he had inflicted on Lolita.

The book achieved one thing-by the end, I didn’t hate the pervert. I view his problem as incurable, and would have either advocated death, lifelong incarceration, or castration. The central premise was this-this dude was very plausible. He would meet a single mom with a child he was attracted to, court the mom (he was young, good-looking, and rich) even have sex with her, all while “grooming” the young girl for statutory rape. Because he was so sick and obsessed, ironically it was easier for him to hide this from others. He accepted his disease, and chose to learn to live with it by sexual predation.

The article I linked to says that Joe Paterno, former Head Football Coach of Penn State, who just got fired for not going to the police about Defensive Coordinator Sandusky’s alleged sexual assault of young boys erred in not going to the police immediately. From the article:

“…..after all, Paterno abdicated his powerful role and played the part of a mid-level employee in passing the buck up the ladder when informed in 2002 that an alleged pedophile had raped a boy in the showers of his football complex. The crucial lack of leadership in a moment of dire crisis led to the end of his leadership at Penn State.”

Penn State is a big corporation, and Paterno followed a procedures manual by notifying the next step up in the ladder. The next step up was supposed to deal with it. Is that passing the buck? Have you ever worked for a corporation? They have rules, even at the top. If Paterno had taken it upon himself to involve the police, and the whole thing turned out to be false, Paterno would have been fired or eased out for his overreach. He was in a no-win situation.

Bear in my mind, Paterno had known and trusted this guy for years. He’d worked with him. Do you seriously think Dave Sandusky used to regale Joe Pa with tales of child rape? What pervert stereotype does Sandusky fit? He’s very plausible looking, because while everyone else was focused on something else, he was only pretending. His real focus, like Nabokov’s anti-hero, was in having sex with children. You can’t accept this? Have you ever known an alcoholic, heroin addict, cocaine addict, a compulsive gambler? Those people have it easy. I would have to feel pity for Sandusky, pity as I tied a millstone around his neck and dropped him into the sea, just like Jesus said we should do.

As for Paterno, after an exemplary life, he just got thrown to the Zombies. Maybe he deserved it, maybe he didn’t. Maybe every damned one of us deserves it.


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