Undeterred by my previous failure to detect a NWO landmark date for this upcoming critical period in the NWO unfolding, I am now pointing towards 11/29/11 as a possibly critical date. Here are my reasons:

1. Supposedly, American troops are to be out of Iraq by the end of the year, though of course this isn’t going to happen. To prevent this, there must be a major escalation of hostilities between us and Iran, and soon.

2. Numerologically, 11/29/11 is an interesting day. It’s the 333 rd day of the year, and 32 days will be remaining. 2+9=11, which provides another 11 trifecta.

Why do this? If they think we’re paying attention, they might not try a stunt. I do think some “terrorist plot” will be uncovered so families will have something to gab about on Turkey Day.