Excerpted from DEAD TO RIGHTS: ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER PART TWO  $0.99 on Amazon Kindle

“Lurking silently in the bushes, Keisha had seen Martha enter the house and heard three shots. She was not quite sure what to do. Some instinct told her to remain silent and hidden. After what seemed like a long while, Martha came out of the house, walking quickly and not bothering to shut the door. As if to reward Keisha for her silence, immediately three Homeland Security Agents materialized from behind a tree fifty yards away from her.  She hadn’t even seen them, and miraculously, they hadn’t noticed her either.  Immediately, the four of them started walking briskly towards the back of the house. Not certain where they were going, since she was reasonably certain Jerry had incapacitated their helicopter, Keisha followed them as silently as she could. She watched as they ducked into a small building that must have been the Mahler’s garage, for a few moments later, the doors rolled up and a Range Rover came out moving fast.

They drove straight at the front gate, and had to stop, stymied. Reilly had overridden the Mahler’s electronic security. Two burly Agents hopped out and strove to manually open the gates, but to no avail. Martha got out cursing and yelling, but her words failed to move the heavy gate either, but there was a response. Through the mists of the blustery day, dark and frantic shapes started appearing at the gates. The Zombies were starting to answer their summons.

Looking hunted, Martha and the Homeland Agents began to run back towards the house, but as they neared the front door, automatic weapons fire went off, and one Agent crumpled. From the second floor window, Marie was firing Norm’s Uzi. Martha grabbed a fallen Agent’s weapon, and she and the two remaining Agents returned fire, forcing Marie to dive for cover. Acting purely on instinct, Keisha popped up from the bushes and blew a large hole in the back of an Agent’s head.  Martha wheeled around and fired at Keisha reflexively. Keisha toppled, but when Martha stepped closer to administer a kill shot a figure burst out of the house. Running fast, in a consuming fury, the Zombie that had previously been Irene Mahler burst from the house and came running directly towards Martha. Martha wheeled and shot at her in a panic and missed, hitting the third Homeland Security Agent in the chest.  The Zombie Irene grabbed Martha and tore a chunk of flesh from her arm with her teeth.

Martha started sprinting into the woods, destination unknown. Irene then proceeded to fall upon Keisha, even as automatic weapon fire rattled from Marie’s Uzi and Keisha unsuccessfully tried to keep Irene off by swinging her shotgun at her like a club. By the time Marie managed to get down from the second floor, Keisha had thrown Irene off her and blasted her in the head with her shotgun, but not before she had been grievously bitten on the neck in the process.

Keisha crumpled to the ground in agony. Her red jacket was already staining a deep shade of scarlet. Dimly, over the roaring in her ears, she heard Marie’s cry, and a few moments later Marie was next to her, cradling her head in her lap as she ripped open her jacket to see the wound.

“What are you doing here Keisha? I told you to wait in the van,” said Marie, as if in a dream.

Gasping for breath, Keisha panted out the words “I thought I could help a little. I thought you would be outgunned. I don’t know what I thought.” She was losing a lot of blood. Marie was applying direct pressure to the neck wound, but Keisha had also been shot in a dangerous spot in her lower right ribcage. From the sound of her breathing, Marie thought Keisha might have a punctured lung. She grabbed the radio….”

From Chapter 10, Keisha’s Final Reward