Check on Thursday through Saturday (12/15-17), and ZWO Part One will be free on Kindle. Part Two (Dead To Rights) will be free on Saturday (12/17/11). It’s part of this promotion Amazon is doing.  If you are inspired to write a review, maybe you could post in on Amazon, or send it to me and I will put it up here.

Even if you hate the book and give me a bad review,  I would bear no grudge, especially if you list your reasons. This could only help me with the epic conclusion of this series I am working on, as yet untitled. It’s already longer than the other two, and no immediate end in sight. It should be  finished in about one hundred thousand words. If the series ends well, this would make up for some problems. The opportunity exists to do something pretty good with this trilogy, and so I will only put up the final chapter when it is pretty polished. I may even pay somebodya hundred bucks to proofread it, if they’ll do it, and get better cover art.

When I write these books, which I’m only able to do at night when it’s quiet, I never think about selling the book. I can proofread/edit any time, but unless I actually write the books at night, it goes in the wrong direction and the plot gets horribly lost, and takes a lot of time to fix. One wrong paragraph or plot move can lead to a plot dead-end. 

The end game of all this is putting up The Complete Zombie World Order Series, parts 1-3, with some professionally done illustrations. If I ever get there, then maybe I would get some printed, or try to publish it conventionally, I don’t know. I like having complete control of this project, and I would lose this if I did manage to get it published.

Whatever happens, I’m glad I took the opportunity to express some ideas . The books sell a couple of copies, and it’s possible they might pick up steam, especially if events from the books start seeming relevant to current events. News stories get incorporated into the books as I write them.

I’m already looking forward to the day when this series is completed, yet I will never write books as spontaneous as these, especially part one.

Sorry for the chaotic post. Get the books for free.