*DEAD TO RIGHTS, ZWO PART TWO-Free 12/29/-12/30/11. Ring in the New Year with a wistful tale about an MK Ultra assassin who deprograms herself and leads  a rebellion against a corrupt Congress using Zombies in a preemptive strike.

I have never hid from the fact I’m a Ron Paul fan. I believe he was systematically robbed of votes in 2007/2008, and think the preliminary steps to doing it again are being put into place now. Rather than get angry, I can use this as an opportunity to cite earlier prognostications of mine to establish a modus operandi on the anti-Paul gang (New World Order).

They are one trick ponies, but they do one trick quite well-the trick of unmitigated gall, thrown into the faces of the rational. They hope to sway the masses, who are asses. As Bob Dylan once sang “You talk about democracy, you say that you are free, well mister you still look like a fucking peasant to me.

Two related stories have just caught my attention, and since they bolster a long-standing “conspiracy theory” of mine, I’m going to analyze them a bit. First a rehash and link to my earlier conspiracy theory, which is a synonym for a sensible guess based on rational assumptions.

Consider political leadership as an art, and then consider that as with any art, by virtue of training or genetics, somebody else might be far better at this art than you or me. This somebody might not be anyone we would instantly recognize, but they are artists at attaining and keeping political power. These people never let a crisis go to waste. It has to do with synthesis/antithesis, problem develops, solution presented. They can’t just crack down on civil liberties. They need a crisis as an excuse.

Watch Occupy Someplace. See what crisis, or problem they become known as representing. Ten to one the solution presented by our herders will result in less freedom for Americans, not more.”

So, I have long thought the Occupy Movement was designed to be subverted, much as The Tea Party has been. I first started scratching my head when (see below) the Occupy Movement “mike-checked” Ron Paul, a maneuver meant to mock him which he immediately turned the tables on, through his natural wit and elan.

I was befuddled though. Why would any sane reform movement ridicule Ron Paul for the love of God? His status as a reformer is simply not in question. Was The Occupy Movement simply too young and uninformed to know this? But what about the older people associated with organizing and even leading the movement? Where were they in all this?

The answer lies in the two recent news articles I referred to above.

The first describes Occupy’s plans to make a statement in Iowa to disrupt the process and encourage people to vote “no preference”. Fine. That is their right as citizens, although their pretext, that all the GOP candidates are “corporate owned” is risible with regards to Ron Paul, who has always been reliant on a grass-roots movement of citizens to fund his campaigns through small private donations.

The second describes plan to move Iowa’s vote tallying apparatus to “an undisclosed location” to avoid interference.

It has to do with synthesis/antithesis, problem develops, solution presented.

Problem-Occupy disruption threat. Solution-Private and therefore easier vote fraud. Paranoia? Is it paranoia on my part that last year in New Hampshire Ron Paul was robbed of votes in New Hampshire? (link). Is it paranoia that in 2008, the Las Vegas GOP simply closed the Nevada voting for delegates because they saw Paul voters were going to vote in Paul delegates to the GOP National Convention? For a full treatment of this, read the shocking account of it in RON PAUL:A LIFE OF IDEAS  

Occupy creates a “problem” for the establishment, supposedly, but what it really is doing is helping the establishment solve a problem-Ron Paul. I find it ironic that The Occupy Movement and the Ron Paul Campaign are both smeared as “anti-Semites”. These anti-Semites certainly are disorganized, when Occupy is going all out to trounce the only honest statesman in the world. You don’t fool me Occupy, or rather, the 1.0 % of the 99.0 % who are giving the rest of you your marching orders.

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