Somebody named Samira recently reviewed the book and gave it five stars on Amazon. I would thank her there, but I’m not sure it’s cool to interact with readers on Amazon reviews. People should feel free to post whatever they want, uninfluenced, though some writers do comment on their reviews there. Since it’s my blog, I’ll thank her here. Thanks! What is especially cool is her name is a derivative of one of my characters, Xiomarra, a name I picked only because it was so awesome. She was one of Mason’s “buttons” in DTR. Anyway, below is the review and a link if you doubt my veracity.

This story was great. Like the other review I wish it was longer but will definitely be buying part two. A must read with great characters and very cool story line.”

I got another review via private email from the website. I am taking the liberty of printing some of it. I emailed this person back twice and have gotten no response. L., if you write me and tell me you’re living on “borrowed time”, answer my emails would you? I may have a heartless persona, but I adopted it as defense mechanism a long time ago.

I purchased your first book yesterday and LOVED it! I have been reading this genre for the last 6 months. I am a survivor of Advanced metastatic Breast cancer stage 3 C grade III which means I am living on borrowed time for the last 5 years. I think that is why the zombie threat in books is so interesting to me. Reading how different authors characterize their survivors……I loved your first novel so much that I bought the second one and read both in one day. I hate to have to wait for the final book. You make the reader feel like one of the team and your concept was fresh and inventive…..Loved the mystery to solve, the effect of horrible parenting……yes I have a mother I have not seen in 27 years that could rival Alan in evil parenting styles..I really liked the recovery angle and the redemption the characters felt. Most of all I loved Marie!!!! Great character very real and I wanted to know what happens to her….Hope to see the next book soon and you are doing an awesome job! Thanks for giving me a great story to live in for a day!

Now, I asked for permission to print this, but so far have gotten no response. There is no identifying information here. It is a touching ( and very welcome) comment. In fact, as ridiculous as this sentence will read, I have long hoped my Zombie books would “empower”, dare I say inspire people to some small extent. Marie is an amalgam of som people I’ve admired. Be assured that whenever the final book gets done, Marie will bust some stupid moves and kick some serious ass.

L., drop me a line and I will delete this post if you want me to. By reading the books and understanding them, you’ve shown me some people are getting what I’m trying to say. Thank you.

*Inspired by successful pick of 11/29/11 as a New World Order date, I will now without comment suggest 2/3/2012 as a critical date. Be at peace, gentle reader.

*My daughter has been “Tweeting” people with my phone. Her messages are unintelligible to me, as she appears to be illiterate still, mainly. She is pretty good with computer software, which is odd.