Thinking of a title for my last installment of Zombie World Order, The Trilogy is difficult.

For starters, so many good titles have been taken. Also, I feel like it can be done. I mean, I don’t think I’ll match “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” That title is just inspired.

The final book is starting to take shape, so it’s becoming an issue. I bit the bullet and wrote the ending, and it came together pretty well. I don’t know what these people are going to do, so I have to stop at Three. I never want them to become predictable.

Zombie World Order is three books, or three stages. In the first one, the issue is personal. Marie has become selfish and cold due to anger and the pursuit of self-preservation. Once she defeats her nemesis, she has no focus. Her lack of direction is dangerous, because of the Zombies, but also because lack of direction is, in general, dangerous. When she experiences empathy for David, there is a certain amount of healing that takes place within her. She begins to understand that her act of revenge served a larger and more important purpose.

Part Two was fun to write, at least in retrospect. It deals with her assault on the lords of temporal reality, arms dealers, bankers, and politicians. She forms a nucleus of committed people to assist her. It deals with physical survival as the ultimate goal. Marie uses people, and then experiences anguish and guilt when they fall. She is losing her alienation and rejoining humanity, after a series of bitter betrayals.

Part Three is not yet published, but it about the spiritual enemies of Humanity. Marie faces her greatest fear to save two of her friends, one of whom betrayed her. While in Part Two she didn’t save people from the consequences of their poor choices, in Part Three, she makes the attempt. It’s about forgiveness, even redemption.

 Part Three has not been fun to write. This is a dark book. I started it once and then started all over again. After I finished Part Two, The Defense Authorization Bill was signed, and if you aren’t upset about the repeal of Posse Comitatus, you probably should be. A large part of Part Two  (Dead To Rights) was about a conspiracy to overturn this very Bill by a Luciferian New World Order.

Occasionally, one feels as though one is tapping into the collective subconsciousness. I probably should have just wrote something and published it without the pressure of trying to really write something relevant. However, as chaotic as the book seems right now, I am attempting to make it a fairly disciplined story, with decent pacing etc. I am in the end game of getting it done, in the sense I know where I’m going with it. This seems really obvious, but a book has a beginning, middle, and end. Kurt Vonnegut said every line in a short story should either develop a character or advance the plot, and I think this is a good rule for a story of any length.

Anyway, it’s going to be about a hundred thousand words, which will make the whole trilogy about two hundred and thirty thousands words. I have commissioned a cover from a trained graphic artist whose work I like and who happens to be a relative. Having written two of these before, I know what it takes to finish it, and in a way, the hard part is over.

I wrote an ending. The ending rules the book.