Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said he was detained at the airport by the TSA on his way to Washington D.C. to vote on something or other. The TSA said he was not detained, just “led away“. Paul missed his flight. The word detain derives from a Latin word tineo, which means hold. De means away from. Linguistically, detain literally means to hold from, as in “The TSA held Paul from his flight,” or “The TSA detained Paul from his flight.”

The reason Paul was held from, or detained from his flight, was because he refused the TSA “pat-down”, a euphemistic term the TSA uses to describe its physical search of airline passengers. Not to be gross, but videos and personal accounts have documented these intrusive searches can penetrate body cavities, as least through clothes.

Now let’s discuss Laura Logan, a reporter for CBS. She was patted down by some exuberant Egyptian revelers celebrating the end of the reign of their hated dictator. The comely American newshound has traveled the world extensively through war zones etc., in search of scoops, and her presence apparently inflamed the passions of these Egyptian men, resulting in what is commonly called her rape by hands, or insertion of hand (s) into her bodily cavities. She’s back in the news because she’s said nothing publicly about her experience since it happened, but now is giving interviews. Initially, the MSM (main stream media) reported this as a standard gang rape, but later lowered the bar to hands only. Gross alert-this equivalent usage implies penile rape is the same as hand rape, in their eyes, because they took no pains to clarify. By the time they did clarify, they had already achieved their goal of so enflaming American opinion against Egyptians and nobody noticed the new qualification being made.

This whole topic is gross, but if somebody won’t break this down, the media gets away with the Laura Logan stunt. I go to the airport. They fondle me and insert their hands in my body cavities for my own safety. I’ve been raped, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for personal safety, supposedly. Would my attitude be the same, however, if some TSA goon whipped it out, meaning his sex organ, for a full cavity probe, in case I keystered a shank? (I’ve seen OZ). In other words, while hand rape is bad, most would agree there is a distinction between hand rape and penile rape, or at least, I would. The MSM did not, however, in the case of Laura Logan

Now, there is something in The USA called The War Party. It is neither Democrat nor Republican, though many members of both Parties belong. Their trademark is a stunning lack of faith in reason, and an overwhelming love of the police state. Oh, and they also hate Muslims and are always looking for a propaganda tool to use against them.

Laura Logan was in Egypt, and as such was subject to their laws and customs. Should she have been wearing a burkha? In retrospect, in view of the horrible trauma she says she endured during her TSA style pat-down, well, maybe. She wouldn’t have been hassled if she had been. Is this blaming the victim? Good, now we have the educable moment I have been working towards.

Senator Rand Paul is protected under The Constitution of The United States as a Senator going to vote. He can not be detained, or held from, his attendance at this vote. Do I have to explain why?

Remember Senator Pervert? (I know, which one?) The one who tried to grope some poor guy under a bathroom stall a few years back. Talk about socially awkward. A captive audience, no less. This guy was arrested, and if I remember right, it got tossed because he was on his way to vote and shouldn’t have been detained. Why? Because in a police state, we could just detain every senator at every airport who would vote against say, giving cyanide to mental deficients. Or gassing jaywalkers.

So here, Senator Rand Paul, to avoid being raped by hands gets detained from voting by the TSA, and The War Party cheers. Yet The War Party cries for Laura Logan for being raped by hands. Is this sexism? Sort of, but it’s really just politics. Maybe Rand Paul should just not fly?

Now who is blaming the victim? (educable moment).

What’s that? It’s worth it to be raped by hands to fly on an airplane safely?  What if you had to get patted down, or raped by hands to buy a newspaper? Would it be worth it to see your horoscope? Where does the line get drawn as the TSA starts setting up shop at bus station, train station, toll booths? Who draws the line?

If you go to an airport and don’t want to go through the cancer scanner, you are guaranteed a traumatic rape by hands. Very few people have died because of terrorism on airplanes statistically, as compared to icy roads on the highway, but your horrible trauma at the airport is a surety.

The free market solution to this is certain airlines stop being required to have their passengers raped prior to boarding. People who have to go somewhere can board without getting raped. I believe these airlines would be cheaper. It’s called freedom. Freedom of Choice. Let’s give Americans the choice Laura Logan never had. Sniffle. Though as The Village People sang, Rand Paul better learn to Take It Like A Man.