This will be just a brief note-Part Three is nearing completion. The day before I put it up, I will note it here, and make the first day free, if I can, if you want to get a free copy of the book.

I commissioned a cover for Part Three, and I saw it and it exceeded all expectations. The cover is spectacular. An artist I know did it free hand, and is going to scan it in. I mean this, this looks like it should be in a museum.

The artist read the first book and said he liked it, and he captured something with this cover. I’m also changing the covers for Part One and Part Two, hopefully this week, with the same artist doing them.

Watch this space for the free book offer, because I’m going to charge $2.99 for the book. It’s going to sell just because of the cover, plus it’s going to be over 100,000 words, and will be the final book of the trilogy. Plus, I have to make a few bucks.

I’m still reading and editing, but what I set out to do with the trilogy is there. The trilogy will be 230-235,000 words. What I want is for the type of reader I am to read this book and not sit there and be able to pick plot holes and contradictions out, and I’m checking for those now.

Anyway, covers are big in this E-Book thing, and without equivocation, I am going to have the best covers in short order. I’m thrilled about it. Dead To Rights is a good book, but my cover looks like my high school trigonometry book.

I don’t want to over hype it, but if you read  the books and liked them, you are going to love the cover for Part Three. I got lost in this picture. It’s like the darkest elements of the book just sprung out of a dream. I understand my own book better after seeing it. Stay tuned.