All marketing efforts for my books have been on hold for a while. I am still waiting for my new book covers, and will renew efforts then. Patience is a virtue.

My books disappeared from the “Goodreads” site. I went through the trouble of claiming them, but they are no longer even in the system. I withdrew them from every site except Amazon so I could qualify for the free giveaway program, but otherwise, I am clueless as to what could have caused this. I am also too filled with ennui about it to inquire.

My New World Order event day pick, 2/03/12, passed fairly uneventfully. My cover artist is saying 2/23/12, so I am noting this. He says the 322 is significant to Skull & Bones types, which is true.

And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:” Genesis 3:22, The King James Bible.

The above Biblical quote may shed some light on the occult fascination with the number 322. The idea of attaining “godhead” status is huge in Freemasonry and other Luciferian based idea systems. It is worth paying attention to Kabbalistic ideas, one of which is the snake in the Garden of Eden was actually beneficial to humanity. Think of the myth of Prometheus, the being who brought “fire” or light to mankind.

Madonna’s halftime show at The Super Bowl essentially “outed” the United States as a Luciferian based nation. One can imagine the conversation she had with Satan: “No Master, choose me! I can still bring you more souls than Lady Gaga!” I mean, what does she have to do to make people understand she is performing a Baphomet ritual? Sacrifice a virgin?

In Madonna’s defense, she is pretty straight up with her soul-snaring.  It would be less disturbing if we had not just killed a million Iraqis, and are preparing to murder a bunch of Iranians now.

So, Ron Paul quotes Jesus at a GOP debate and gets booed. Newt, Rick, and Mittens advocate genocide and get cheered by the same people. It’s pretty plain to me what god our society worships.

I think we are going through the rituals required to attack Iran, and are awaiting for a propitious, or auspicious day to begin. Now, we launched Iraq on Purim, which this year is 3/7/12, though I could be wrong. If they choose Purim again for Iran, it will either be a blatant display of AIPAC’s power, like Lebron dunking on a seventh grader, or it will be a false flag so the Baphomet gang can blame Yahweh when it goes south.

Some very evil people are moving around the chess pieces right now. I view Obama’s attempt at forcing The Catholic Church to dispense morning after pills as a blatant “leg-up” for Rick Santorum. Newt has a certain curmudgeonly charm, but both him and Mittens aren’t enough to keep Ron Paul from at least having some clout at the GOP Convention. Rick had to be promoted as a kingmaker, lest Paul have input into the process.

None of the three GOP stooges can beat Obama-Mittens has a Patrick Bateman ( see-AMERICAN PSYCHO) quality to him. Rick is repugnant. I find Newt’s Catholic conversion to be unconvincing, particularly when he is a 33rd Degree Freemason and wears the Masonic lapel button during the debates. Used to be Catholics who joined the Masons got automatically excommunicated. That was back in the day when being a child molester was not a requirement for the priesthood. Defeating Obama is not the goal of The Three Stooges. They are there to stop Ron Paul from getting a hearing. This pulling out of the stops means major events are forthcoming.