If you scroll down the link above, you will see Zombie World Order made it to the second round of The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest for 2012.

Better buy your copy now, because if I make it to the next round I’m raising the price of the book from $0.99.

I submitted my book on a whim. Supposedly, the only thing to get judged was the “blurb”.

Let me digress. I learned grammar by reading. I have no idea what the rules of grammar are, I simply know what is correct, I hope, much of the time. I mean, I read Strunk and White a few times. Isn’t that enough?

I just looked up the rule. In the above sentence, “blurb” would have the period outside the quotation marks in the United Kingdom, but inside the quotation marks in the USA. I have always used the UK method. It makes more sense. Probably, just being consistent is the correct way, but the rule has been bothering me, because it seems everybody does it differently. Also, I prefer British spelling, such as “labour”, not “labor”. However, I am the greatest American patriot living since my grandfather died, so if any redcoats read my blog don’t get confused. Just because you do English better doesn’t mean I’m joining.

Anyway, I can’t write a “blurb”. I sort of distilled a few good comments people made about the book.

It is the job interview syndrome. A technique for interviewing people is to let the interview lapse into an uncomfortable silence after a question is answered. The interviewee is forced to either sit in sullen, passively aggressive silence or fill the vacuum with inanity. Your original answer should be enough.

I always feel I have to explain the plot with a blurb. It’s more important to capture a feeling, or theme, or at least I would not have advanced if I had tried to write a synopsis.

*The free giveaway of ZWO 3 went okay. It got to the 70’s in Free Horror. If anybody got it, a review would be much appreciated.