I’m revising The Lazarus Law, just basic editing. I put it up, and it should be in effect in 12 hours. I’m going to continue to revise it (edit it). Once somebody buys it I get paranoid and try to fix it. I knew there were some mistakes, and there still will be. It will eventually get to an acceptable standard.

The other two books took awhile too, but it gets done. The books are political, so one motivation for putting them up is to presage current events. The other motivation is to make sure I complete the series (I am, by nature, a quitter. This book series is one of my few successful follow-throughs).

If somebody buys or has bought The Lazarus Law, I believe you can download it again at some point for free. Please do so at some later date, and you will have a smoother version.

When I put it up, I did not see the mistakes. After not looking at it for a few days and then reading it on Kindle format, I saw plenty. This is my fault, but I am also a victim of  “autocorrect” and “spellcheck” from Word 2007. I swear it changes stuff when I’m not looking. 

Even when I was writing the book (s), I would try to use NWO as an abbreviation for The New World Order, but autocorrect would change it to NOW, or the National Organization For Women. Aside from inducing paranoia on my part, I am a little surprised. NWO is a fairly common acronym. Why would it not be acceptable to Mr. Bill Gates?

Changing it back grew tedious. Plus, reliance on spellcheck can lead to some really embarrassing mistakes as well. I gave away a couple hundred free copies on the giveaway day. Now, I can’t work up a guilty conscience there, it was free, but now they all get to think I’m a maroon, and rightfully so.

This is the price I paid for completion. 110,000 words in six months. If I hadn’t published it, I would have just deleted it one night in a pique. Once I go over the book once or twice more, it will be fine as a conclusion for the series.

I understand the annoyance people might feel as they encounter typos etc. while reading. The books are getting slightly more popular, so in the future, if I write more, I am going to have to get an editor. Still, I managed to tie up an epic with Part Three, and just can’t get sincerely depressed about it not being perfect. I may not always have Paris, but I’ll always have The Zombie World Order Parts 1-3.

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