True to form, a couple of people bought Part Three, and I just spent about ten hours editing it again out of guilt. I was working on it late Saturday and Sunday, and a little bit today when I could. I just put up the newly corrected version. This will be ongoing.

It will be free again soon. I will preannounce. Anybody who reads this blog should get a free corrected version. The other two will be periodically free as well. Will preannounce.

You never know when you’re happy, or worse, you do. I know I’m happy, and this is one of the best times of my life, but I don’t feel happy. This is scary. It means I will look back on this time and think: You were happy then, but just didn’t appreciate it.

Writing these books has been unbelievable. It does inspire a belief in a Muse. What is that quote (just looked it up):

“…A good book is the precious lifeblood of a master spirit, embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life.” –  Milton

Now, what does this quote have to do with Zombie World Order? On a personal; level, a lot of angst got distilled into my books. It’s liberating. I can change my mindset and not worry about forgetting the person I was when I wrote the books, because my viewpoint was valid then. It’s like being able to reference a  traumatically induced dissociative personality.

Did you get rid of all the voices in your head? Do you now miss them and the things that they said
David Gilmour
I realize my books are incredibly flawed. The first two are acceptable as far as editing goes. The third one may never satisfy me. I can fix the editing, eventually, but a lot of this book got conceived while I walking past this huge field of “column dumps” (coal slag), which was the workplace for many a coal miner back in the day, and the setting for many a workplace related fatality.
I would walk through this stark place and think up the next stage of Loretta and Stevie’s journey. Something made me push their story right from the beginning, and it may come back to my belief in a vast network of high-speed underground rails in The United States. A crazy guy I know put the idea into my head, and it makes perfect sense. Other countries have entire towns built underground.
This reinforced my belief that what is called “The Rapture” will most likely be an artificial event. It’s in my books. The elites get raptured into these underground cities to wait out the nuke fallout (or Zombie fallout, whichever is first) which they themselves precipitated. Isn’t it ironic? Dont’cha think?
There’s a lot of good Christians in the world, but my bet is they’ll miss the artificial Rapture. The ones who get the nod will be like the dude from Poltergeist who walked around singing “God is in, God is in…..”

 The actual Rapture will not happen, not in a Left Behind kind of way. Rapturing all the faithful would prove God exists. God requires faith. If you prove him, he will vanish in a puff of logic (Thanks Douglas Adams). The actual Rapture cult would be better served to get premium channels for their TVs or something. They are bored and fear death. Hence, the planet must end before they do for them to feel their faith is justified.

What I’m mean is, rapturing people to an ark of some kind would not be divine intervention. It would eventually get spun that way, as The Planet of The Apes fans would understand (original movies, Roddy McDowell.)

However, Left Behind sold 65 million copies, Even I read the first one. The movies are the bomb, though I found myself rooting for Nikolai Carpathian. The other characters remind me of the people who used to show up on my front steps and make veiled remarks about the Pope being the devil. My bike got stolen not long after these people starting appearing. Coincidence? Perhaps. I do know for a fact they robbed me of my precious time (to me) and my thinly stocked shelf of graciousness.

My point is, I’m all for crazy beliefs and tolerating crazy people. The cool thing about crazy people is most of the time you can’t offend them, and if you are nice to them they think you’re CIA and avoid you. The Rapture gang, however, has political power. These are misguided individuals who pursue a political agenda which they hope will end in the world’s destruction. This is simply not the message of Jesus Christ.

I had several reason (excuses) for my poorly edited Part Three, but a big one is this-I’ve taken the time and patience to actually befriend many people with bizarre end times beliefs, and I’m hoping my books could show them the error of their ways. I feel there is some time-incentive for this, as WW3 is imminent. George W. Bush said Left Behind was his favorite book.  

He should have read The Road, by Cormac McCarthy. It’s a lot more realistic.