Zombie World Order Part One will be free on Amazon Kindle tomorrow, 3/10/12.

All the books will periodically be free. If I can preannounce them I will, otherwise just check their status to avoid buying the set. If you do just buy them, it will be much appreciated. I will try to preannounce, but I might forget or not be near a computer.

Since my cover artist has already put this up on his website, I am doing the same. I put this cover in the same ranking as the cover for Wish You Were Here, by the band Pink Floyd. It just evokes the same sense of dissociative reality to me.

Whoever sends in the best slogan for the blank billboard in the background wins a free set of ebooks and an acknowledgement in the novel. So far, we have “New Jersey Is For Lovers”, and “If You See Something, Say Something.”