Walter Block linked to this on Lew’s blog.

They found Kony! Via Mike Rivera, While I feel for the people suffering in Uganda and elsewhere, I am beginning to wonder if we only try to save people with oil, gold, or other natural resources. Might not the whole Kony thing be a psy-op to prepare the American mind for military intervention in Africa or elsewhere?

The above video might offend, but I laughed with this guy, not at.

Finally, I got a nice review from a person named P.Gross of Florida:

” just finished reading this a little while ago.

AMAZING, awesome, great, involving, entertaining, fast-paced; anything else a great book can have said about it.

I hated that it ended so quickly.

Being a Kindle owner, I read a LOT. Lately (6 months or so), I have been spending way to much time in the Zombie Zone here in the Kindle store. With VERY FEW exceptions a $0.99 book makes me hesitant, to say the least. Even thought this book is so short, I feel that it is VASTLY under-priced…story-wise. I got Book 2 even before I started this review.

The ONLY drawback for me was there were so many names thrown at you in a short time, it made me stumble a few times in my reading. But I didn’t let that dis-way me. It’s too good…

If you like zombies and if you like conspiracy theories…you’ll like this book. ”

Now, most people won’t review a book they hate, unless they really, really hated it. What I mean is, human nature is such that until I get a certain number of good reviews, I may not see too many bad ones.

Bad reviews add a lot to the discussion, though, so in a way it’s a shame. I mean, if you have wildly varying opinions, somebody might read the book just to see for themself.

ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER PART ONE  was given the highest praise by P. Gross. It gave good value for the price of it. As a fan of ATLAS SHRUGGED, I have no qualms with trying to give people their money’s worth. The hope is people who enjoy Part One will read the rest of the trilogy, and at the end still say it was worth their investment in money, but more importantly, time.

Some writers will respond on the Amazon comment section to a review. I most likely never will. I will thank this lady or gentleman (P. Gross) on my blog though. If somebody likes the book, you would be doing me a solid by reviewing it on Amazon, since the customer reviews help sell books.

*Part One demands an investment from the reader in keeping the “colliding plots” straight. I like to think this pays off in the end if all three books are read. I did attempt to go somewhere with this trilogy, and if I didn’t think I was at least partially successful, I would not have published Part Three.