I couldn’t find the Adrienne Rich poem I really liked. I actually forget the name of it. Something to do with raking leaves in autumn, if that rings a bell for anyone. I also liked Stepping Backward and Planetarium quite a bit.

My sister had one of her books, and I read it quite a bit. I think was too young to understand Rich was considered to be a militant lesbian poetess, which is fortunate. Poetry is either good or so bad you hate/pity the poet, and I never hated or pitied Adrienne Rich. Poetry is not like throwing horseshoes. A miss is definitely a miss, but Rich had a couple of real hits. I think I knew she was a lesbian, but I thought it was a type of Communist at that time.

Earl Skruggs is a bit of history too. Bluegrass music is the most underrated art form in the world. I find a certain perverse humor in linking these two American originals in death, since a joint funeral would probably result in a gang fight.

Anyway, the great ones die in threes. Who’s next, I wonder?