Against all opposition, confusion, mayhem, and even reason, The Zombie World Order Saga continues. Dauntless and relentless in my quest to educate the world about the New World Order and its evil minions, while peddling my low-cost and high value Zombie books, my mantra was, is, and shall remain–keep my eye on the prize.

But what is the prize, you ask? See sentence one above. “Against all….reason.” This precludes me from the necessity of answering that question. This has become an epic denial of the anarchy of life. My writing therapy has morphed back into the original disease.  My escapism was successful only so long as I told no one else I was doing this. Now I’m “outed”, and I have been publicly branded with the most shameful stigma of all–a writer of Zombie fiction.

Yet I persevere. All I ever wanted to do was tell a simple story, a story we’ve all heard a million times, a story about a girl who was raised by a Satanic Cult to be the perfect MK Ultra assassin who escaped their evil clutches after a religious experience, and who then went on to become embroiled in a secret New World Order plot to use Zombie to strip Americans of their Constitutional rights and implement a One World Government. Leading a group of drug addicts and alcoholics who were forced to quit rehab to participate in a reality show designed to terrify people into not taking Life Pill Alpha, a drug designed by a brilliant but tortured scientist which could extend life indefinitely, Marie devises a scheme to thwart the annihilation of  the entire US Government by Zombies, while sterilizing and immunizing against the beneficial effects of Life Pill Alpha’s longevity The Cult members hiding in America’s underground cities conspiring to create an artificial Rapture and usher in the reign of the Satanic Anti-Christ, turn the spiritual witch-leader of The New World Order into a Zombie, thereby freeing herself of the hypnotic suggestions implanted in her brain as a child, while all the while encouraging the recovery of her friends and associates from rehab and the homeless population of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

I know, it’s a tired tale, one we’ve all heard a million times before. Why didn’t I just form a garage band and play “Wild Thing” like a normal human being? Still, when no one knew my shameful secret, who was I hurting?

The Lazarus Law, Zombie World Order Part Three, will be a free Kindle download for April 3 and 4th. I have edited it six times since I put it up on 2/20/12, and I am finally labelling it “acceptable”. There will still be typos and poor word choices etc. I “fix” the book when I can, and hopefully in a year it will be better, but right now the book is there, where as before it wasn’t, not really. Even if you downloaded it before, please delete that version and get this free one.tomorrow or the next day.

*the rewrite of the first chapter of part one continues. Once I get that done, and now that Part Three is no longer in crisis, I may work on some other ideas, or books that I have. I’m sticking with sci-fi or ghosts because you don’t want to hear about my reality anymore than I do.

Whoever said April is the cruelest month wasn’t just whistling Dixie.