First something pleasant. A reader took the trouble to read and post a review of Zombie World Order on Amazon. Thank you very much Yasmine.

New Zombie World Order review:

‘This is a fun read with an interesting story line.
I’m on to book number 2.
I recommend this book as an enjoyable read.”

This short review helps, if you think about it, because now I have one more review, which indicates the book generates some interest. I do need to rework the beginning of it–it’s the gateway to the whole series. There is a certain amount of difficulty to changing such an interconnected novel, if you think about it, and I’m not going to alter it until I get something really stellar (in other words, maybe never). It isn’t just writing the plot, I have to capture the mood of the original first chapter as much as plot details.

Dead To Rights: Zombie World Order Part Two is free on April 19th, while I think of it.

A note on Trayvon Williams versus Zimmerman–Why would an American kid attack a guy holding a gun? The answer–he didn’t. After Zimmerman got his ass kicked by a high school kid, he ran to his vehicle and got the gun to avenge his “diss”, while Trayvon proceeded away. Then the neighborhood watch tough guy shot Williams down in cold blood. It was a crime of bitch passion.

Sorry, if a race war comes, I’m not fighting it for Zimmerman. His father is a magistrate, his mom a county clerk, which means these government parasites are all hooked up.  Look at the people lining up for Zimmerman–Alan Dershowitz (O.J.”s lawyer). Have you found the “real killers” yet Al?

The ADL, The Southern Poverty Law Institute all back Zimmerman. I mean, who is this clown?

As far as the right to bear arms, I hope my musket has to be pried from my cold dead fingers. Gods grant me such a fate, I pray. However, he who avenges getting his ass kicked by getting trigger happy is not using a gun in a Constitutional manner. Trayvon “stood his ground”, as was his right in Florida.

In other words, let Dershowitz, Obama, and sadly, and surprisingly, Lew Rockwell, fight a race war if they like.  These eggheads all live in little ideological bubbles. People who live in the real world know Zimmerman is just a spoiled little rich kid who was driving around playing a bad ass, and who could not accept the fact that some skinny kid he was trying to bully must have picked up how to throw a punch someplace.

I mean, what am I missing here?  Read my books-I detest the main Stream Media. I know they are agenda driven liars. However, logic, reason, and rationality dictate that my take on the events is the accurate one.

Should Trayvon possibly have been more polite or diplomatic? After all, “A gentle answer turneth away wrath”.  I wasn’t there. As an American, Trayvon was not obligated to answer to some White/Jewish/Catholic/Hispanic dude or whatever he is who felt like hassling him on the street, unless the guy was wearing a badge (a real one, not a neighborhood watch one). Also, and this is important. If Zimmerman had been holding a gun, Trayvon would have been polite. However, Zimmerman ran for the gun after his whupping, obviously.