Just a few brief notes. I am trying a new system for editing my books. I download to my phone and then go through them making changes to the file on my computer as I find mistakes etc. The premise is the book formats not extremely well on the phone, so mistakes are more glaring.

Beware of file/version drift when engaged in projects like this. I am sure I have made some of these corrections before, at least with Dead To Rights, and indeed, the main file is corrected, but not the Kindle version. Anyway, I read DTR and fixed it and you know what? In some ways it’s my favorite book of the three, and always has been. I’m glad it’s finally starting to coalesce.

Next up for this system is ZWO 1, but I have also been working on a new beginning for it. It seems like cheating, but I think I can reference the latter part of book 3 in the new changes so it connects better. I’m not going to change the plot or anything. When I am going to put up the new one, I will also put up the next couple of free download dates so people who may have already gotten it can get the new version free.

Speaking of price, Amazon had ZWO 1 in some 0.99 cent promotional program, but apparently has dropped it. I hadn’t even noticed. Anyway, the price is back up to 2.99. Frankly, I’m going to see if people keep buying it, and if they don’t, I will drop it. I’ve thought of putting it for free.

Speaking of free downloads, I read Amanda Hocking’s The Hollowlands. Cool book. I follow her on Twitter, so I read it knowing the character Remi is essentially Amanda Hocking herself, in her sensibilities.

I watched a vampire movie. “Let Me In“, it’s called. Five stars. It is an excellent film. More about emotional dependency than vampirism, though the two could be interchangeable, I suppose.

The books are fairly well edited or I would not have published them. It’s just that this e-book thing allows the opportunity to improve them as you go.  ZWO 1 is a much better book than when I first put it up, because I kept at it. There are two rules for getting something done in life-get going and keep at it.

May 1, 2012, free copy of The Lazarus Law on Kindle. Unlike the other books, I’m not anxious about whether people like it. There was a sensation of being an observer to the process of writing that book. I find myself speculating what it means myself. I understand if people dislike it, but I feel like somebody else wrote it. It is the best “read” of the three, probably.

That’s about all for now. I have been pretty busy of late.