Dead To Rights should be free today (6/8/12).

It has been an extremely busy couple of months. I have not been posting much. As far as the books go, I am touching up ZWO 1 and may make it a free book when I’m done. The practical part of this project is working to some extent, since the series seems to have some consistency.

If anybody out there does read Part Three (The Lazarus Law) and would take the time to review it, it would be appreciated. I’d be interested in getting some objective feedback.

In the news-The Bilderberger Group (aka The New World Order), Fukushima seems to be deteriorating, and Zombie attacks in Florida. For the record, ZWO 1 came out in May 2011, so the books are slightly ahead of the curve. In politics, we have a President who is solving the draft problem with drones. His chief rival is a guy who protested protesters during Vietnam, and then went to France as a missionary to avoid military service. Here is my problem with that-I sort of dig French women. I know this is strange, but French people periodically walk up to me in the street and start jabbering away in what is recognizably Frenchy talk. I recently saw a picture of a French street scene and there was a guy who was a dead ringer for me in it. People have said I resemble Debussey (I have never seen a picture of him when he wasn’t eighty, so I don’t know). My point is this-here is a young Mitt Romney, a big strapping bohunk handing out Mormon literature in Paris. Did any French chicks ever “green-light” him? If so, what did Mitt do?

I wager nothing, hence my dislike for Mitt. It’s like that Buddhist koan, where this pompous student spurns a girl who likes him and gets chastised by his female teacher for not even considering the desire of the girl. Mitt would have been too full of himself at any age to consider any non-Mitt to be anything but decadent. Also, the incident where he supposedly forcibly cut a gay guy’s hair in high school sounds really gay to me.  Also, now it’s coming out Mitt liked to impersonate a police officer, and even had a uniform. This is extremely gay. Village People gay.

This is tragic, because Mormonism on the whole is pretty non-gay. It’s just Mitt that is gay, in my opinion. The whole multiple wives thing is totally cool, and not gay at all, although one supposes it could lead to lesbianism (at least, that would seem to be the hope). As Rodney Dangerfield put it, it would give his partner someone to talk to after he fell asleep.

So there it is. Mitt is a serial vote cheater/stealer, who defamed Ron Paul through his evil minion, Jon Hunter. Mitt also has a noxious, coprophagous grin. He’s a warmonger who hides from war. And he teased those French women the way he teased that poor homosexual’s hair in high school. Mitt probably gave him blond highlights.

This is not to indicate any preference for either Obama or Mitt. They both are straight out of ATLAS SHRUGGED,  moochers and looters.