I just got done giving Part One the full treatment. I downloaded it to my phone, and then went through the whole thing, making changes on my laptop. Mistakes just jump out on the phone.

Writing a novel has been the most humbling experience of my life. Again, I am reminded of what Charles Barkley said about the owner of the Philadelphia 76ers:”He knows as much about basketball as the average fan who watches a lot of games, which is not much.”

Writing a book reminds me of this. There is a lot that was right with Part One, but wow. What a lot of double spaces, lack of commas, misspellings, overuse of “that”, numbers used when they should have been in words, omissions, sloppy and unclear sentence structures..I mean WTF. Am I really that stupid? Apparently.

True, I believe there was some “file drift”, that is to say, corrections made but lost in a sea of revised files, but I can’t really use that excuse for all of it.

On a positive note, I gave Part Two this treatment and finally feel some confidence in it. It takes a long time. You hold the phone with one hand, fix it on the computer with another. The worst is, I’m in such a rush to put up the fixed version and remove the offending and now embarrassing one, I used a computer I do not ordinarily use, so I wound up putting it up in a different format. I hope it does not make things worse.

*****NOTE-do not purchase or download this book unless it say VERSION 2.0 on the inside cover, with the copyright information. I put that there so I know it is the revised one. When the book is re-published, it will be 0.99 cents, and then I will make it free for a while, as soon as I can put it into the system. Sometimes it takes a few days for a book to publish, especially since I made a lot of small changes.

If you follow this blog, I have stated I would re-write the beginning, and I actually have been. I wanted to get the book itself better. I may put out a COMPLETE ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER, PARTS ONE, TWO, AND THREE, and may save the new beginning for this.

What can I say? ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER PART ONE much improved, imo. I didn’t want to lower the price or make it free until I made the changes.

As far as writing anything new, I am so hung up on that movie, Let Me In, I’m kind of thinking in really derivative terms. What I’m doing is writing a book of short stories, and hoping one will turn into a novel. As much trouble as Part One has given me, it has been worth it because working on it made me a better writer. The whole series taught me what it takes to write a book. I wrote a 650 page Zombie saga, and though I’m still trying to maximize its potential, as Billie Holiday sang You Can’t Take That Away From Me. In other words, while I know what people might say to criticize my books, I also know most of them haven’t done much better, and if they did, I would be the first to sincerely congratulate them. I’m an Ayn Rand follower in that respect.

Anyway,let me reiterate my central point-Please don’t download Part One unless you see “Version 2.0” underneath my name on the front page, or you will be getting the old, uncorrected version. 1 and 2 down, now I have to give The Lazarus Law “the treatment”, which is daunting because that is more than twice as long as Part One, though I was getting better at the mechanics when I wrote it, so it is less flawed, I hope.