Referencing my previous post, I have yet to get a chance to post the corrected ZWO 1 in what I believe to be the best format, and am waiting until then to make the book free for any period. People download the first one more when it’s free, so I want it to be presented -in it’s best form.

This heat is making me lazy, and it is all I can do to drag my ass back and forth t<img src="" alt="" title="2012-06-22 21.04.59" width=”460″ height=”345″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-399″ />o work. I’m writing this on my phone because I can’t be bothered to get to a real computer, which also explains the reformatting delay.This phone is a creative editor, so if you read anything really stupid, the phone did it. In fact, please apply that principle to every line I’ve ever written.

Anyway, the setting sun is unusually hued tonight. My brother swears the sun is setting in a slightly different location this year.