Zombie news-part two is free today.

A reader, a Ms. Galloway, liked my books, and reviewed all three on Amazon. She particularly liked the covers, and said she was drawn to read the book by them. I’m writing this on my phone, it is a pain, so I will just say thank you very sincerely. Nobody had reviewed part three yet, and it means a lot to me that you read it and bothered tio review it.
I have the best covers in the Zombie game. I’m not saying other books don’t have good covers–a lot of them do. My brother is a trained artist, and definitely did me a solid with those covers. If you need original artwork, you can contact him through the links page to his website. You will not get better value, and I sell a lot more books with his covers, so it will pay for itself.
I left a nice comment thanking Ms. Galloway on Amazon, but deleted it. If I interact with people there, I may influence what people write, and I don’t want to. True, Ms. Galloway seems like a wonderful human being, but someone who dislikes the books could also be wonderful as well, though this is statistically unlikely. I have read that 87.97 % of all statistics are made up on the spot, though, so I could be wrong about this.
At any rate, the reviews were thoughtful and showed a genuine understanding of the books, or at least to my understanding of them. Somebody who read the books told me they can see them coming true, but I was writing about current events when I wrote the books. Suri Cruise is getting some attention now, but for my money Christina Aguliera or any former Mouseketeer is just as likely to be a Cult mind slave. The hope is the books sensitize people to the events all around them. They are hiding in plain sight.
Galloway raised some interesting points. I do think of another installment, but if there ever is one, I would want it to be steeped in layers of meaning and symbolism, and this will require scads of research. As for the books being made into a movie, I have often thought of it, but who could play Marie+
Thank you