There is a scene in the movie “Easy Money” that sticks in my brain. Joe Pesci is reacting to being called a bad influence on Rodney Dangerfield, who is trying to quit smoking to win a bet.
In an understated gesture of comedic brilliance, Joe Pesci stubs out a cigarette with one hand, saying something about nicotine not being his master. As he does this, his other hand is pulling out and lighting another cigarette.
I still buy cigarettes. My wife smokes. I am clean. So I still buy them for her.
In a way, I’m cool with it. I know what it is like. She has never even tried to quit, in all the time I’ve known her.
Sometimes, I think I inhaled some bad shit during 911. I remember coughing like a coal miner. I lived fifty blocks from Ground Zero.
Maybe my body just rejected smoking. Quitting was hard to do. Something tells me quitting buying them eventually will be a hell of a lot easier.