Reports are still coming in about the shooting in Colorado. It so happens I know absolutely nothing about it except what I read on Drudge. However, it appears to be a classic case of an armed intruder (The Dark Nut snuck in through the emergency exit) preying upon an unarmed populace.

There are those who would suggest attitudes towards gun control should be influenced by these types of crazed shootings. I would ask them to please examine the behaviour of the CIA and American Empire operatives overseas and then tell me they would still trust our rulers to shepherd defenseless Americans. Indeed, it would be like replacing the shepherds with wolves.

Can’t people see the conspiracy here? The Federal Government runs guns into Mexico to drug cartels, hoping the gun violence will spread into the United States, enabling gun seizures. Have you ever heard of Agenda 21, the United Nations depopulation program? Here is a little lesson gleaned from Holocaust Survivors. If someone threatens to kill you, you had better take it seriously, and our government is in the thrall of the One World Government Agenda.

The shooter was a motivated college grad who could only find work at McClowns. No wonder he went Dark Nut, and while I feel for the victims, if the Hegelian Dialectic Crowd proposes the answer is The Constitution is further abnegated and our rights are stripped even further, it’s just a non-starter for me.

Here is one last historical comment before I shut up about it–Stalin, Mao, and Hitler all had something in common. They all disarmed their people before they started butchering them.


Zombie World Order News and Review.

ZWO Part One is free for a few more hours. Here are recent customer reviews of the series. I will start with my first Four Star from “Debby” on ZWO 1:

I was hesitant when I first started reading this but as I continued, I became more and more intrigued by a new plot idea. A new type of therapy for those considered “deadbeats” by the pyschologists – drunks, druggies, & the suicidal. Admittedly, that may not sound too catchy but when you realize the therapy is to throw these people out in groups to go to New York and back in the midst of a Zombie horde invasion, you can see the beginnings of a good read. That is what this is, a good read. A few parts could have stood expansion, like the very beginning in explaining who was really behind it all but the blow by blow tales of the two main groups of deadbeats shows you what even they are capable of while they become utubish-tv superstars.”

Debby only gave me four stars, but she “gets” the book. I think if she progresses, the rest would answer her complaints. Interestingly, I originally started the series with an explanation which comes later in the book now, but was critiqued for “telling” not “showing”. Maybe I should have gotten more opinions.

Now to give full respect to one of my favorite people  whom I never met, Kathy Galloway. She reviewed all three books as mentioned in a previous blog, but I will reprint them now in their entirety:

“I wrote a review about this book already but it did not show up. It was my first review so I probably made a mistake. I enjoyed this book so much that I was compelled to write my first review and to rewrite it on this tedious, tiny, auto-editing little keyboard on my kindle.
I am not the typical zombie book reader, I am a fifty year old female who has never been into comic books or video games. I do however read a lot and after awhile you get bored of the same old thing and tend to explore other areas. I have read several zombie style books recently and was starting to get a little tired of the sameness of them. I saw the cover of Zombie World Order and was struck by the creativity of it and decided to check it out. WOW! P. J. Kelley is an excellent storyteller! He takes this type of book in a totally different direction. He gives you a group of characters that is fairly large but the way he has you get to know them it is not overwhelming. He give just enough about each of them as is needed at that point of the story and he makes them interesting enough that you want to get to know them better. His style reminds me of another author I used to be hooked on. I named the other author in my other review which may be why it was not shown. I’ll just say this time that I read all this other author’s books until I got lost in the tower. I don’t know if that is a compliment to either author but it is meant to be. The best advice I can give is READ It! You will be glad you did.”

Part Two (Dead To Rights):

I left a review for the first book of this trilogy and for whatever reason it has not shown up. Hopefully this one will. In the first book I was surprised at the depth of the plot, not exactly the norm for zombie apocalypse style books. The story continues in this book with the same cast of characters, letting you get to know more what makes them tick by giving each ones history at a pace that really connects you to them. P. J. Kelley is an excellent storyteller and I am really looking forward to the next book The Lazarus Law. I already purchased it and can’t wait to see how these characters end up. They have become such a big part of my day that I will be sad when the last book has ended and they are no longer in my life.”

The Lazarus Law (First customer review ever):

” just finished The Lazarus Law, and what a great ending. P. J. Kelley keeps you wondering how this will end all the way to the end. I read a lot, and when you read a lot most books become predictable. This trilogy was definitely not predictable. Each one of the characters has their own value to the story and they keep your interest throughout all of the books. I have been so involved with this cast of characters that I left my own life sitting on a shelf since I started with the first book, Zombie World Order. It is pretty rare that I get that caught up in a book anymore and it is exciting to find an author that can hook me like this one did. I was a little sad to finish this story, hopefully he will write another book soon. I would like to hear more about these characters down the road some and I would love to see this as a movie or TV series. I think whatever P. J. Kelley writes would hold my interest, he just has that really rare storyteller gift. This is not your typical zombie apocalypse story, the artwork on the covers tells you that.”

It means so much to me someone liked the ending. I left it kind of open-ended, leaving it to the reader’s imagination a bit. Somebody might reasonably suspect me of getting “friend” reviews here. If I was going that route, please give me some credit. I could game the system much better than ten reviews in a little over a year for the whole series. I’m not complaining. There are people who write books that never get reviewed, but honesty in this regard is very important. Fake reviews are not just commercial fraud but more importantly, artistic fraud.

I haven’t had any free giveaways of Part Three in some time, the reason being I don’t want people who aren’t into the series to read it and dismiss the whole series. Part Three could be refined still, and it is such a departure from the other books it makes a poor introduction. Also, unless you read the first two, you’re not going to understand Part Three. However, once I edit again, I am going to put it up for five days three.

I’m writing another book, and this takes time away from re-editing The Lazarus Law. I looked at it the other day, however, and I am not going to make any substantial changes. I mean, I stand by my work. The Lazarus Law is an interesting finale, and if people liked the first two they will probably enjoy this one even in its more raw form.