Often, when one gets preoccupied, seemingly insignificant news stories gain traction in the alternative media, and then sort of explode into relevance. Such is the case with M.E.K., a terrorist group which has suddenly gained respectability.
Birthed in those heady days when a gang of “students” banded together to overthrow the Shah of Iran, MEK’s crazy credentials are rock solid. An internal dispute slighted them from power in Iran, and they’ve been steamed about it ever since, blowing up tons of stuff in Iran and all over the world for extra practice.
These fellows are “bad actors”, by which I do not mean they chew up scenery in a community theatre. These guys kill kids, adults, domesticated farm animals, you name it. They don’t give a shit.
Who cares? I mean, why blog about MEK? Here it is–all the Neocons banded together and got MEK off the terrorist list so they could finance MEK without fear of legal reprisal. In short, MEK is their creature.
Have you read my books? I’m a Truther, in that I believe the official version of the events of 9-11 inadequately explains those events. MEK is a proxy for more false flag events. Remember, MEK is supported by top Neocons associated with 9-11, such as Rudy Giuliani, Louis Freeh, Mukasey. Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, they all support MEK.
So, when the next false flag happens, and it will, take a deep breath, and ask yourself “Who Benefits?”
The answer points to the true culprits.