I’ve been studying the upcoming election a bit, and aside from the blinding similarities of the two candidates, it’s disturbing how studiously polarizing these two lamewads are. Candidate A is a cult leader for a White Supremacist organization with Freemasonic overtones, while Candidate B is a refried Marxist Affirmative Action walking False Flag for the NWO.

The best I’m hoping for is national disunity, namely one Party takes Congress, the other the Presidency, and the Federales spend the next four years at each other’s throats and accomplishing nothing.
I’m not voting. I’m starting a third party, the Collectivist Oligarchal Party Syndicate. The COPS will be based on the belief our global structure should be dictated to and be employed for the benefit of a few fabulously wealthy individuals who collude together to advance their schemes for a nightmarish dystopia.
Not that I think this is a particularly good idea. It’s just that political parties may as well reflect reality, and I may as well back the winning team. If anyone wants to join or donate money, I promise to use the money as honestly as you would expect a supporter of oligarchal collectivism to use it.