The final book of the Zombie World Order series is free for a couple of days.

I am going through the motions due to this massive head cold I have. I’m just not up for anything, not really. I’m hoping I could either make some progress on this new thing I’m writing, or just be able to let it go.

The ZWO series is being edited, finally, by a third party. The person editing it did most of an English degree and has since read a lot. I hope they eventually come across. It is very difficult to find qualified people, or even unqualified people, who will make the massive investment in time this kind of thing requires.

The end goal is the ZWO box set. New features, revised beginning, maybe some illustrations.

Book sales are not robust. I was doing a little better at one point. I will say I am working almost constantly now, and have less immediate need for cash, but when I was getting some checks, it was greatly appreciated. Still, I keep this book project on the burner. I love books, and love the idea my books could eventually be honed into good ones. The Lazarus Law was published in February of this year. What matters is the final form of the books.