Most people decide who to vote for in the week preceding an election, or so I have read. It makes sense. Most of the people who watch The Super Bowl don’t watch football much during the season, but it is kind of mandatory to have an opinion about The Super Bowl.
I don’t have a TV so I don’t care about football. I did actually play football, so I’m not anti-football. I just have no real interest. If a game is on, hell yeah, I’ll watch it. I’m just not getting cable. I hate TV. I mean, I really hate it.

Hurricane Sandy didn’t really blow me away either. I knew it would be mainly hype, but Groupthink rules dictate a certain amount of cowardice. Follow the leader, like lemmings over the cliff.

Part of me favors the obvious explanation– all the media and political bigwigs live near the beach, so have to worry about ocean storms. Since they are their own egocentric little universes, we sturdy inland folk have to care as well. Reading into the overhyping of Sandy might be giving them too much credit.

Yet, we have two presidential candidates who simply can’t stand up to much scrutiny. Sandy takes politics off the table a bit in the critical pre-Election week.

Anyway, working on releasing ZWO as a box set.