These crazy times are tempting me to dress up like a Mayan Sun God and start sacrificing chickens in the style of Apocalypto. We are in the zone for portentous astronomical events. The cosmos is in chaos, and the Illuminus never let a crisis go to waste.

What happened in Connecticut is on everyone’s mind, but like Flint Sky, I did not raise my children to live in fear.
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Whether the shooting was some kind of MK ULTRA false flag or not, the gun grabbers have a window, a portal of time in which they can affect change and consolidate power, but first we need to take Logic to them, using their own lies as cudgels to attempt to discredit them.

1. Americans are under attack by Al Quaeda, therefore we dare not disarm, as a pacifistic society is easy prey for those who hate our freedom.

Although this position may or may not be true, if it is true, it certainly reinforces the notion that these schoolchildren were necessary martyrs in The War On Terror, blowback, if you will, as a heavily militarized society enters its tenth year of war. If statement one is a lie, then we must not disarm. This would be suicide when facing liars of such stunning malevolence.

If statement one is a lie, then all the trillion of dollars and millions of dead were caused by government lies. If statement one is a lie, then 911 was a lie.