Sorry for the poor reproduction of the actual optical event. Even with my not great eyesight, I was able to view Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus last night in almost perfect isosceles triangle form.
I heartily recommend trying this tonight if you missed it. I believe it will still be possible.
I googled the time for sunset (8:25 pm in my zip code), and thought about where to get an unobstructed view of the western sky. These planets can be seen approximately where the sun sets.
Things went wrong. We got kicked out of the first spot by a security guard high on top of an unused ski slope. We did, however, have time to “sight-in” our telescope, and confirm the planets appearances, which occurred exactly as predicted on NASA’s site.
The three planets were easily visible without equipment.
I deem this star watching experience a success. The sunset itself was spectacular, and the planets were clearly visible about forty minutes later.
So, the photos I posted do not tell the true tale. If anyone wants to and has the skill, please photoshop them for greater resolution. I will try it myself sometime.
2013-05-26 20.26.42