I plan on blogging a bit more in the upcoming months. I am working on some writing, but don’t really want to discuss it.

Just for something to put on my blog, I’m going to put up a couple of short stories I have been kicking around.

This one is a sci-fi. i will add the rest. The hope is taking the step to publish it in any form at all will provoke me to complete it. I don’t have a title, so I will just call this…



Chapter One


Rita lightly waved her hand across the glass surface of the breakfast table. When nothing happened, she looked annoyed and made the same gesture more vehemently. A highly pixelated 3-D holograph materialized of a shirtless weatherman wearing skimpy Spandex shorts and his partner, a voluptuous young woman wearing a string bikini.

She studied the two figures critically.

“You know, we really need the new Model 3M 5000 Depth Imager. This is so outdated, and it hardly works anymore,” she said peevishly.

Jim sipped his coffee-flavored, soy-based amphetoperk. “Don’t any of these people wear clothes anymore?”

Rita grinned, despite herself. “The rest of them are totally naked. At least these two are wearing something. Besides, I think he’s kind of cute.”

Irritated, Jim waved his own hand over the screen, changing it to a commercial. Rita smiled a little as Jim stared immutably at the holographic image of one of the new reverse gravimetric oscillating space shuttles. He watched in apparent fascination as the shuttle propelled itself up and down, using high voltage electromagnets on the shuttle interfacing with another supermagnet orbiting the earth.

Rita watched distastefully as the small craft used gravity to catapult up and down, using gravity’s energy to coil and uncoil like a spring.

“That has to be the most sickening way to travel ever invented,” she opined.

Jim nodded his head. “Most people do get sick. It’s a trade-off, I guess. Since they outlawed chemical propellants for space travel, this is the only way to get in orbit.’

“It’s a shame a few environmental nuts had to ruin what was a fairly pleasant way to travel to space,” Rita said ruefully. “It seems to me liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen weren’t dangerous to the environment.”

“It’s the sheer numbers,” pointed outJim. “With so many people becoming space homesteaders, the old way was starting to seriously damage the Earth’s atmosphere. The point is to get as many people off Earth as possible in order to save the planet, not ruin it.”

“You aren’t still thinking about signing us up, are you?” Rita asked worriedly. “It just seems so dangerous.”

“Things are starting to get dangerous here too, you know. Those genetically modified crops are starting to make people sick, and those food riots aren’t going away. Crime is through the roof. If it wasn’t for the Space Industry, there would be almost no decent jobs left,” Jim reminded her.

Rita nodded. “I worry about Kiera and Jeb constantly. What kind of future could they have here? True, a lot of people are leaving, but most of them are the kind of people Earth needs, if you ask me. They have some skills, ambition, and courage. What’s left will be a higher percentage of criminals. They should only be sending the people who don’t want to go.”

Jim looked thoughtful. “There has been some talk of penal colonies in space, but it’s just that–talk. The Mandatory Sterilization programs seems like the most implementable and realistic idea.”