First, announcing the new  Zombie World Order T-Shirt Series–The Lazarus Law.

I have no affiliation with the Zombie  World Order T-Shirt company (their loss). Still, a good idea is a good idea.


I may have a free giveaway. If you want one, they come in red, black, and white, and cost twenty bucks, shipped.

As promised/threatened, I am/will be blogging more in the upcoming days/weeks/months. After a hiatus, I think it mete to let the world once again know what is on my mind in general (ho-hum) on a semi-regular basis. It’s almost mandatory, more than halfway through 2013.

It’s Zombie World Order Time, ladies and gentleman. I figured this would be a big year back in 2011 when I published the first book. Let’s break down the reasons why:

  • No economic system has ever lasted more than 42 years on a paper currency (fiat, which is money by decree with no “hard” commodity backing it). Nixon took us off the gold standard officially in 1971, I believe, so we are pretty much in record-breaking territory in this regard.
  • This Snowden thing has me worked up a bit. I do believe there is a larger game afoot here, primarily because the gory details of this guy’s family/personal life have not been made public, not really. How does a high school graduate even get near this kind of information long enough to steal it? What is the big secret he has? My guess? The truth (Troof) about 9-11.

That’s enough of the indented, unordered lists. The trouble with them is I feel I have to add to them to justify having any.

I haven’t been blogging much. Work is one reason, and I just haven’t been using the Internet much, though my computer skills are taking off with some other software of various kinds, some of it pretty technical. Also, I wrote the ZWO Series over the course of a year and a half, plus a lot of editing. I have a tendency to get obsessive, I did, and it wore me out.

Does anyone ever feel that extreme effort brings them close to the precipice of the abyss? It’s an argument for partial participation, or semi-effort. It’s self-preservation. Anyway, writing a blog is a huge pain in the neck by phone. My posts for the last year or so have been mainly of the “I’m still alive” variety, but I have a few thoughts.

First, I’m actually reading a novel, DAMNED, by Chuck Palahniuk. Halfway through, five stars. This guy is great.

George Zimmerman. Did you actually think he would be convicted? All I know is, I didn’t riot when O.J. beat the rap. Long ago I blogged my opinion about George. Haven’t changed my mind. What the hell is Neighborhood Watch, anyway? Reminds me of The Guardian Angels. You’d see them up in Midtown, but I never saw one of those guys in the hood.

I am blogging a short story, tentatively titled “The Gods of Time”. I don’t like the writing, but I think it’s a good idea. It is inspired by a comic book I read when I was a kid, called “Superman Versus Muhammad Ali.” The plot was aliens attack the Earth, and force our greatest fighter to fight their greatest warrior in a kind of inter-galactic Pay-Per-View event.

Anyway, the choice is either Superman or Ali has to fight this evil alien giant called “Hun-Ya!” There are some plot twists, but at one point, Superman takes Ali to a fracture in the space-time continuum to train. There, time extends forever, while very little time elapses on Earth, so it extends the time Superman can learn to box almost infinitely.

This was a great comic book. (35 bucks on EBay. I payed $2.50 for my copy, which seemed like a lot of money then.)It was really big and the illustrations were off the hook. I remember every frame, but the part most interesting was the idea you could go somewhere and put in your 1000 hours required to get good at something, and then come back as a great boxer, or violinist, or anything.

Now, The Gods of Time is about having a million years to practice the guitar for an hour a day, or practice calligraphy, or anything. We live so briefly, but if given enough time, could we become gods?

I don’t really do short stories. The Gods of Time could be a sci-fi novel pretty easily, and I have no excuse–I could finish it in a month. Also, posting what I have makes me take a new look at it. I never did a rewrite of it yet, it’s pretty raw, and kind of boring, though it doesn’t have to be. I mean, that could be fixed. If I want to write philosophy disguised as sci-fi, as all good sci-fi is, I could make it more palatable. maybe I could steal a page from the writing style of Chuck Palahniuk.